China’s Coronavirus propaganda spread by WHO director

Today’s post is based on a topical and ‘must watch video.’  Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exposes China’s data distortion as it relates to the Coronavirus pandemic, which originated in Wuhan China. And, regardless of what the left now says, it is not “racist” to acknowledge its origins. That only became their hammer after President Trump used the accurate descriptive term. Watch this Media Research Center’s compilation  showing the hypocritical leftist media using the exact words.

Most shocking of all is the deceit of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. His official statement is, “The Chinese government is to be congratulated for the extraordinary measures it has taken to contain the outbreak,” parroting the Communist regime’s talking points and aiding its propaganda campaign.

It is now widely known that the exact opposite is true. Yet WHO’s top official plays the role of obedient groveler to the communist leaders and publicizes their deception as fact.

Carlson summed up his commentary saying, “You might think that a World Health Organization group that got $58 million of your tax dollars last year might care that a government arrests doctors and lies about deadly new diseases. But no, like so many other organizations, they are lapdogs for the powerful. And that means their real job is sucking up to the Chinese government.”

Ads within this important video can be skipped.

Then check out the travel budget for the brass at the WHO. The organization spends twice as much on travel as it does on medical supplies, according to its most recent financial report, obtained by the Daily Caller.

7 Responses to China’s Coronavirus propaganda spread by WHO director

  1. Braveheart says:

    Just sent this post to my Dem brother-in-law. Thanks. Even he (an Obama and Hillary supporter) seems to be coming around.
    His sister is a whole lot smarter!

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Is this the best you can come up with following this fact filled post on the Chi-Coms and their propaganda machine in concert with the WHO? You’re obviously looking to see dumbo “Demand Daniel” hand the senate seat over to the space cadet.

      Larry Sabato is not a conservative. He predicted a Hillary landslide. No wonder you take his opinions as the holy grail. Go troll some other site.

      • jake sez says:

        you should change your name to Arizona McSally Guy.

      • Strom says:

        Wow ACG lots of criticism there and all I did was supply a VERY INTERESTING & INFORMATIVE article by a very respected source. Sabato, like every other pollster, sometimes gets things wrong, has most often gotten things right, and is basically nonpartisan.

        I only placed it in this thread because it was today’s thread and nothing to do with the interesting Chinese story. As mentioned many times I don’t support Daniel and will hold my nose and support Martha.

        But Republican Senators nationwide need to take the meat of this article to heart because if Senate goes Dem it wont matter if Trump wins, he will be neutered.

        And hopefully SRAZ wont allow you to jump down another poster’s throat in the future based on your wrong assumptions.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    You need to learn to spell your name correctly. It’s J-E-R-K.

    I’m proudly among the majority of conservatives who will be supporting Sen. Martha McSally, just as President Trump has urged us to do. He even brought her onstage with him at his February 19th Phoenix rally. Were you there? Do you support the president or only not-ready-for-prime-time Demand Daniel? Your candidate was MIA.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    Hey, Jake,
    I can sure see why you support Daniel McCarthy. He must make you very proud. I hope you’re also giving him money. He’s not raising any. But he sure prefers the low wage Chinese workers to American labor. Ka..ching…

    I wonder how many of his Chinese made makeup erasers are contaminated with the deadly virus? What a great idea to rub them on your face, lips and eyes!

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