AZ Gov. Ducey alters history, Columbus kicked to the curb

If you thought October 12th, was Columbus Day you are mistaken. So were your teachers and the calendar makers who mark that day specifically as the one set aside to honor Italian explorer Christopher Columbus “who sailed the ocean blue in 1492,” from Spain to the New World. He traveled in a time when the world was thought to be flat, making his three-ship voyage all the more courageous.

We now live in a time when those we regarded as worthy of memorials are defamed. Statues of Columbus, along with our nation’s founders and presidents, including President Grant who led the Northern Army to victory during our Civil War fought to end slavery, have been defaced and toppled by historically ignorant mobs. They have vandalized, looted and burned large swaths of American cities while violently targeting police officers who they want to defund and displace.

Arizona’s lame duck Governor Doug Ducey has executed a novel plan as he falls prey to the counter culture rebels, issuing this proclamation rife with “Whereases” declaring October 12th Indigenous Peoples’ Day. He says it won’t replace Columbus Day, but the odds are good it eventually will.

State Sen. Jamescita Peshlakai (D-LD7) is more honest, declaring she’s been working since 2013 to get a bill passed that would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in Arizona, but she was always met with negativity, told it would never happen.

The local newspaper quotes Peshlakai as saying she hopes to “make Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day and maybe make June 2nd Native American Civil Rights Day.” She successfully got a bill passed recognizing Native American Day on June 2, 2018, but that wasn’t good enough. “It was really a hollow victory,” she groused, “June 2nd in the hottest state as a day to celebrate Native people? It was more of a slap in the face.”

Her most recent bill SB1026 received zero votes in both the Government and Rules committees, but that didn’t deter Ducey who acted despite its monumental failure.

Ducey’s proclamation appears to be a means of generating tribal votes. He and his wife recently sold their 11,400-square-foot Paradise Valley gated, golf course, mansion on a two-acre lot, including a separate 1,200-square-foot guesthouse for almost $9 million. Is he looking at relocating to Washington DC…and, if so, in what capacity?

Tutored in politics by John McCain, Ducey is every bit as self-serving. Check out his suspect connections as he sits on the board of a group doing testing, and is an affiliate of a prospective Coronavirus vaccine maker, in a clear conflict of interest.

7 Responses to AZ Gov. Ducey alters history, Columbus kicked to the curb

  1. Trevor says:

    Ducey is pulling a Napolitano. I remember she renamed Squaw Peak because it was “racist.”

  2. Maggie says:

    How grotesque that State Sen. Peshlakai calls a victory “hollow,” because she doesn’t like the date. July 4th is hotter than June 2nd, but that doesn’t keep us from celebrating Independence Day, usually at a back yard Bar-B-Que!! We must be tougher than those indigenous folks.

    • toughterry says:

      hmmmm, so apparently Ducey has a major conflict of interest by serving on a corporate board whose product includes vaccines. It would explain why Ducey is foot dragging on lifting the lockdown regs and restoring Arizona’s economy. I’d call this a FRONT PAGE story.

  3. Kimball says:

    Those of European heritage are the new underclass, now that Black Lives Matter anarchists and “indigenous people “are elevated.

    I’ve driven through the Four Corners area and other reservation areas numerous times and see no grand architecture, art museums, universities or other indications of culture. Alcoholism and poverty are rampant. Tribal people in AZ mostly live as they’ve always lived, except for the advent of casinos.

  4. Braveheart says:

    This isn’t the first time Doug Ducey has “altered history.” His Wikipedia page has recently been cleaned up, giving only brief mention of his biological father Douglas Roscoe,Sr., a former Toledo police officer, or his mother’s father, William Scott who changed his name from Bill Scotti. Douglas Roscoe, Jr. morphed into Doug Ducey after he was adopted by one of his mother’s numerous husbands, who was a short-termer.

    I’m surprised Doug Ducey would demote a fellow Italian who we’ve all learned to respect as a courageous navigator from the 1400‘s. Does Ducey also turn up his nose a lasagna and veal parmesan?

  5. Sam says:

    Blonde girl was supposed to get a special position at the State Dept. Not because she’s qualified, but because she wanted it.
    President Trump said “NO”.
    Washington is on their itinerary.

    Dr. Birx has been spending a lot of time in AZ, with Ducey sitting at her knee.
    ‘read me another fable written by Fauci, Dr. Mommy’

    What goes on at the State Dept?
    It’s what Richard Nixon was trying to uncover. Watergate was NOT about stealing some political papers.

    Human trafficking. Sexual exploitation of minors.
    Abuse of the worst kind. The Presidio; Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, child abuse.

    Important to understand the MANY people in the fedgovt are heavily involved in satanism. They worship satan. Many of them now OPENLY worship satan.

    Good vs. Evil
    Why do you think that there are many religious persons around President Trump? Every day.

    The fight of our lives. The fight for our lives. And our souls.

    It’s nothing less.

  6. VINOAZ says:

    The Doug is Italian? Lord have mercy! Viva Columbus. Proves you can be rich and still a fool.