Overindulged, undereducated mobs protest law enforcement in Tempe

Capitulation rather than incarceration emboldens criminal mobs, leads to increased destruction, violence

The most reprehensible trend sweeping our nation this summer are the mobs of anarchist thugs taking over cities, setting fires, seriously injuring responding police, destroying property, including police cars, toppling historic monuments, looting and engaging in mayhem. This is all in the name of Black Lives Matter, and ostensibly in tribute to George Floyd, a career criminal, high on illicit drugs and an unlikely martyr but for his death at the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer. Floyd was restrained while resisting arrest for passing a counterfeit $20 bill. The officer has been charged with second degree murder and is currently in jail awaiting trial as are three officers who did not participate, but did nothing to stop what turned out to be Floyd’s suffocation. One officer was a new hire.

Monday the mob took over portions of Tempe, blocking the Mill Avenue Bridge to call attention to two other deaths, one in 2016, the other a criminal robbing a local pharmacy.

The protest had less to do with deaths than with leftist politics as evidenced by the involvement of Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) and Tempe Against Police Violence, bent on ending immunity from lawsuits against law enforcement officers doing their job.

As mobs take to the streets in cities controlled by Democrats across America, they stand as testament to overindulgent upbringing, where parents give too much and expect too little, where schools no longer award merit, but hand out participation certificates, so as not to offend the sensibilities of those who didn’t achieve meritorious levels in academics or athletics. The level playing field is Marxism in its purest form.

These vandals did not spring from thin air. They were indoctrinated in government schools by far-left teachers, taught climate change instead of American and world history and recycling instead of geography. Their parents were too busy to pay attention and indulged them rather than engaged them. Wanton thuggery, ignorance and lack of respect is the result.

The Gateway Pundit headlines its June 27th post,We Asked Our Readers to Send Photos of the Democrat Party Sanctioned Destruction and Rioting in their Community — We Were Shocked at What They Sent In.”  You will be, too.

4 Responses to Overindulged, undereducated mobs protest law enforcement in Tempe

  1. Trevor says:

    Tempe’s Vice Mayor is a crazy radical nutjob.

  2. Observer says:

    The fact that the cities with the highest levels of crime are all run by democrats, most of them for decades, is the important takeaway. Chicago is a brutal war zone and the black lesbian mayor has done nothing to staunch the weekly killings of other blacks, often including children. These radicals remain in power by virtue of race based politics and by making grandiose promises they have neither the ability or intent to fulfill.

  3. MAGA Hat Man says:

    Just recently we’ve had violent mobs roving through Phoenix making demands, causing damage to buildings and police cars. In Scottsdale, they used cinder blocks to break windows in the upscale mall and steal merchandise. They also did heavy damage to the nearby Mercedes dealership. These people are criminals, who have also physically attacked police sending several to the hospital with serious injuries. The local news media gives little coverage to what is actually taking place, since those in control tacitly approve.

  4. Villanova says:

    Read this and see pictures of the heavy damage inflicted by Seattle’s “peaceful protesters.” They should all be arrested and charged with multiple felonies, but chances are that will never happen in the People’s Republic of Seattle.


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