Mark Kelly won’t take PAC $$? Funder $oros bankrolls 2020 Super PAC

Arizonans are getting a megadose of fiction from Democrat Mark Kelly, who is mounting a challenge to incumbent Republican Senator Martha McSally. A former two-term member of congress, McSally was an Air Force fighter pilot, and the first woman to lead a squadron in a war zone, making her more than up to the fight.

Kelly’s latest televised campaign ad is shiftiness personified. Portraying himself as a “protector,” (his ad is coincidentally titled “Protect”) Kelly, the unemployed husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, zeros in on prescription drug prices which he claims he will lower, a cunning ploy attempting to garner senior citizen votes. Although Mark Kelly has never previously run for office, the Obama cohort is as much of a charlatan as any seasoned Democrat politician.

The takeaway for savvy political observers is his declaration that he will not accept corporate PAC campaign contributions.

Socialist multi-billionaire George Soros, a one-worlder, who disdains sovereign national borders and wants to restrict our rights, controls a horde of them —and has generously funneled big bucks to Mark Kelly. Act Blue is a Soros organization. Politico reports Soros has launched a super PAC for 2020.

Seeing Red AZ wrote this exposé last April. It is more relevant than ever. Reacquaint yourself with,Mark Kelly: Dem $enate challenger’s big con.” Far from Arizona, on the banks of the Potomac, in DC, Kelly is able to ignore his pledge to disassociate with corporate PACs. We listed those in attendance at a single, early, event.

Second Amendment supporters should be aware Kelly heads a gun control money stream group he and his wife founded namedGiffords PAC,* (originally Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC) specifically intended to elect Democrat gun control advocates to public office.

In 2016, the organization spent over $800,000 opposing the re-election bid of Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte who ultimately lost to former New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, a far left Democrat  by a mere 1,017 votes (about 0.1%). A campaign ad criticized Ayotte’s lack of support for a proposal to expand mandatory federal background checks on private-party firearm sales. The group also endorsed Democrat gun restrictionists in other states.

Giffords and Kelly organized and presented an entire program on gun control at the 2016 Democrat’s National Convention in Philadelphia. They addressed delegates on the future of repressive legislation and gleefully shared their public endorsement of scandal-plagued Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The 2016 Democrat Party platform on gun control included aggressive measures to expand background checks, repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) that protects firearms manufacturers and dealers from being held liable when crimes have been committed with their products.

The platform also supported limiting the sale of standard capacity ammunition.

Hypocrite Mark Kelly, shown here purchasing guns, including an AR-15 for himself, is nothing more than a slippery leftist with zero credentials. Don’t be conned by the practiced con man.

* Center for Responsive Politics

11 Responses to Mark Kelly won’t take PAC $$? Funder $oros bankrolls 2020 Super PAC

  1. Realist says:

    Trusting this opportunist is a fool’s errand. Mark Kelly is a dyed in the wool radical leftist.

  2. Patriot Mom says:

    Mark Kelly is pro-abortion, slickly saying he’s for women’s right to control their lives and their families in the workplace and beyond. He’s obviously trying to straddle with word play and garner pro-life voters who don’t read between the lines of his deceptive double talk.

    He talks about gun control saving lives, but he’s got no problem with taking pre-born innocent lives in their mother’s womb.

  3. jake sez says:

    Let us not forget that Daniel McCarty is now on the ballot running for the republican U.S. Senator against Senator McSally. He is a much more staunch supporter of the 2ND amendment and deserves a good look at his promises and consistency. Senator McSally is loosing ground in this election because of her willingness to adjust her stance on issues.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      THIS is the guy you consider a viable candidate? Please tell me you’re joking. Wasting a vote on him will ultimately help elect gun confiscator Mark “Mr. Gabby Giffords” Kelly. I’ve read your comments for quite some time, and you appear rational in every instance but this crucial US Senate race. Martha McSally is military and supports the 2nd Amendment. McCarthy never served and is clearly not very bright.

  4. State Delegate says:

    What a dufus!! I just watched Daniel McCarthy’s bizarre antics and ridiculous responses to legitimate questions in amazement.

    Brahm Reznik is not someone I routinely watch since he’s far too left wing for my taste, but he was professional during this interview. It was McCarthy who did himself no favors. Then at the end, he actually asked to be invited back!! He has no clue that he’s over his head.

