McCain syndicate gunning for Trump, McSally, other GOP incumbents

Leftist Mcthugs aim to turn Arizona blue and give U.S. Senate a Dem majority

Nearly two years after his death the long arm of vengeful McCain, grotesquely held aloft by his longtime operatives, extends out of the grave to fulfill grudges and create havoc within the Republican Party. Their latest mission to upend the reelection of President Donald Trump.

There is no bottom-dragging that is too low for these malevolent anti-Trumpers. They view their despicable efforts to purge the president, and give the boot to those they contemptibly regard as expendable Republican senators for what they view as a greater good. They learned well from their deceitful icon McCain who spent his career colluding with Democrats and sticking his thumb in the eye of the political party he used for his own selfish purposes.

McCain’s former campaign manager Steve Schmidt, and senior adviser and longtime strategist John Weaver are integral to the Lincoln Project, which was co- founded by George Conway, a D.C. based lawyer married to White House legal counsel Kellyanne Conway. In recent weeks, the nefarious group has released a series of ads attacking Pres. Trump and Senate Republicans. The Lincoln Project’s stated mission is to “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.”

Steve Schmidt is quoted as saying, “The analogy would be in the same way that fire purifies the forest, it needs to be burned to the ground and fundamentally repudiated. Every one of them should be voted out of office, with the exception of Mitt Romney.”

These Trump-hating fools and their high dollar donor* cohorts (15 pages of them at last count) are prepared to flip the senate with expensive ad buys, to teach conservatives a lesson letting them know that defeating Trump alone is insufficient. Hardliner anti-Trumpers argue that GOP senators must pay a steep price for their loyalty to Trump, even if it hands Democrats complete control of the federal government.

“They are the only … human beings who had the authority and the ability to keep this president in check constitutionally and politically, and every one of them made a conscious decision to not do so,” said Jennifer Horn, a former New Hampshire GOP chairwoman who now advises the Lincoln Project. “The only way to make sure that Trumpism doesn’t continue to rule the Republican Party for years to come is to make sure that we defeat not only the president, but those people who have enabled him.”

Republicans currently hold a slim 53-47 majority in the Senate, the body that confirms judicial nominees to the federal bench and the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Trump haters are so focused on retaliation that they are willing to set the nation on its ear past the foreseeable future by tipping the senate and the courts leftward after President Trump’s unparalleled successes.

* Center for Responsive Politics

20 Responses to McCain syndicate gunning for Trump, McSally, other GOP incumbents

  1. Observer says:

    Bitter John McCain remained unable to contain his jealousy over non-politician Donald Trump easily winning the presidency which had eluded him in 2000 and 2008.

    He said he and his family would not vote for Trump…which means they voted for Hillary! Now his daughter Mega is on record declaring her support for dementia afflicted Biden.

    Egocentrically planning his own three funerals, he pointedly disinvited President Trump and First Lady Melania to the one in D.C.

  2. Trevor says:

    Steve Schmidt also called Jeff Flake a “hamlet” even Jeff is hated by them which is hillarious. Also Daniel McCarthy’s campaign is imploding if you ask me.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Flake is appropriately named!

      As far as I’m concerned, Daniel McCarthy is colluding with the Democrats. He has no money and is going nowhere, but is siphoning needed votes from Sen. Martha McSally. I wonder if Daniel McCarthy, who idiotically demands that we “demand” him, is aware that he’s aiding and abetting dedicated gun grabber Mark Kelly. George Soros supported Kelly has at least two PACs that are anti-Second Amendment.

      I “demand” that Daniel close up shop, and endorse Martha McSally, as President Trump has. She was onstage with him at his Phoenix rallies. Daniel was doing his ghost impression.

