AZ 2nd Amendment rally at state capitol draws massive crowd

One place you can be sure AZ U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly didn’t show his face was at the Second Amendment rally at the state capitol Saturday. Far leftist, Soros-supported Kelly, who is running as a Democrat for a U.S. Senate seat occupied by Sen. Martha McSally, is a gun restrictionist, who with his wife, former AZ U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, founded organizations whose ultimate purpose is gun confiscation.

Many of the thousands of attendees at the event wore shirts emblazoned with the words, “Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control.”

Kelly, along with Giffords, runs the major gun control-focused group Giffords PAC,* which between its hybrid PAC and 501(c)(4) nonprofit Giffords,* spent nearly $7 million to aid Democrat congressional candidates, while targeting Republicans in 2018.

This Feb. 2019 SRAZ post,Mark Kelly, AZ gun hypocrite, announces for US Senate,” exposes Democrats and their gun hypocrisy. Breitbart News, following a tip, photographed Mark Kelly making personal gun purchases at a Tucson gun store.

The high citizen turnout at AZ’s 7th annual “Celebrate and Protect the Second Amendment rally was driven by concerns over gun control legislation introduced by Democrats this session intended to limit firearm sales and transfers, expand background checks and ban high capacity rifles. Read Senate Bill 1624.

Gun restrictionist Mark Kelly is challenging Arizona incumbent Republican Sen. McSally. A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, she previously represented Arizona’s second congressional district for two terms in the House of Representatives. She served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 2010 as a full Colonel. As the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in U.S. history, she respects the unique right we have as American citizens enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Arizonans who value their constitutional based rights understand the importance of this election.

*Center for Responsive Politics

13 Responses to AZ 2nd Amendment rally at state capitol draws massive crowd

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Important post, but I would add one word omitted in the final sentence…”Arizonans who value their constitutional based rights understand the CRITICAL importance of this election.”

    If we lose this seat, Arizonans will have two democrats in the US Senate and we will be doomed. There is currently an unprepared egotist running as a Republican, who will dilute the vote and hand this race over to the Dems, if he is not persuaded to get out. Regardless of what he says, I’m convinced he’s a spoiler working to aid Kelly since that will be the ultimate result of what he’s doing.

    • Trevor says:

      That individual has until either March or April to dropout so his name won’t be printed on the ballot and his recent FEC filling showed he had around $34,000 COH. Which you can’t face the gun grabber Kelly with that who has millions at his disposal. And some of that individual’s supporters are really rude.

      • Realist says:

        He has a strange cadre of supporters, most of whom are senior citizens who should know better. They view McSally as McCain in drag, which is nowhere near the case. Jealous McCain and winner Trump were antagonists. Pres. Trump has given his support to Martha McSally and she’s scheduled to appear with him at his rally in Phoenix this coming Wednesday.

        Watch the wanna-be goof-ball during this televised interview:

      • Matt DeGennaro says:

        OMG!!! HE’S ACTUALLY RUNNING? Spare me!!!

    • Strom says:

      ACG isn’t it true that many times these spoilers are backed by the other party? I think it was a McCain tactic.

      I was and am no fan of Mc Lesbo and think it is a pox on Arizona we have two as Senators but she should get the Republican votes. Having Gabby Gifford calling the shots is just like having Napolitano back again.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        You nailed it, Strom. That was a McCain tactic and I’ve had the same concerns about “Charlie” McCarthy. His so-called supporters aren’t coughing up any money for him. I check the FEC reports with regularity. He’s basically self-funding, and not nearly enough to hold back Mark Kelly, who, interestingly, has the support of Socialist George Soros.

  2. Proud Deplorable says:

    I just read the text of the Senate Bill which is enclosed in this post. It clearly states in the final sentence:


    This Demoncrat sponsored bill not only makes our constitutionally protected rights null and void, but makes most of us criminals.

  3. Maggie says:

    This is what President Trump has to say about the Arizona Senate race:

  4. jake sez says:

    Saw lots of McCarthy tee-shirts and literature at the rally but not one for Martha McSally . Guess she is takin it for granted, like the rest of you, that she is going to win the primary. Don’t look in the rear view mirror.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Did you watch McCarthy in the video? THIS is the guy you support? Are you kidding me? It wasn’t one gaffe or bizarre action. His answers and demeanor during the entire interview was filled with them.

  5. jake sez says:

    That was then this is now. He is coming on as a speaker and a candidate.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      That was then and this is now? What are you talking about? “Demand Daniel” McCarthy was already a declared candidate when he showed himself as a complete and utter fool. If you noticed, after the commercial break, he is so dense, he asked to be invited back.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        If McCarthy is invited back, Sunday Square Off will qualify as a bonafide comedy show. I’m an infrequent watcher since Brahm Resnik is too leftwing for my tastes, but knowledge is power, so I occasionally tune in to see how the other side thinks. I did watch this episode and thought Resnik treated the clearly unprepared and unqualified McCarthy fairly.