Blinded by Trump hatred, NYT viciously attacks Christians

Federalist article points to the contempt in which the secular elites hold faith-based conservatives

There is no question that leftist newspapers, as The Hill pointed out, which overwhelmingly endorsed scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, have never recovered from her dramatic loss. The failing Arizona Republic was among them, suffering catastrophic subscription cancellations that have never returned.

Today we take our readers directly to The Federalist which does an outstanding job of covering the reprehensible New York Times op-ed by hatemonger Katherine Stewart blaming Christians, Not China, For Spread Of Wuhan Coronavirus. The far left newspaper is subscription only.

As Americans self-quarantine, which President Trump’s team of medical experts have strongly advised, take time to acquaint yourself with the hate-filled spew that emits from the extremist media denigrating his religious supporters. The vicious op-ed reveres not God, but secularism.

Media Research Center printed, “Secular Snobs: Documenting the National Media’s Long-standing Hostility to religion,” in 2012.  It’s a longer, meticulously researched review that explains in annotated points the media’s contempt for religious Americans.  Do return to read it, as it provides the backdrop for the secular hatred of the faith-based. But today, as we lead up to the 2020 election, it’s imperative we focus on the New York Times hit piece on Christians.


10 Responses to Blinded by Trump hatred, NYT viciously attacks Christians

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Those who vilify God do so thinking it is they who are superior. That’s known as blasphemy.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Years back I was enraged when the Washington Post claimed Christians were easily led. We were dismissed as mindless sheep going to the polls, and baa-ing all the way. Instead, we are a well-informed voting bloc, which the left can’t abide, so they dismiss us to their own detriment! We elected and will reelect President Donald Trump.

  3. Strom says:

    The worst news of today is that former Senator Tom Coburn died. The only member of the Senate who really cared about waste. RIP

    • Patriot Mom says:

      Sorry to learn of this. Sen. Coburn was a strong conservative, and as a physician, he knew the health and societal impact of many of the unsound policies pushed by the liberal Dems.

  4. Trump Supporter says:

    Biblical teachings will outlive the New York Times, The Washington Post and certainly the emaciated Arizona Republic which is gasping its last breaths. Pres. Trump, working double time with medical experts to eradicate the viral pandemic, should never waste a much needed ventilator on the newspaper that is devoted to destroying him … even as it sinks into oblivion by its own hand, an act of disembowelment known as Hari Kari.

  5. MAGA Hat Man says:

    I attended the Trump rally at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on February 19th. He packed the large arena with cheering supporters. The line outside of those who were unable to be accommodated was immense. The president repeated his endorsement of Sen. Martha McSally. With the virus restrictions, those massive national rallies will have to be curtailed, but our enthusiasm won’t be!

  6. Braveheart says:

    Reporters are admittedly in the far left column and control the media.
    The Liberal Media: Every Poll Shows Journalists Are More Liberal than the American Public — And the Public Knows It

  7. Ellsworth says:

    What a disgusting piece of garbage passing as an editorial. The left hates us because we’re pro-life and they’re worried we will out populate them. That’s why they are for open borders. Illegals, dependent on the public dole, are their reliable voting bloc. The Dems never factor in the societal costs or the long term impact. Dems think (???) in the moment.

  8. Casper says:

    If Katherine Stewart worked for a reputable, pro-American newspaper, she’d be out on the streets looking for a job. This editorial is disgusting!

    Fools who subscribe to this extremist newspaper pay her salary and enable her to continue her venomous assaults.

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