Minneapolis erupts in savagery following officer brutality

Organized protests have now spread across the U.S. from New York to California and are creating chaos in Phoenix

Following the needless death of George Floyd, accused in Minneapolis of passing counterfeit money, who died when a responding officer held him down with a knee to his neck, violence erupted. The officer, since fired along with four others, is white. Floyd was black.

As if on cue, those in the neighborhood took to the streets, torching buildings, burning cars and looting stores. Videos showed a new way of honoring Floyd, as vandals took hammers to smash open the cash registers in a local Target store after they stole the merchandise.

The police were told to stand down for their own safety, despite the fact that their job entails protecting the safety of the citizens they are hired to serve.

This oddly worded Emergency Executive Order, issued by far left Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, who activated the National Guard to provide safety and security to the people of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding communities. It took him until the fourth paragraph to address the riots and widespread criminality.

A former Congressman, Gov. Walz, ran as a member of the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party — the same party which radical anti-American and anti-Semitic U.S. Rep. Ihan Omer won election in Minnesota. Walz is a former teacher enamored with communist China, where he once taught. He and his wife ran Educational Travel Adventures, dedicated to accompanying high school juniors and seniors on summer educational trips to China.

Expect nothing of substance from him.

16 Responses to Minneapolis erupts in savagery following officer brutality

  1. Braveheart says:

    I’ve been watching the news. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul are being compared to Somalia. Cities run by Dems are often crime ridden. Rioters assemble very quickly. Remember the ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters in Ferguson, Missouri assembled in record time and engaged in the same burning and looting, also destroying their own neighborhoods.

    One of America-hating George Soros’ instigating organizations was sending messages to cell phone to inflame and assemble the marauding crowds in Missouri.

    • hoi polloi boy says:

      We live in a very conservative rural area dominated by conservative politicians like Rep Gosar. We have our share of criminal communities too. My wife served on the County Grand Jury and it’s sickening how much crime is committed by white trash. It’s under the radar for most of us…I never knew until she served.

      • Realist says:

        How many of the “white trash’ criminals have looted and burnt down business establishments or residences in your community or adjoining ones?

        Of course whites commit crimes. What we’re discussing here is unified war zone activity, that we’ve seen repeated going back to the 1992 Watts riots, which I well remember since I was living in LA at the time. After the arrest of Rodney King, a black mob pulled a completely uninvolved driver from his construction truck and beat him mercilessly, requiring numerous surgeries and making him an invalid.

        Don’t confuse apples and oranges.

  2. Maggie says:

    The unconscionable mob criminality is far worse than the police action with the thief trying to pass counterfeit money, since it is destroying entire communities and leaving innocent people homeless and jobless while we’re dealing with the impact of the pandemic.

    • Fed Up says:

      His family will sue the state of Minnesota and the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and will be awarded $mega millions for this POS criminal who is worth far more to them dead than alive.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Rioters enjoy the power they achieve through theft and violence.

  3. Kathy says:

    MN AG Keith Ellison (D) – woman beater, endorsed ANTIFA holding their book.

    Sadly in my opinion, these riots are all planned by Soros, DNC, and DS – all to get Trump. They had to get the heat off of Biden’s black comment – therefore: they will kill, incite, cue the mockingbird talking points (racism – propaganda media, Obama, Jarrett, etc) all to gain power over We the People. United we are strong!

    • Strom says:


    • Frankly Speaking says:

      You nailed it with your well reasoned thought about deflecting from Biden’s slur of blacks. It’s obviously the right conclusion. Thank you!

      The Dems are committed to take down Pres. Trump and this unfortunately now takes precedence over the strongest economy and best employment numbers ever (including minorities) before the pandemic hit. The Coronavirus is being manipulated to aid the Dems. They’ll make book on whatever they can to regain the White House. I pray the American people can see through this deceit.

      Donald Trump was not an anomaly. I firmly believe he is the right man for these perilous times, and thank God for him and his family each and every day.

  4. Sam says:

    The Left lost their grip, for the most part, on the Fear Factor of the Virus. More and more people realizing that they’re not going to die from the plannedemic.


    the attempted coup on President Trump, which began long before he was inaugurated.

    the set-up of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn (Ret), an American hero.

    the abuse of the FISA court and the FISA court judges and Chief Justice John Roberts being complicit.

    the abuse of the justice system by Judge Emmett Sullivan and Judge Amy Berman, who have railroaded General Mike Flynn; Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone.

    members of the US Congress being deep in the pockets of China and Ukraine and other bad actors.

    members of US Congress and HRC who used their positions of power to become rich by selling uranium to Russia; selling munitions to enemies far and wide, to SELLING NUCLEAR SECRETS.

    public servants in the alphabet agencies working against a sitting president and endangering his life and the lives of his family members and his team. (think the Secret Service agent who died of a “severe stroke” while accompanying the President in Scotland)

    Consider this event as a false flag? (innocent people DO get killed; during a false flag event—-think the Parkland High School shooting).

    LOOK HERE at the riots, DON’T LOOK THERE at the government corruption.

    Do you find it odd that the Officer AND Mr. Floyd had both worked, for several years, at a very popular and well-attended after-hours “club”. The Officer as off-duty security and Mr. Floyd as a bouncer.
    Would they know each other?
    All this over a $20 bill which was “counterfeit”?

    Donna Brazile being interviewed on FOX, right now.
    She and D.Wasserman Schultz (quiet for a long time now, eh?) were at the hospital within MINUTES of a DNC low-level employee Seth Rich being brought in after being shot while walking home from a bar late at night. Why, after a “routine” surgery for repair of a gunshot wound, were the physicians NOT allowed to follow him in the ICU?
    Men in black. And then he was dead.
    Remember his name, And Julian Assange. Connected.


    They CANNOT allow President Trump to win again.

    China making bold moves around the globe.


  5. Strom says:

    Plenty of blame here but once television shows like COPS became popular you had a change in police forces to Swat Team Looks and heavy weapons and intense effort to arrest at any cost instead of Serve & Protect. I see it every day in Phoenix. Plenty of bad guys need taking out…but somehow that doesnt happen but plenty of asset seizures from innocent people with money going to the police. Terrible policy.

    • Seen It All says:

      Assets are seized because they are ill-gotten gains through criminal activity. You’ve got so many axes to grind, the truth is tough for you to comprehend.

      • Strom says:

        Some are but most are not. A citizen driving down the highway who might want to carry $50,000 to an auction can be stopped and the money seized and he has to sue to try and get it back. Sneaky cops stealing citizen’s money for their own use.

    • Seen It All says:

      Specifics, please. You make up your own facts. What you describe has no basis in reality.

  6. Mohave Mike says:

    This is the Fox 10 Phoenix news coverage, which gives an overview of what began Thursday night as marauding mobs hurling rocks and bottles at officers and damaged Police headquarters, PPD cruisers and attempted to force their way into the AZ State Capitol.