Violent leftist rams van at GOP volunteers registering voters

Although the interminable partisan-driven impeachment charade brought by the Democrats against President Trump has finally ended with his acquittal, their vicious deception riled left-wing followers to the point of criminality.

Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida, an agitated fanatic intentionally plowed his van into a group of Republican volunteers registering voters. Although the Republicans escaped serious injury, the driver’s intent was to inflict actual harm. He then flipped them off before driving away.

This tweet from the Duval County GOP shows the damage that was done to the voter registration tent.

When the attacker, 27-year-old Gregory William Loel Timm is tried, he should stand before the judge with his inciting co-defendants Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Gerald Nadler. God will deal with Mitt Romney, since Romney invoked Him as the reason he was the sole Republican Senator to vote for President Trump’s impeachment. Romney stands alone in the history of our nation as being the only member of a president’s own party to vote for impeachment. There were two previous trials — those of Andrew Johnson (acquitted in 1868) and Bill Clinton (acquitted 1998). Richard Nixon, facing the likelihood of being removed from office, resigned in 1974.

5 Responses to Violent leftist rams van at GOP volunteers registering voters

  1. D.B. Cooper says:

    Like most conservatives, we don’t subscribe to the far left Arizona Republic newspaper. However, we are sitting in a neighborhood restaurant having a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast. There are always a few free editions floating around for customers to read. I looked in vain for an article about this criminal incident and found zip, nadda, zero, zilch.

    The front page does have a massive photo of a woman named Ngozi Mbegbu, with the headline, “I’m in pain,” about police shootings in “Lower income and minority neighborhoods.” It says, “half of her immediate family was killed by Phoenix police officers.” Ponder that and wonder what the circumstances were. We are led to believe Phoenix Police are seeking out and shooting her innocent relatives.

    The only other page one article is titled, “Concerns grow that Trump’s wall will damage rivers, wildlife habitat.” Criminal invaders sapping our benefits are inconsequential. It is not Trump’s wall. It is ours. The wall story takes up three full pages!

    I have the newspaper right in front of me and copied them exactly.

    • Maggie says:

      If this horrific intentional incident had happened here in Phoenix, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the coverage from the AZ Repulsive would be the same. If there was a report, the driver would have been provided excuses. He was suffering Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome because he was forced to see a MAGA Hat or the word “Republican.”

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      This is typical of the no-news newspaper. It has an impenetrable agenda, which is visceral hatred of President Trump, law enforcement and conservatives. What would you expect from the Hillary Clinton endorsers who support open borders? I see a copy once in a while in the break room at work and just scanning it on those occasions causes my blood pressure to rise.

  2. Patriot Mom says:

    The voters of Utah will also have the ability to deal with Mitt Romney. He deserves to be challenged and kicked to the curb. Watching him turned by stomach. I think the hair dye and face bronzer have seeped through to his brain.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    This intentional act of criminality against Republican volunteers occurred on Saturday. I bought Sunday’s edition at Circle K looking to see how the Arizona Repukelick depicted it. What a waste of time and money!! There was no coverage. Saw this morning’s edition at work. No coverage. If the circumstances were reversed, it would be bold front page headlines: “Trump supporter attempts to slaughter peaceful Democrat volunteers.”

    The AZ Repukelick is nothing more than a leftwing propaganda sheet. Nice to know it’s failing.