AZ Republic elevates US Rep. Andy Biggs to US Senate

Those inattentive folks at the seriously failing Arizona Republic newspaper, have problems that far surpass the Hillary-endorsing newspaper’s out-of-step leftist bent. As a case in point, Tuesday‘s hard-copy edition ran an opinion piece that was an attention grabber.

Topping a rational “Your Turn” column was this headline, “The US can’t afford to stay closed.” The co-authors are identified under their photos as, “Sens. Rand Paul and Andy Biggs.”

Make no mistake. Conservative Andy Biggs is definitely someone we’d be happy to see in the U.S. Senate. However, the former Arizona State Senate president is currently serving his second term representing Arizona’s Congressional District 5 residents in the U.S. House of Representatives. That fact obviously missed the attention of the careless hacks still employed at the newspaper in the wake of mass layoffs, pay cuts and furloughs.

Blithely undisturbed by the daily’s daily flubs, exemplified by this monumental list of Corrections and Clarifications, is the inanely grinning executive editor Greg Burton — except when comparing his remaining staff tocrackpots and criminals.” He puts on a happy face to thank the dwindling number of readers overpaying for being fed leftist slop as he prizes newsroom diversity above factual reporting while promising more of the same to subscribers.

What an inducement!

14 Responses to AZ Republic elevates US Rep. Andy Biggs to US Senate

  1. hoi polloi boy says:

    I so wish Gov Ducey would have appointed Rep Biggs or Gosar to fill the Senate seat vacated by Sen McCain’s passing. I like Rep Lesko also. These people are fighters for the right side.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Wow! Didn’t know that reporting news required minority or gender status in order to be considered worthy. Fortunately we don’t waste our money or our time on this rag that has veered far from its original roots.

    As to Andy Biggs…he’s doing a great job and his intellect has been recognized by Fox cable channel which frequently has him providing cogent insights into the DC madhouse. I’ve also heard him on 960 AM radio when driving.

    • Kimball says:

      I’ve also noticed the national attention Biggs is receiving. He deserves it. He has a wealth of understanding of the law and the governing process. Plus, he’s a very decent guy. His years of service in the state legislature prepped him well for congress.

  3. Trevor says:

    Andy would make a great US Senator by the way. But the Repugnant is disgusting they probably attacked him when he stood up to Brewer on OBrewerCare.

  4. Sam says:

    Speaking of the U.S. Senate, the public is very close to learning the extent of the still-dead one’s traitorous activities.

    McConnell just, for real, elevated Marco Rubio. Highly and dangerously compromised, both.

    Romney comes out today squarely in the corner of former Congressman, now MSNBC talking head who’s now married to his TV co-host (handler??) Mika whose father was a spy in the WH, Joe Scarborough.

    Why do attractive females seem to be clumsy to the point of accidental death around Dem men?


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  5. Strom says:

    Lesko will try and jump in front of the others but she is all show and no go and people should not be putting her name up.

    Too bad Biggs wouldn’t jump in there now to save the seat before it goes Dem and may never return.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      What are you talking about? US Rep. Debbie Lesko has been a standout in congress. She took on the democrats with steam roller proficiency. I couldn’t have been more proud of her. She was in leadership in the AZ legislature and was well prepared to handle the job. “All show and no go,” sounds like you’re describing your grousing self. I have long believed you are a liberal troll hounding this conservative site Your ridiculous comments have now confirmed my suspicions.

      • Strom says:

        I really dont care what you think. Lesko is all show and no go…….all hat and no cattle…and totally in the pocket of lobbyists. We didnt need Sinema, we didnt need Mc Sally, and we ceretainly don’t need Debbie!

      • jake sez says:

        I notice you habit of not only being on the other side of an issue, which you are entitled too be, but you must always attack the person who is expressing their opinion. Sign of weakness.

  6. Realist says:

    Exec editor Greg Burton should know if the newspaper was a final exam with all those errors…which he refers to as “corrections and clarifications” the student would be held back and given remedial studies in hopes of gaining basic skills for the next semester.

    With most of the newspaper’s staff gone, it’s now in the hands of editorless ASU Cronkite students, whose skills are ‘shallow,’ to put it kindly.

    We don’t spend money on this garage, but I did see a copy from time to time in in the office break room, before the virus struck and we were forced to work from home. It was shockingly leftwing, without a trace of even-handedness in its reporting or editorials.

    I doubt anyone will miss it when the final edition is printed.

  7. Strom says:

    Jake, you failed to note that I didnt attack anyone and only replied when I was attacked……interesting you missed that!

  8. jake sez says:

    Strom I was replying to Arizona Conservative Guy. I agreed with you.