AZ Republic buries Dem arson report that plays out wrong

Democrat operative burned down AZ Democrat headquarters

Under the cover of early morning darkness last Friday July 24, a ravaging fire broke out at Arizona Democrat party headquarters. Classified as arson by Phoenix police, it was responsible for destroying party records, furnishings and historic political memorabilia.

The timing, in advance of the Primary Election, appeared Watergately suspicious. Who would be moved to create such havoc at this particular time?

When an arrest was made with the aid of surveillance video, the culprit turned out to be Matthew Egler, a disgruntled elected Democrat Precinct Committeeman and State Committeeman, self identified as President/Chairmen Valley Leadership Council.

Egler had previously worked at the party headquarters, which likely accounts for the placement of the report. The Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic newspaper chose to place the follow-up naming Matthew Egler on Page 3 of the inside Valley & State section.

If the perpetrator had been a Republican —  playing into the newspaper’s hoped for narrative — it would have merited a Page One, bold headlined report. When the arsonist is a 29-year-old Democrat activist, who still lives with his parents and posts bizarre online rantings, the focus is…not to focus.

The police do a superb job. The barely surviving local newspaper excels at agenda-driven obfuscation.

5 Responses to AZ Republic buries Dem arson report that plays out wrong

  1. hoi polloi boy says:

    The Arizona Repulsive is so far hard left that it makes MSNBC look like a Republican propaganda network and CNN a Trump cheerleader.

  2. D.B. Cooper says:

    The leftists who churn out the daily agenda-driven spew, which they try to pass off as news, must have choked when it was revealed the arsonist was a democrat insider. That hard truth doesn’t fit their radical spin. Although the arson was horrific and could have destroyed adjacent structures, I had to suppress a smile when I saw the televised report saying it was one of their own who torched the headquarters.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Try to envision the meeting among those extremists still employed at the local newspaper, as they tried to decide how best to hide the fact that the arsonist as an elected Democrat! It would have been amusing to have been a fly on the wall at that strategy session.

  4. Sam says:

    These creatures know how to burn things down.

    We’ve got several wildfires burning right now, in different zipcodes, All related.

    Did you see Obama’s performance at the final funeral for Cong. John Lewis yesterday? That was no eulogy. Make no mistake, Obama runs his own government within our government. Traitors all. GWB, over the course of the many JL funerals, kept giving WJC loving side glances throughout. Sick bastards.

    The virus is real. The Chinese “bat lady” was cooking it up over there at UNC Chapel Hill, compliments of a grant from NIH. The FDA nervously shut it down after the inauguration and she continued her work in Wuhan at the Level 4 lab. Funded by us.

    Why would Dr. Fowl-chi give a speech back in 2017 in which he stated that President Trump would be faced with a “Pandemic” during his term in office?

    Everything is connected. It’s a massive spider web.

    Now, today, the public can finally see that the FBI knew for a decade and a half that Epstein and Maxwell were running a sex trafficking op (and worse) for the purpose of snaring anyone of influence, foreign or domestic. Why? because the Fibbers were protecting the Clintons. WJC’s activities above ground. HRC’s below ground.

    Hundreds of Thousands of children in the U.S. (alone) go missing each and every year. What happens to them? Can’t ask Epstein now. Can’t ask the NYPD detectives and officers who reviewed the laptop that was taken as evidence in another, unrelated matter pertaining to Anthony Weiner. Because these NYPD detectives and officers are Dead.

    There is a very dangerous group of ______ who get off on death.
    They NEED death, but first NEED the victims to be in mortal fear. You may find it strange when it is described this way—but it is their life-blood. It sustains their existence.

    Reconcile the unnecessary deaths in nursing homes around the country. Add to that All the continued misery and fear that is being experienced worldwide. ALL of these negatives are like atomic fuel for these characters.

    This is Good vs. Evil.

    Everything you see is a plan that is being perfectly coordinated by different groups and different people, but they all are united in ONE GOAL.

    Please pray. Guard your soul and the souls of your children.
    Because as JNo used to say, “It’s about the children.” She knew then, and she knows now.

    You just didn’t know what she was really talking about. If you had known, you would have stopped it.

    • Realist says:

      I routinely watch Fox News, but finally had to turn it off when it was wall to wall John Lewis’ funeral. You’re absolutely right about Obama running a shadow government. He was definitely out of the shadows with his political eulogy. He’s pulling the strings on braindead Biden and sending a not too subtle message to Black voters that he will be back in charge. Know this: Whoever Biden picks as his vice president, it will be with Barack Obama’s approval. The choice will guarantee the first Black female U.S. President.
      Don’t be surprised if Michelle Obama is on the ticket!