AZ Republic’s odd placement choices, concealed info

Let’s see…which story should be given Page One prominence?

Bold Headline, above-the-fold accompanying a three-quarter page report —  including an oversize photo of an ASU student wearing a mouth and nose mask for protection against the coronavirus emanating from China: “It’s hard to prepare for an unknown, but the flu season has already provided helpful practice, state health officials say.” The article continues to an inside half page and a photo of another masked ASU student, riding a bicycle.

Bottom of the same front page: small font type: “27 accused of sex crimes.” It’s accompanied by a single sentence and a directive to page ‘3A’ (short-shrifted rest of the story). “More than two dozen people were arrested by Valley police in Operation Silent Predator, a crackdown on trafficking and sex crimes involving children.”

The arrested suspects, who were arranging sex acts with children, are described as between the ages of 21 and 69.  The child victims were 14-years-old and younger and were stalked online.

Of particular interest is the fact that twenty-seven Valley perverts were charged as sexual predators perpetrating crimes against children and the newspaper did not mention a single name. Could it be because Homeland Security was one of the investigating agencies, partnering with Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and the Chandler Police Departments along with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office? Seeing Red AZ easily located the names of the suspects:

They have been identified as Samuel Puma, 69; Patrick Mai, 65; Walter Lundy, 59; Franklin Omori, 57; Roy Vasquez, 55; Daryl McCraw, 53; Hector Pano, 48; Juan Flores, 40; Andrew Kasmar, 37; Richard Gonzalez, 37; Colten Jourdain, 35; Edward Mendoza, 33; Agustin Ibanez, 32; Kristopher Broom, 31; Ezra Reynolds, 31; Fabian Hernandez, 30; Jose Sandoval, 30; Bryan Carr, 30; Lawrence Ruiz, 29; Tommy Diaz, 28; Kevin Evangelista, 26; Dovonta Owens, 25; Nicholas Benhart, 23; Jesus Mendoza, 23; Terrick Ebron, 22; and Isaac Arce, 21.

Their photos can be found on various local television outlets, though not in the seriously failing no-news newspaper.

Count on this: If any of these arrested child predators are here illegally, the Arizona Republic will never report it.

4 Responses to AZ Republic’s odd placement choices, concealed info

  1. Maggie says:

    This Daniel Horowitz article revealing the thousands of sexual predators that have come to the US illegally appeared in Conservative Review. The illegal status is frequently concealed. If the sexual assaults perpetrated by an illegal alien from Honduras occurred in Connecticut, for example, the child molester is described as a “Connecticut man.”

  2. MAGA Hat Man says:

    The illegal loving AZ Repulsive must have a “journalistic” code of conduct they follow, where calling out illegals is out of bounds. We dropped our subscription to this overpriced disseminater of leftwing anti-Trump crap. when it endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. It still feels great! And we enjoy spending those hundreds of dollars wasted each year on good meals out.

  3. Barveheart says:

    Watch this instructive video and understand the deception that the radical left media has been perpetrating on American citizens for years:
    Megyn Kelly got it absolutely right!!

    • Capt. Marvel says:

      Excellent video! The mindset of Dems is nowhere near rational. That explains why they have a bunch of losers running for the presidency in 2020. Their party insiders know that to be true which is why they want to nullify the election of Pres. Trump by way of this phony impeachment.

      I am heartened every time I see the enormous crowds that tun out for Trump rallies all across the United States. The people “get it.”