Phx Mayor Gallego joins other Dems defending rioting thugs

Dem mayors lead America’s most dangerous cities

As late night rioters filled the streets of downtown Phoenix Thursday, Mayor Kate Gallego remained mysteriously silent. She finally issued this bizarre statement after an unruly mob of criminals and vandals claiming to honor the memory of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, killed by a hometown police officer nearly 1700 miles away, engaged in a destructive rampage. Led by long-time race baiting rabble-rouser and con man, Jarrett Maupin, the mob made demands while damaging at least five police vehicles, bus stop shelters and causing havoc at public buildings including the Phoenix Police Department where rocks shattered the glass doors and broke windows at the AZ Industrial Commission building. They were turned away as they demanded access to the closed state legislature. Maupin is quoted as saying, “Rioting is the language of the oppressed.”

Previously, Gallego, a leftist Democrat, apologized to a couple accused of shoplifting, because an officer drew a gun on them when they ignored his warnings to stop in the parking lot of the store where the pilferage took place. In response to Gallego’s foolishness, the couple filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city’s taxpayers.

Maupin, a former Al Sharpton protégée, calls himself “Reverend,” though like his mentor, he attended no theological seminary and has no congregation.

Following violent riots in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a radical Democrat, presiding over a crime ridden city with murder rates rivaling war zones, announced at Friday’s press conference that she has two words for President Trump: “F— you.”“I will encode what I really want to say to Donald Trump,” Lightfoot said. “It’s two words: It begins with F and it ends with U.”

These words come from a major city mayor as riotous marauders made their way across America leaving rubble in their path. Taking down suburbia is their latest threat.

Robert B. Charles, writing for Amac (the conservative alternative to AARP, which supported Obamacare), notes of the top-ten “most dangerous cities” in America, all have Democrat mayors.  Those cities are Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Stockton, Cleveland and Buffalo.

Charles’ article is titled, “America’s 25 Worst Cities are Democrat-Led – The Answer, New Leaders.”

In view of what we’re currently witnessing across the nation these are facts worthy of your attention.

5 Responses to Phx Mayor Gallego joins other Dems defending rioting thugs

  1. MacBeth says:

    Kate Gallego showed her lack of judgement in marrying nut job Ruben Gallego. Then in a highly unusual move, she divorced him when pregnant with their first child.
    Now he;s a leftwing congressman and she’s the leftwing mayor of Phoenix.
    Birds of a feater, divorced or not.

    Maybe they use Jarrett Maupin as a babysitter?

  2. Clementine says:

    Mayor Lightfoot, who is “married” to another woman, must have been too busy to notice that Pres. Trump has nothing to do with the staggering crime rate in Chicago. All of her predecessors have been dems as she is and Rahm Emnanuel , Obama’s chief of staff, preceded her as mayor.

    Lightfoot defied the state shut down of salons and barber shops and arrogantly got a hair cut because, she’s “in the public eye.” Have you seen her? A haircut can’t help.

  3. Kathy says:

    Will the residents (voters) of Phoenix wake up now??

  4. VINOAZ says:

    We normals, don’t deserve the government the left wing nuts elect. The mayor doesn’t support law enforcement and she is a bad leader. This city and state, once proudly conservative, have been invaded by leftists from California and the Midwest and by illegals. They leave their POS locations and instead of embracing what is good, they bring the crap with them. Liberalism is a mental and moral disorder.

  5. Sam says:

    We, the people are forced into lockdown by politicians

    No social distancing for them. However, many were wearing masks for the purpose of hiding their identity. In fact, soy boy mayor of Minneapolis (a carpetbagger, with a law degree from Villanova, a wacko environmentalist) HANDED OUT MASKS TO THE RIOTERS.

    Reports of white women being kidnapped; one white woman found dead in the back seat of a burned out car. Home and business security cameras showing white girls screaming, running from a gangs of savages. Posted on social media: Have you seen this girl? or, Is this girl OK?

    Reports that large numbers of mostly young people being transported, via airplanes, then being picked up by busses that are waiting their arrival.

    Tractor trailers delivering pallets of bricks to specific locations in Minneapolis. To begin rebuilding? Hell no.

    WHO WILL MOURN THE DEATH OF THE FEDERAL PROTECTIVE OFFICER who was on duty protecting a Federal building last night?
    Any mention of that?

    BHO sent out a missive earlier this week. He hates US.

    Never forget this:
    GEORGE SOROS (who we know funded the riots after Ferguson) has said this in interviews, it’s no secret. He makes no bones about it:
    His life’s mission is to destroy America.

    Following the game plans of Saul Alinsky and
    Cloward & Piven. Rules for Radicals, a publication “dedicated” to satan.

    Meanwhile, yesterday the transcript was released of the phone call that lead to General Mike Flynn’s life being destroyed by the Left.
    A total nothing burger. They kept the transcript classified all this time, since Dec. 2016 and Jan 2017. The Gang of Eight knew exactly what was in the transcript and did nothing but lie about it.
    Nunes did what he could, but was not able to disclose.

    This, among other things, is what the Left does not want you to know.

    Put on the full armor of God. And pray, pray, pray.