Dying AZ Republic: Charging more for less

The gravely dwindling number of subscribers to the Arizona Republic newspaper recently received a Machiavellian missive from Jason Guthrie, whose title following his undecipherable signature identified him as, ‘Senior Director Customer Service and Membership.’  No doubt it was an oversight that caused Jason to omit the most significant part of his job description: ‘Comedian.’

His letter begins:

“We know how much you appreciate receiving your subscription to the Arizona Republic and the enjoyable reading experience it provides you every day.”

Jason calls the unrelentingly biased anti-Trump coverage in the increasing leftist, Hillary-endorsing newspaper, and the continual advocacy for illegal alien invaders, “objective journalism.”

 He continues in a comedic vein:

“We are committed to providing you the daily printed reading experience you have enjoyed over the years, but we need your support. As of 2/1/2020, the rate for your subscription will be $35.67 per month (plus applicable taxes.) We promise to remain committed to serving your needs and keeping you informed every day with news you can trust.”

In the wake of massive cutbacks and layoffs, subpar ASU Cronkite school student interns working for a byline, sans offices and editors have replaced what were once known as journalists, who reported objectively. The Republic reliably regurgitates previous articles and consistently endorses Democrats. In 2018, it named Kyrsten Sinema “Arizonan of the Year.” Phil Boas, the anything-for-a-buck editorial page editor coordinated the relentless attacks resulting in the removal of his own father-in-law, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, from office after winning reelection to an unprecedented six four-year terms. Since Arpaio is running again, expect the hatchet job to begin anew.

The Sunday edition contained a section with a single report on wildfires, written by the part-time child welfare reporter who now works for a PR firm. It took up seven of eight pages, interspersed by hearing aid and erectile dysfunction ads aimed at its senior citizen demographic. Sports pages routinely outnumber news. Recirculated columns by a columnist who died in 2018 still appear. The no-news “paper” — which has shrunken in size and content — became an early cheerleader for homosexuality under the direction of Randy Lovely, beginning its steep decline in 2008. The AZ Republic became a homeless vagrant in 2019, just prior to being sold in a Gannett deal.

If you have been a loyal subscriber you receive continual rate hikes and a swift kick in the derrière. New subscribers get reduced rate deals that include daily delivery and digital content.

Facebook Republic reviewers are a dissatisfied lot, protesting ongoing price hikes, radically left partisan content, continuing auto-pay deductions after cancellations and lack of response to complaints.

In our post, The Suicidal Arizona Republic committed to its own demise, we offered a suggestion to staying afloat: “Commit to unbiased reporting and stop insulting subscribers. Once they’re gone, they’ll never return.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for such a commitment.

10 Responses to Dying AZ Republic: Charging more for less

  1. Mike says:

    Still waiting for the last die-hard Democrapper on my block to cancel their subscription so that when setting out on my morning run I no longer have to dodge the old lady who creeps around with her blinding bright lights on while trying to remember which house she has to fling the rag out to.

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      Our widowed neighbor, who lives on a fixed income, still subscribes. She likes the crossword puzzles and food ads. A couple of years ago a new delivery woman driving a chartreuse square car stopped delivering to her. I called repeatedly with no results, and finally resorted to putting a large sign in her front yard that read, “DELIVER NEWSPAPER HERE” The service remained sporadic, until she was replaced.

  2. hoi polloi boy says:

    $35.67 a month for that left wing propaganda rag???

    I wouldn’t pay 35 cents a year for it. The subscribers could only be Democretins using Other People’s Money.

  3. Braveheart says:

    It would be compassionate to let this wretched rag die a well-deserved quick death rather than lingering as a chronic anorexic near corpse.

  4. Kent says:

    Put it out of its misery. Drop your subscriptions. I can attest it feels empowering! Besides that, there is a considerable savings that can be put to better use.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    My wife and I are conservative Republicans. Why would we pay exorbitant rates to be insulted each day? The newspaper doesn’t even pretend to treat our president fairly. It overwhelmingly endorses Democrats and advances causes and issues that we oppose. Subscribe? NEVER!

  6. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The Internet, radio and television are full of free of charge news content. The local newspaper is an affront to any rational person who doesn’t want to be instructed how to think. Most people understand the toxicity that emanates from its pages and want nothing to do with the barrage of crap it spews. .

    We tune in to KKNT and KFYI in the car, and learn a lot watching Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura ingraham on FOX cable. Another conservative who has a stellar interview show is legal scholar and author Mark Levin, also on Fox.

    The newspaper delivers stale news skewed to fit its agenda. It must be on the Democrat Party’s payroll.

  7. terry dudas says:

    Keeping the Republic for the ‘food ads’ is a hoot; the miniscule savings gleaned from those ads doesn’t begin to offset the extortion paid for that bird cage lining.

  8. Ajo Joe says:

    As an Arizona native, I remember the morning Arizona Republic and the afternoon Phoenix Gazette, which arrived just before my dad got home from work. My parents subscribed to both. The newspapers were owned by Republican icon Eugene Pulliam and his wife Nina, and were reliably conservative. They bore no relation to the crap that is spewed by the extreme left Arizona Repulsive today.

  9. Sgt. Preston says:

    Thanks for this nudge. Today is a “holiday.” Tomorrow, I cancel!

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