Ridiculous language distortions gain traction

…Begin with replacing the misused word “progressive” with the far more accurate,”repressive.”

Just weeks ago, we learned that Merriam-Webster declared ‘they’ its “2019 word of the year,” in a nod to gender neutrality and those who now consider themselves non-binary. Gender neutral, non-binary and transgender, words with which we had previously never had even a nodding acquaintance, have gained prominence in our celebrity-driven world. The compliant media follow like lapdogs and before long misused words dominate our language and are being described in detail and taught to our kids in school.

The dictionary company’s revelation preempted the American Psychological Association recognizing “they” as a singular third-person pronoun in its latest scholarly writing style guide. No kidding!

Language corruption and distorted meanings abound. Language, like sexuality, has lost its significance and has now veered off into the land of fluidity, where nothing means anything and venerable, known definitions have been co-opted.

Which brings us to the misuse of the word “progressive” when describing radical leftists. Progressive is a word that is embraced by those who rejected the word liberal in favor of sounding forward-thinking and cutting-edge.  What compounds the egregious trickery is that conservatives, likely in a foolish quest to sound contemporary, routinely use it. The correct usage appears in the first paragraph of this article, titledBeware of phony conservatives.”

The dying Arizona Republic newspaper’s Sunday edition exemplifies the devaluation of definitions. In a three column report by wordsmith Daniel Gonzalez titled, “What we know about the latest caravan,” he used the words caravan and migrants interchangeably nearly four dozen times as he described Central Americans attempting passage through Mexico intending to invade the United States. He sought out a similarly agendized east coast Latina associate professor, who claims the timing is coordinated “to draw attention away from Trump’s impeachment trial and bolster support among his base during a presidential election year.”

This bonding to a flawed agenda that alienates educated readers signals the death knell for the failing newspaper. 

A much better description for leftists is “regressive,” which is exactly what they are. According to Merriam-Webster, regressive is in the bottom 40% in lookup popularityLet’s give it a rightful boost.

6 Responses to Ridiculous language distortions gain traction

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Excellent column, SRAZ. Words do matter.

    Remember, it was the far left American Psychological Association that proclaimed pedophilia was “a sexual orientation,” giving the crime perpetrated against children the cover of normalcy. It later backtracked as you can read here:


  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Seinfeld, a self proclaimed show about nothing, popularized “Yadda, yadda, yadda,” and other inanities that have been absorbed into our language. But you’re right…Progressive tops the list, particularly when used by conservatives. When Bill O’Reilly was still on Fox I would flip the channel whenever he used that ill-fitting description to define Leftists. We finally stopped watching him entirely since his opening monologue was sure to contain that word!!

  3. Clementine says:

    Have any of you noticed that the answer to every question now begins with the word, “so”? Where did that come from?

    • State Delegate says:

      I’ve noticed that anomaly as well. My conclusion is it gives the person using that two letter word a self perceived air of authority as if they are letting the other person in on their great wisdom.

  4. PV PC says:

    People have stopped contacting one another. Now they all “reach out.” This foolishness has extended to the business community. Phew!!

  5. Strom says:

    I have always thought we should not let Democrats get away with calling themselves “Progressives”. I think many Conservative Republicans are just as progressive in their own right and views. Why is unrestricted abortion Progressive? Why are unrestricted borders Progressive? Why is our Government paying off student loans for those too lazy to work Progressive?

    It is actually the conservatives who believe in promoting a person’s ability to succeed who are Progressive.