  5. jake sez says:

    OK. You win. I will stay off the web site if you can quite watching T.V. interviews from long ago. However, let me pontificate a little more. I note that Senator McSally was appointed by the establishment governor of the state, given all the support from the establishment portion of the republican party, given biased support from the chairwoman of the republican party and was given $26,000.000 dollars from the national Republican Save Our Senate PAC. I also note that many of the web sites, like ours here, which I enjoy using, can not put together an article supporting McSally with out referencing anti-McCarthy articles as a by product.

    For what it is worth, Daniel McCarthy has refused to say anything against Senator McSally during this run up to the Primary.. He wants to win by a comparison of ideas rather than trash talk. I told him not to visit the same sites i do.

    One last point. When the race started between Senator McSally and Mark Kelly began, Senator McSally was behind by 4%. Now with all this support and 26 million dollars she is behind by 7%.

    I will no longer rain on your parade, but will stay quiet will you cheer from the deck of the Titanic.

    • State Delegate says:

      T.V. interviews from long ago? The Sunday Square Off interview was December 15, not quite three months ago.

      Just one question, Jake: Were you proud or embarrassed as you watched Daniel McCarthy? I can’t imagine you thought he showed himself as a competent candidate, let alone possessing the caliber of a U.S. Senator. His ego-based entry into the race will split primary votes, cost money and give Soros funded Mark Kelly a foothold.

      You’re not “raining on my parade.” I just want to retain this senate seat in the GOP column. Your boy will ensure two Democrats for AZ.

    • Dedicated Trump Supporter says:

      You write, “For what it is worth, Daniel McCarthy has refused to say anything against Senator McSally during this run up to the Primary.”

      Then you’re not paying attention. Daniel McCarthy has repeatedly called Senator McSally an “Unconstitutionally appointed” senator. It is not only a fact that he said this, but it is patently incorrect.

      President Trump has endorsed Sen. McSally and even had her on the stage with him at his recent Phoenix rally. How do you explain this?

      If McCarthy supports President Trump, why doesn’t he support his choice? I didn’t see McCarthy at the rally. Was he there?

    • Dedicated Trump Supporter says:

      I take your silence to my earlier statement and question as an affirmation of the facts I previously presented. I am not your adversary and appreciate loyalty, but facts are are hard pills to swallow. I’ve read your comments for quite a while and think you make good contributions to the dialogue. There is just this dangerous blind spot you have concerning the AZ Senate race. I’m beginning to think you are McCarthy’s dad.

      One other observation…McCarthy is not raising money and is basically self funding. Why aren’t his supporters supporting his campaign? In the video interview, McCarthy said the “Lord will provide” funding. Kelly is being funded by George Soros and his shadow groups. McSally is raising money. I don’t believe the Lord is a Democrat, so where is the cash swell for McCarthy?

  6. Sam says:

    A reminder about George Soros, from the horse’s ass himself.

    He has publicly and proudly stated that he plans to destroy the United States of America. He hates US, yet he lives here and enjoys life to the fullest.

    Soros and the Rothschild family. If you don’t know who they are, it’s because they pull the strings from behind a velvet curtain. Banking is one of their games and they showed the Chinese govt how to mix capitalism and communism. Extremely low profile, by design. Extortion, blackmail. Ask many in Congress, for example.
    Dirty money.

    RE: the pandemic :
    Is it pandemic . . . or Dem panic ??

    Here’s some good info for you from the Director of NIH. Not too heavy for those who don’t dig science.
    Take a look, if you are so inclined.

    China is now telling their people that the U.S. caused their suffering.
    Chinese govt officials are also threatening to cut off our supply of antibiotics and other essential pharma.

    Who couldn’t see that coming? Thank the Clintons; the Bushes, and Obiden-Bama (as Joe recently introduced himself).
    Take good care. Clean your hands after handling money–both folding money and coin. Basic hygiene goes a long way.

    Please pray for our President; his loyal team; his family, and the U.S. military.

    We are at war. Good vs. evil, nothing less.
    Please pray.

    • Braveheart says:

      Thank you for the Soros video and especially for the good information regarding safety during these chaotic days.

      Until this global health scare, I was unaware that the majority of pharmaceutical companies were having our meds made in China! How safe is that? I find it horrifying.The country is not our ally.

      Do you happen to know if that’s generally the case or if we have other choices? If so, how do we find out about them? Do you know if Canada is dealing in the same unsavory practices?

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