      • jojo says:

        Daniel is the only chance we have to take out Kelly. Daniel is funding his own campaign so when I hear he’s run out of $$$ he has more. All the GOPe know the truth but are so afraid of the McCain machine they have to make up lies about Daniel. Oh well – just following the McCain machine playbook. MCcain destroyed the ASGOP. DEMAND DANIEL and let’s clean our own swamp.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:


        Take it to the bank…Daniel has no chance of winning the primary. He’s an unmitigated fool. Does this look like a ready-for-prime-time candidate to you??

  3. hoi polloi boy says:

    Trump haters will also destroy the Republican party. I for one will never vote a Bush-Romney-McCain-Murkowski-Collins type RINO ever again. They’re worse than Democrats.

  4. jake sez says:

    I find this a little odd. Not that I don’t believe that all of these anti-trump organizations are working hard to defeat President Trump . The lost of power and influence can be a horrible thing to lose. I also believe there are many of these people out there that would burn this country to the ground in vengeance. They can be recognized by their lack of noses. You know, cut their nose off to spite their face.

    What I do have a problem with is that they are going after McSalley and Ducey. Both are insiders within the McCain organization. Could they be eating their young? Revolutions are famous for this.

    As a side note. The McCarthy campaign is building and growing. Notice the signs and the dedicated volunteers walking the precincts with literature No, look again.

  5. Strom says:

    Mc Cain was responsible for the Mc Sally disaster. No more retired soldiers for public office.

    • Trevor says:

      Not all veteran lawmakers are like McCain. I disagree with that notion. Ron DeSantis is a navy vet like McCain but unlike McCain, Ron is a conservative!

    • Army Of One says:

      Republican Dan Crenshaw who represents Texas in Congress lost his right eye and suffered damage to his left eye while on his third deployment to Afghanistan. He was commissioned a Lieutenant Commander with the US Navy Seals. Crenshaw was born in Scotland but has more credibility as a naturalized US citizen than you do as most likely native born.

      Illinois Democrat Tammy Duckworth, a military captain, lost both legs in Iraq and her right arm was badly damaged. I imagine there are other veterans who endured massive bodily loses representing Americans in the US House and Senate and giving you the freedom to grouse about them while you safely sat on your ass listening to music and drinking beer. I don’t like Duckworth’s politics, but I admire her courage.

      • Strom says:

        And I respect them both. Unlike WW2 & Vietnam vets they went as volunteers and are to be commended. But I dont want them elected to Congress based on their military service.

  6. Sam says:

    You must understand—-they HAVE to do this, as it is the only way that they can survive AND have their secrets remain hidden.
    And big secrets they are.

    They sold US (us) out.
    For money and power.
    And in the process a lot of innocent Americans have lost their lives.

    If you did not see or hear President Trump’s speech on the evening of July 3 at Mount Rushmore, you missed something important.

    A call to action. “It’s time. . .”

    “. . .We remember that governments exist to protect the safety and happiness of their own people. A nation must care for its own citizens first. We must take care of America first. It’s time. . . .

    . . .My fellow Americans, it is time to speak up loudly and strongly and powerfully and defend the integrity of our country. . . .”

    transcript here:

    What is happening in New York State should scare every adult.
    Except that the media will not report it.

    The “contact tracing” being conducted under the cover of the SARS-Co-V 19, has taken a new turn.

    Rockland County, NY:
    People attend a party. Some time after, a person who attended that gathering allegedly tests + for the virus (but was asymptomatic). It is unknown as to which of the two types of tests was administered.

    The person was then advised that he/she must reveal the identifying information of every person that he/she had comeinto contact with (30 minutes or more of contact) during the prior 2 weeks.

    The Rockland County NY health dept. stated that they have been unsuccessful in getting the persons of interest to answer the calls from the contact tracers.
    (Contact tracers are people who have taken a course over the internet in order to do this work of gathering your very personal information. It is unknown as to whether these persons, now in the tens of thousands, have had any type of background investigation done to ascertain their integrity or trustworthiness. They are using their own personal computers to document your information.)

    So, Rockland County officials have issued subpoenas and $2000 fines, per day, to the persons who are not picking up their phones.

