Not only have we met the enemy, we diapered them

As home grown anarchists seize American cities, plunder and venomously destroy what preceding generations have created, we are left to wonder what went so wrong in the raising of our children. 

Obviously, indulging them has been a mistake. So, too, has been the public educational system that replaces history with global warming, eliminates basics and devalues excellence by giving non-offending participation awards — a practice that extends from academics through sports. The devaluing message is pure communism. No one is superior, all effort is equal. If, as in communist regimes, a doctor’s work is compensated at the same level as a truck driver, why expend the effort to spend at least a dozen years in college, medical school and residency? A driver’s license is far easier to attain.

Respect is another antiquated notion. Perpetual anger, based on nothing in this land of incomparable opportunity, is given release by smashing business windows, stealing merchandise and wantonly destroying what others have worked to achieve.  It is the mark of the perpetual Brat Generation. Throwing bricks at police officers has become as de rigueur as toppling statues erected to honor past presidents and patriots.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a third of young people, or 24 million of those aged 18 to 34, lived under their parents’ roof in 2015. More young adults lived with parents than with a spouse in 2016. Almost 9 in 10 of those who lived with their parents a year ago are still there, failing to launch self-supporting lives. That’s more than double the number sponging off their Medicare recipient parents in 1980. Not having a job to go to enables 24-hour street protests.

The United States of America, that has offered these spoiled ingrates more than they deserve, is now held in contempt. So devoid are they of knowledge, they vandalize memorials erected to those who founded this nation or worked to ensure freedom for all, since they are intellectually vapid.

Worse, there are no consequences for their actions, so they continue to destroy and loot. In cities with Democrats in control, police are being defunded and jailed while criminals are martyred. Lives have been needlessly lost as 911 calls no longer guarantee an ambulance or police response in areas where the mob is in control.

For years we were inundated by the leftist media with falsehoods about Russia and or China influencing the 2016 election. It’s a certainty Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping are watching the destruction of America by Americans, hoisting a glass and chortling.

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  1. Mike says:

    Just as written on a new meme I happened to see the other day, “I think we can all agree that switching from @ss whoopings to time outs didn’t have the outcome we had hoped for.”

    • Realist says:

      In far too many young families today, the kids are in control and they know it early on. Parents are afraid to parent, instead they want to be “pals.” That irresponsible attitude has brought us to where we currently are. We are all familiar with the Biblical admonition that is widely stated as “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” (Proverbs 13:24). We are now witnessing the results of over indulgence not tempered with discipline.

    • Doc says:

      The problem becomes, as a Biological AND Adoptive single, full custody Man in AZ. (a “woman’s” state…) that if I “get caught” properly (the key word is Properly…Not abusively) punishing any of my “errant children”…I lose custody, & risk JAIL. That said, I’m NOT their “friend”. I’m their Father…the only one that takes precedent over me is GOD…NOT the State of AZ. Now, DCS will tell you that they “don’t really have to have a warrant to come into your home.” Yes, that’s a QUOTE from a DCS officer TO ME about 5 years back, & to my knowledge, is still their training today. I had to revert to my “former” self…not a very nice man…& STAND MY GROUND! This idiot actually said to me that I didn’t “want him to do his job.”…on MY Property! I informed him that he Didn’t want ME to do MINE. At the time, my HEAD was Spinning like Linda Blair’s in “The Exorcist”…this clown saw the look in my eyes…& his attitude changed instantly. Even if they show up with L.E.O.’s…You’ve still got to STAND YOUR GROUND! It’s a Very Tough situation caused by Too Many Laws, & not enough “Common Sense”…not really so common anymore.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Spankings went out of vogue when psychologists and far left social workers began invading family dynamics. With divorce on the increase, social workers enter the family through court proceedings and children quickly learn how to play one parent against the other. Fathers are too often given a short shrift and mothers frequently mollycoddle their sons, keeping them infantile even after they’re grown. Daughters learn victimhood and anger. Both are crippling dysfunctions.

    It’s a good bet many of the America-hating anarchists fit this profile.

    • Doc says:

      1 more thing, & to add to your comment EVC…you’d be SHOCKED at how many “meth-head” mothers retain custody of their kids while hard working, decent, honest MEN here in AZ. are ordered to PAY UP or Else!

      • Clementine says:

        Your examples are horrifying, but I have no doubt they’re true. I’ve heard variations on them from friends who are exemplary people and have been caught up in the judicial and social services maze when their marriages went south.

        I’ve also seen kids become cunning enough to use the system that threatens non-custodial parents. The system has created a pervasive, family destroying disease that far surpasses the divorce.

  3. Sam says:

    Yes, Communist China is watching closely AND orchestrating and paying for this:

    VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO from yesterday:
    Yesterday, the National Security Advisor to the Trump Administration, Robert O’Brien, was in AZ. He was introduced by Gov Ducey at a meeting of business leaders.

    The information contained in the presentation regarding China by O’Brien is factual and Sobering.

    The first several minutes of the vid is Ducey being his usual, uninteresting self. He needs practice with the teleprompter. About 8 minutes of him talking about a new company relocating to AZ.
    It’s a big deal, many States wanted it in their backyard.

    The NatSec Advisor, Mr. O’Brien, first talks about the new business opportunity then lurches into his segment on the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party into every facet of American life.
    Also talks about the CCP using heavy-handed tactics to essentially take over several agencies within the U.N., as well as their high degree of influence with the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Note that President Trump has removed our big chunk of funding of the WHO, over 400 million dollars per Year!
    (an aside: when you hear the media talk of Dr. Tedros, who is currently the head of the WHO, please note that he is NOT a medical doctor; rather, he holds a Ph.D. in some field.)

    Everyone needs to see the video. Please pass it around.

    As mentioned, skip past Ducey and hang in there with O’Brien until he catches his stride. Notice that he is dead serious when he spits out fact after fact regarding China.

    Why no discussion about Paul Petersen, former Maricopa County assessor?

    After all, he ripped off the taxpayers of AZ to the tune of at least Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars with his adoption scheme.

    Utah AG has story on their website, as well as other sites on the web.

  4. State Committeeman says:

    Winning headline today, SRAZ!
    American parents have created their own Frankenstein’s that the rest of us are forced to endure.

  5. Strom says:

    Unfortunately, Republicans are no better, especially in Arizona. Trump has a challenge of both stock market and C-19 that he has to overcome if he is to be reelected.

    Poor response to C-19 in Arizona won’t bode well for Ducey or Mayors:

    • Patriot Mom says:

      Responding to blog posts at 3 am has obviously given you brain fog. I’ve long suspected you to be a leftist troll.

      • Strom says:

        Amazing your vile personal attacks and how you somehow think you speak for Conservatives in Arizona. I am not even an iota leftist or even left of center. But fortunately I have a brain instead of just blindly following a pied piper. At 3 am I am up and working unlike many who feed at the public trough and can sleep in!