ASU’s “Cronkite’s Kids”: Even bigger leftists than “Uncle Walter”

CBS newscaster Walter Cronkite: “Being a liberal is essential to being a good journalist”

Seeing Red AZ has frequently written about the failing local newspaper, long beset by layoffs and losing subscriptions at breakneck speed. We’ve also related how career reporters have been displaced by ASU Cronkite journalism school students, sans offices and editors, whose writing is rife with factual inaccuracies along with spelling and grammatical errors.

This inexcusable, inept lot is all the radically left, Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic can afford.

The pathetic infestation in Arizona has not escaped national notice. A recent exposé in National Review magazine is titled,Cancel Culture Comes to Cronkite.”  It’s fact-filled and definitely worth reading, though we dispute the overuse of the word “progressive” used to describe radical leftists, previously known as liberals. The left prefers “progressive,” which sounds forward thinking.

These students have long been inundated with far left dogma and are now spewing it to gain creds within the treacherous Trump-hating industry.  Claiming victimhood, however, has not lost its panache, as these black University of Southern California communications students successfully demonstrated.

As to Cronkite himself, he was anything but conservative. He is also an unknown entity to ASU J-school students since he died in 2009 at age 92. Cronkite supported a “limited” global government system, opposing political conservatives who strenuously objected to the dangers in such a scheme. Cronkite voiced support for Bill Clinton during Clinton’s impeachment trial, but opposed the “War on Drugs,” officially launched by Republican President Richard Nixon June 1971, who declared drug abuse “public enemy number one.”

Cronkite’s nightly news broadcasts featuring his paternal demeanor and calming baritone voice, concealed his true intent, which was designed to turn the American people against our involvement in Vietnam, resulting in our returning military personnel, even those missing limbs or wheelchair bound, being spat upon by the dope smoking hippies who avoided military service.

Media Research Center has put together an eye-opening compilation of facts about Walter Cronkite, demonstrating that following his retirement in 1981 after twenty years as anchor of the CBS Evening News, Cronkite had made clear his liberal views on a range of issues, including how being a liberal is essential to being a good journalist. Be sure to read. “Walter Cronkite: Liberal Media Icon” featuring this collection of Cronkite’s liberal pronouncements, and denunciations of conservatives.

You’ll see he was the ideal leftist to name the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication after.

7 Responses to ASU’s “Cronkite’s Kids”: Even bigger leftists than “Uncle Walter”

  1. Patriot Mom says:

    They left out the defining word, “brainwashing,” in the school’s title. In addition to astronomical tuition, we are footing the bill for this garbage with our tax dollars. ASU is a state school.

  2. Sam says:

    This is the reason that “citizen journalists” have taken to social media in order to report important events—the “news”.
    And because many of them are so effective, they are now under attack.

    How about these new “journalists”? Liberals, for sure.
    Taking vid or live streaming vid of themselves setting fires in Cali, Ore, and Wash.

    Here’s a self-described cutie journalist:

    Try taking THAT home to your parents!

    The President’s Peaceful Protest rally in Henderson, NV last evening was incredible. Thousands and thousands in the overflow area, alone.

    The governor of NV (Sisolak), who is a California transplant, warned the President of the United States to NOT come to NV.
    Event locations had to be modified.
    In Henderson, the indoor event was held at location which sells/rents heavy construction equipment.

    The owners of the company have been told that they will be fined a specific dollar amount for every person who was congregated there (over the number of 50, which is the number made up by the governor as being the “safe” number)

    Las Vegas, probably in worse shape than NYC but less talked about, is in very bad shape thanks to Sisolak. No conventions, no concerts, no shows, but 20 nights of BLM rampages were A-OK.

    You can follow Wayne Allen Root, who broadcasts his radio show from Vegas. Or take a look at his twitter account.

    It’s a ghost town.

    Hey, Ducey: How U sleeping since so many nursing home patients are dead? How about all those suicides among the children?
    Yes, we won’t know the numbers until “next year”, right?

    Why not set up a hotline between the ME’s offices and the magnificently brilliant people at ADHS?

    Immediate numbers which once signified a living, breathing person.



  3. Strom says:

    No doubt and Walter was a little liberal but 99% of the time you wouldn’t know it because he broadcast straight news without opinion. Today, on both sides, we have almost total opinion.

    Even Tim Russert would turn over in his grave if he saw that Meet the Press had been turned into total opinion instead of straight Q & A.

    • Villanova says:

      What are you smoking? Cronkite was a far leftist, but the citizenry was much more naive and trusting. Television was relatively new and he was in our living rooms each weekday evening.

      Obviously you neglected to read the link in the next to the last paragraph of the post.

      Read the link and then see if you think he was just “a little liberal.”

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    To clearly demonstrate the leftist incestuous nature of the newspaper industry, Michael Bloomberg, the former Demo Mayor of NYC, who owns Bloomberg News, and has a net worth estimated at $60 BILLION took a brief but expensive fling at a primary challenge to President Trump for the GOP nomination.

    Now he’s claiming he’ll spend up to $100 million to beat Pres. Trump in Florida, throwing his support to seriously ailing and incoherent Joe Biden.

    Jealousy and hatred are expensive!