Obama: The string puller behind the Biden curtain

Democrats are in a tough spot. They’ve nominated a man for the presidency who is clearly suffering the ravages of cognitive decline. For months, his handlers have kept him holed up in his basement bunker, where he occasionally attempts to read from an abbreviated, prepared script and bungles even that. Barack Obama has tried to rescue his former vice president by engaging in a socially distanced chat, that was difficult for anyone who had a relative with dementia to watch.  Then, in order to appear relevant, Biden announced he was focusing on his vice presidential selectee, who, of course, will be a woman.  But not just any woman.  She must be black. Relevant qualifications have devolved to qualities, ethnicity and gender,  that are beyond our control. This is the red meat of democrat politics in the BLM era.

Reportedly topping the list of VP contenders are Susan Rice and Kamala Harris. Make no mistake, Obama is integral to the selection.

The Democrat National Convention Aug. 17-20 in Milwaukee will not feature their party’s nominee accepting the nomination. Biden, 77, will remain in his home in Delaware ostensibly to keep Milwaukee residents safe during the virtual convention. Keeping Biden from making more public gaffes is the main consideration of DNC honchos. Biden’s a flawed puppet who must be kept out of the spotlight at all costs. That’s why there are already moves to keep him from engaging in presidential prerequisite debates with President Trump. It’s widely acknowledged that the Dem VP choice will eventually take the reins should the unthinkable happen and he be elected.

 Susan Rice:

A memory jogger (brief video) regarding known liar Susan Rice is in order. In 2014, Rice, Obama’s former U.N. ambassador and National Security Advisor appeared on David Gregory NBC’s “Meet the Press” and asked if she had any regrets for going on NBC, and other Sunday shows, telling the American people that the Benghazi deadly jihadist attacks on our embassy were a result of an anti-Islam video.

 “David, no, because what I said to you that morning and what I did every day since was to share the best information that we had at the time,” Rice stated. “The information that I provided, which I explained to you was what we had at the moment. It could change. This is based on what we knew on that morning was provided to me and my colleagues and indeed to Congress by the intelligence community, and that’s been well validated in many ways since.”

“And that information turned out, in some respects, not to be a hundred percent correct, but the notion that somehow I or anybody else in the administration misled the American people is patently false, and I think that’s been amply demonstrated,” Rice fudged.

 Kamala Harris:

The New York Post carries this recent report of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) appearing to top the narrowed Biden’s VP list. The report includes this revealing photo of Biden holding a pro-Harris talking points list on his own letterhead.

Biden’s campaign insiders have longstanding relationships with many Obama and Clinton veterans who are advocating for Harris. They view her prosecutorial skills as an asset as she attempts to attack the Trump administration to provide heft to Biden’s incoherent campaign. This is Biden’s third bite at the presidential apple, and his dentures continue to slip.

9 Responses to Obama: The string puller behind the Biden curtain

  1. Realist says:

    Everything Biden does and says has been carefully massaged and scripted to fit his limited abilities. He has no business trying to drive a car, let alone run the United States of America. His pathetic ramblings should be pitied not promoted.This is all indicative of Dem desperation.

  2. Sgt. Joe Friday says:

    Obama is puppeteer Geppetto,to Biden’s Pinocchio. Biden is not only a puppet, but he lies as easily as the wooden puppet. Instead of Biden’s nose growing, his teeth fall out of his lying mouth.

  3. StetsonXXX says:

    Obama prefers having easily manipulated Biden heading the demo ticket, It’s tantamount to Obama being back in the White House.
    The only thing with more appeal is having Michelle Obama as VP.

  4. Sam says:

    Re: Susan Rice
    On the day of the Presidential Inauguration, Susan Rice obtained access to the WH computers and wrote a CYA memo about a meeting that had been held months prior in Obama’s OO.

    It was the stay-behind meeting between Obama, Comey, Yates, Rice, Biden, with the possibility of John Roberts listening in on the phone. (The on-the-official-schedule meeting, which was held first, was attended by several others, including Peter Strzok.) The topic:
    General Michael Flynn, who had been chosen by DJT for an important role in the Trump administration.

    So, on inauguration day, Susan Rice types a CYA memo to the effect that “. . .President Obama said to do everything by the book. . . .”
    This is in reference to the so-called investigation into General Michael Flynn, who had been chosen to join the Trump Administration.

    They could not take the chance of General Flynn revealing what he knew regarding our NatSec. (Muslim infiltration into every Fed agency, ++++)


    Re: Kamala Harris.
    Her father was born in Jamaica. Her mother was born in India.
    Her former press secretary now has a cushy job at Twitter.
    Hi, Nick!
    Twitter, as you know, is heavily censoring conservative content.
    In recent days, they are blocking many of the President’s tweets.

    Did anyone see the transcript from Duplicitous Ducey’s remarks at the White House yesterday?
    Interesting choice of words makes it sound as if some businesses WERE temporarily shut down.
    He did not say ARE shut down, but WERE shut down.

    Also revealing that, apparently, Dr. Birx has found a new friend in DDeuced.

    . . . GOVERNOR DUCEY: We had a very difficult June. We’ve had a much better July. We sat down with Dr. Birx and the Coronavirus Task Force and talked about mitigation steps — things like wearing masks. And we’ve got masks in over 90 percent of our states right now. And then the simple things like physical distancing —

    GOVERNOR DUCEY: — washing your hands, staying home if you’re sick.
    And we did take some further steps. We were in the unhappy but responsible position of dispersing large crowds. So bars and nightclubs and gyms all closed temporarily. But upon putting those steps out there, we’ve seen improvement every week, week over week, for four weeks.
    We’re going to keep our guard up. We’re going to stay vigilant, but there’s a real path forward and a commonsense approach that we can apply in Arizona not only around saving lives, but also safely and successfully getting our kids back to school at the appropriate time. . .”


    If you read the entire transcript, you will see that the AZ governor has apparently gone to night school to become a public health expert.

  5. Trevor says:

    Susan Rice was the worst UN Ambassador in American history, and we had bad ones like HW Bush.

  6. VINOAZ says:

    MMB (Obama) has already made the choice, if he decides to keep Joe on the ticket. Four pundits on Fox all predicted Harris. I think Rice. Don’t be surprised if Joe bows out due to health or whatever. An open convention will let MMB pick a stronger candidate, like Michelle. Heaven help us!!

    • hoi polloi boy says:

      I’ve long felt Biden will not be the nominee. His nomination isn’t official yet and now he is not traveling to Milwaukee for the convention. I suspect he may withdraw due to health reasons. Then the fight begins…all in a virtual convention.

  7. Villanova says:

    Rice is a practiced liar and Harris was a prosecutor putting too many criminals behind bars to suit the minority communities, even though the convicted criminals were found guilty by a jury for committing heinous crimes, The new mantra is minorities should not be found guilty regardless of what they’ve done or the evidence against them. They are a protected class based solely on their ethnicity!

  8. Strom says:

    Both of these women are dangerous and would stab Joe in the back in a moment in order to get the high office. Joe is probably not a bad guy but the thought of any of his proposed VP’s is scary for America’s future.