    And Rockland Co officials are GLEEFUL during TV interviews, because Yes, oh YES, the subpoenas WORKED!!!

    Note that in China, they have a system called “social credits”.
    Every person in China Must carry on their person a State-issued cell phone which essentially monitors their communications and their comings and goings. Their access to any services or food or essentials are directly tied to how “good” they are, as judged by the State, which takes into consideration all the activities of each person each day.

    Did you notice that the Govs and other elected officials in many States canceled Independence Day celebrations for us because of the virus, but gave special dispensation for the protestors to rage on?

    Throughout the US on the night of July 4, citizens took it upon themselves to have massive fireworks celebrations from their own backyards. And not just sparklers and a few cherry bombs. These were the real deal. In urban areas like NY, NJ, VA, CA and in rural areas of PA and the Carolinas—all over the country this occurred.

    The Left realizes today, more than ever before, that they cannot contain us. Look for things to get much worse in the days leading up to the ELECTION.

    In a speech on July 6, 2017 (which seems like ages ago), President Trump said:
    “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? … Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

    And, so, the time of reckoning is here.
    It is now.
    You will have to lead, or follow, or be trampled by those who hate US (us).

    “Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you.”
    —–Andrew Breitbart
    We miss you.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      Thanks for more in-depth information, particularly on “contact tracing,” which is a terrifying personal intrusion.

      Would appreciate your thoughts on Kellianne Conway. Although she appears loyal to Pres. Trump, I have a difficult time trusting her. She lives off the blood money that George makes tearing down the president she claims loyalty to. You can’t serve two masters. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall overhearing the conversations in that household.

      • Kent says:

        If you shop at Walmart be aware that Christy Walton is a funder of this Never-Trumper and anti-GOP senators group. You’re underwriting her generous contributions to enable a Dem takeover.

      • Sam says:

        Because of her husband, she is largely walled off. You may find it interesting that she is a very long time friend of pollster Frank Luntz, another never-Trumper. (Luntz had a breakdown a few years ago after the election and went silent for quite a while, but has bounced back. Luntz has, in one of his mansions, a to-scale replica of the Oval Office.)

        George Conway is one of the co-founders of The Lincoln Project, which is working to thwart President Trump’s re-election.
        Lots of money from Bush and co. going into their bank account.
        Their attack videos and commercials are slick.

        The teen daughter of Kellianne and George has given an interview to a magazine and, in it, speaks negatively about her parents.

        Washington is a sick place. Sick, as in “diseased”.

    • Doc says:

      Regarding President Trump’s 2017 speech…a Great American once said, “…a Republic…if You can Keep It!”…

      My own thoughts recall a quote from the movie, The Untouchables. “What are You Prepared To DO?!?!”

  7. Kimball says:

    No one ever accused John McCain of being ethical. He was a user and should have run as the democrat he was. He had to be dissuaded from doing just that in his first congressional campaign. He and his new bride Cindy Lou even temporarily moved to the east valley as he was advised, until the senate seat became available. They quickly left for the more elite environs of North Central Phoenix.

  8. jake sez says:

    Remember what was noted in “Seeing Red” just last week. Glassman was a democrat party leader and ran for congress as a democrat. Now he is a republican. Could we be looking at another John McCain?

    • Tucson GOP says:

      If it could be possible, I believe Glassman is even worse. McCain was definitely left leaning, but Glassman has run for multiple offices (city, state and federal), as a democrat. He only was elected once, to the Tucson City Council, as a democrat! He even ran for the state chairman of the democrat party, showing his dedication to electing other democrats.

      Suddenly he calls himself a “conservative”?? He’s nothing more than a fraud who is willing to sell his soul to win an election. Trusting this phony opportunist is sheer folly.

    • Trevor says:

      Never know of course? I’m baffled however that Russell Pearce is backing him. Does Russell realize that before Glassman faced McCain he had to run against Randy Paraz in the primary who was the one who led the phony “recall” on Pearce.