Devious Zuckerberg links “hate speech,” false voter suppression claims

First Amendment free speech protections under attack

Banning hate speech, whether real or imagined, is morphing onto a mighty venture. To no one’s surprise the Democrat desire for universal mail-in ballots — opposition to which they call “voter suppression” — has found its way into the mix.

Coca-Cola, Dockers, Hershey’s and Levi’s announced on Friday they will be “pausing” or cut advertising budgets on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram globally. This is the updating list of advertisers who have jumped on-board the far-left #StopHateForProfit.

And wouldn’t you know? The impetus for the campaign was the death of the now martyred, career criminal George Floyd. In his name, businesses have been looted and torched, police have had cinder blocks thrown at their heads, their vehicles set on fire, their departments defunded, historic national monuments have been ripped down, and city blocks have been taken over by anarchists as chaos reigns.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now disingenuously claims that under its new policies, “Facebook will ban ads that claim people from a specific race, ethnicity, nationality, caste, gender, sexual orientation or immigration origin are a threat to the physical safety or health of anyone else.” He’s been mysteriously silent as hordes of vandals have run amok.

GOP politicians and conservatives have flocked to the social media app Parler, founded in 2018, protesting Twitter’s  biased censorship and unwarranted suppression of Pres. Trump‘s messaging. Zuckerberg went on record with this quote:

“I am committed to making sure Facebook remains a place where people can use their voice to discuss important issues. But I also stand against hate or anything that incites violence or suppresses voting, and we’re committed to removing that content too, no matter where it comes from.”

“Suppresses voting?” Count on devious Zuckerberg to pull out the reliable leftist canard as he routinely suppresses content he defines as hateful. At 36, he has amassed an estimated $88 billion and is willing to spend it. Be assured, it won’t be for candidates or causes conservatives support.

8 Responses to Devious Zuckerberg links “hate speech,” false voter suppression claims

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Voter verification and secure balloting are not voter suppression. The left wants to be able to harvest ballots, preferably unmarked, in minority neighborhoods, and “assist’ in filling them out. That’s the key to manipulating elections. I’d bet the farm Zuckerberg is funding these efforts

    • Observer says:

      We have a right to expect our elective system is above reproach. Doing away with polling places and replacing them with ONLY mail-in ballots is a scheme ripe for manipulation. That’s why it has gained favor with the Dems. The scheme is being pushed by Arizona Democrats and aided by Democrat operative Adrian Fontes who is currently the elected Maricopa County Recorder

      In March Fontes, who was clearly attempting to manipulate the election was stopped by a Superior Court ruling from sending ballots to ALL voters who weren’t on the early voter list for the Presidential Preference Election.

      We’ve got to send this radical party hack packing.
      Vote for Stephen Richer, who is ethical and a Republican. It’s never been more important!

  2. Sam says:

    sugar mountain
    Not his real name

    Situational awareness is paramount
    The 2 groups with a B and an A are using craigslist to hire protestors, $50 cash. Protestors being used as shields for the violent ones.

    They are now scouting small towns, rural areas, which are considered “soft”.

    Bernie bros. middle aged men will arrive as scouts, using rental cars or cars with out of state tags. Watch for those with binoculars.
    Especially around town squares, historic bldgs., monuments of any kind.

    They are using wi-fi jammers that can affect Your ability to communicate and render your home sec sys useless.

    They want your guns and your cash.
    they will be scouting vehicles, such as pick up trucks, looking for gun racks.

    They are Highly organized and possess sophisticated equipment which they use to communicate.

    It’s well beyond time to know your neighbors.
    Because once these vessels without souls arrive, it is too late to go to the drawing board.

    The story out of St. Louis is going viral.
    The attorney and his wife defending their mansion in a gated community.

    The weekend in St. Louis was bad. They were planning on pulling down the magnificent monument to Saint Louis. (get to know him)
    A group of concerned citizens, many Catholics, and one young Catholic priest stood tall. The priest attempted to explain to the crowd the story of Saint Louis. Guess how that went?
    The monument stands this morning, defaced, but standing.

    Put on the full armor of God.

    Full instructions here:
    Ephesians, Chapter 6, Verses 11-18


    Guard your soul.
    Please talk to those in your household. Boy Scout motto time.
    Again: situational awareness

    Please pray to God for protection over President Trump; his family, his small but loyal team, and our U.S. Military.

    • Pith Plez says:

      You’ve gone off the deep end into conspiracy theories with just 7 words here, Sam. Zuckerberg’ parents are both well known, his father Edward is a dentist. His mother Karen Kempner, MD, (uses her maiden name professionally) is a psychiatrist. Mark Zuckerberg has three sisters. The family did not crawl out from under a rock.

      I’ve read the hoax sites you’re alluding to. Stay on topic and your comments are worthy. Lurking in dark corners spewing conspiracies does nothing to enhance your profile.

  3. Sam says:

    FUNNY, oh, how funny, that Pith Plez says “. . . did not crawl out from under a rock.” Rockefeller. The family.

    By the way,
    The term “conspiracy theory” was created by the CIA, back in the day of the Warren Commission. Didn’t want too many people questioning what really happened on that day in Dallas, you know?

    RE: Mail-In Ballots:

    The American Postal Workers Union’s National Executive Board has voted to endorse Joe Biden for President of the United States. In their decision, the Board recognized his record of advancing the cause of unions, his support for the public Postal Service, postal workers, and his opposition to postal privatization.

  4. jake sez says:

    Interesting thing happened while I was viewing the peaceful demonstrators on the television the other day. In the front line, screaming obscenities in the face of of a police officer was a young woman who did not look like the others in her crowd. She was a Caucasian with blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and wearing a camo t-shirt with a brown scarf. She stood out of place due to her clean appearance. Two days latter I saw here again. There she was at the church, in the same clothing, screaming obscenities in the face of a Phoenix police officer.

    Guess she or her twin sister, were able to cross the country to join demonstrators in another anti-Trump demonstrations in two days. Think they get frequent travelers mileage?

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      Being part of an anti-American mob has become a full time occupation. It would be interesting to know definitively who’s footing the bills for necessities and travel. My guess would be the DNC or Biden/Obama operatives funded by Hollywood liberals.

  5. Strom says:

    I have always been amazed that people use Facebook and put their entire life out there for the world to see and potentially for their own purposes.