Pres. Trump to meet with AZ Latino supporters

With just 51 days before the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election, President Trump is making an important stop in the Valley tomorrow, Monday, Sept. 14.

The president will be hosting a Latinos for Trump Roundtable at the Arizona Grand Resort Monday afternoon. He is also visiting Nevada. In all, four events are scheduled.

The Arizona Daily Independent has excellent coverage, including inspiring stories of the pro-Trump message his Hispanic supporters are taking to their communities as they energize volunteers. Under President Trump’s leadership — prior to the impact of the COVID pandemic — employment surged to historic highs for all Americans, especially minority communities. They are beginning to climb again.

Be sure to read the enthusiastic pro-Trump quotes from Executive Director of Latinos for Trump, Sandra Benitez and National Border Council Vice President Art Del Cueto. They speak for countless others who are less inclined to be politically vocal, but are nonetheless enthusiastic Trump supporters. The event will be Livestreamed, replicating a Latinos for Trump Roundtable in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

Relying on the calculatingly deceitful AZ Republic newspaper is a fool’s errand. It’s impossible to imagine it was originally named the Arizona Republican (from 1890 to 1930) and remained conservative for decades under the able leadership of publisher Eugene Pulliam and his wife Nina who bought the newspapers in 1946. Those days are long gone and the replacement is nearly gone, as well.

Seeing Red AZ offers this compassionate suggestion to help put it out of its misery.

8 Responses to Pres. Trump to meet with AZ Latino supporters

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Conservative Hispanics, and there are many, are President Trump’s secret weapon.

  2. Not Fooled says:

    The Arizona Republic, exemplifying what we now know as “fake news” is choking on its own bile. I grew up in a household where we got the morning edition and then it’s companion afternoon newspaper The Phoenix Gazette in the afternoon, which my dad rushed to read when he came home from work. Today we have instant news from a variety of sources in our pocket. The days of reliance on hard copy newspapers are gone and are hastened by their rabid deceit.

  3. Proud Trump Supporter says:

    What I see with my own two eyes or on Fox News is either not covered at all by the far left purveyor of lies or distorted to fit its agenda. We haven’t subscribed in years, though I would sometimes see the copy in the break room at the office and wonder how they were able to get away with viciously skewing the news. Due to the shutdown, we’re working from home and the subscription has lapsed. I’ve been told it will not be renewed…to which a cheered, “Bravo!” Having a headache is not conducive to a productive work output.

  4. Sam says:

    Last evening, in Minden, NV (near Reno), THE GLOVES CAME OFF.

    President Trump saw and heard a TV ad that was being run by Biden. In the ad, there is video of President Trump that has been manipulated to make it appear that the President is speaking disparagingly about U.S. military veterans.

    Biden and the Left are out-and-out lying now, because they have no platform or record that would help them.

    Please take some time to watch:

    Many networks, including CSpan are not covering.

    You can always find his events on RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network). They have Great pre-event coverage also.
    RSBN is completely funded by patriots.


    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Thanks, Sam. I watched ever minute of the Nevada rally and felt not only proud, but also as though I was actually there!! Yes, President Trump in unconventional, but he’s exactly the man we need in these turbulent times. I believe God was looking over us when he sent Trump to the rescue, winning the presidency against all odds.

  5. MAGA Hat Man says:

    Imagine the nightmare if mentality and physically frail Joe Biden would have inherited this pandemic. Kamala Harris would have usurped control. The United States would have been nationalized in soviet style and our every movement would have been subject to governmental scrutiny. Where President Trump has acted in concert with medical authorities and holding daily press briefings with them at the onset, the Dems would have used COVID to increase their power over the populace.

  6. Standing Tall says:

    Fellow conservatives:

    Please watch this brief video, aptly titled, “I am a Democrat.”

    Then copy the link and send it on to others.

  7. Kimball says:

    President Trump is well aware that Hispanic voters do not march in lockstep. Cubans in Florida who know all too well what life was like under Socialism are largely Republicans.

    Growing numbers of Mexicans see they are offered more than perfunctory lip service by the Republican Party. Blacks should know that Democrats voted against integration measures in Congress, while Lincoln, the first Republican president, declared a war to do away with slavery.

    Liberal public school educrats have not been teaching American history.