Final debate a resounding victory for Pres. Trump

The second and final 2020 presidential debate last evening produced a clear winner…and it wasn’t Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s time on the debate stage was mostly marked by raw deceit and alienating the American people. Whoever his intended audience was is a mystery since he shifted his position once again on fracking, pledging to eliminate the oil and gas industries that directly or peripherally employ hundreds of thousands of American workers and force Americans out of their cars, boats, off their motorcycles and keep them from using their backyard grills or gas kitchen stoves. Many homes use gas heating.

He lied about the pandemic related travel ban imposed by President Trump, which Biden initially called, “xenophobic and fear mongering.” During the debate, he changed course, claiming Trump was negligent for not implementing it sooner. He also tried blaming President Trump for “putting kids in cages,” when the practice of housing the children of detained illegal border-crossers was instituted by the Obama administration, where Biden served as vice president for eight years. Last night he gave a full-throated endorsement of granting blanket amnesty to millions of illegal invaders, and Obama-era DACA recipients, viewed as potential grateful Democrats.

When moderator NBC’s Kristen Welker, ignored the corrupt, lucrative influence peddling scheme perpetrated by Biden’s son Hunter, and from which Joe Biden, “the big guy,” personally benefited, Pres. Trump took the reins. Biden refused to acknowledge the $millions in payoffs from Ukrainian, Chinese and Russian oligarchs, though he previously called the irrefutable evidence “a smear campaign.” 

Instead of probing, Biden was handled with care by moderator Kristen Welker, raised by longtime high-dollar donor, leftist parents, Julie and Harvey Welker. They have donated tens of thousands of dollars on 205 separate occasions to Democrat candidates including Joe Biden, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.

Biden never addressed, nor was he asked about, his much heralded elimination of the beneficial Trump tax cuts he vows to abolish “on day one,” if elected.

Without waiting for last night‘s debate, the editorial board at USA Today, part of the recently gobbled Gannett and GateHouse Media network, which owns the ailing Arizona Republic, jumped the gun and made a foolish endorsement using these words:

“Our View: In 2016, we broke tradition in urging you not to vote for Trump. Now we’re making our first presidential endorsement. We hope it’s our last.” Showing a profound disconnect from reality, the headline squeals, “Elect Joe Biden. Reject Donald Trump.”

In 2016 as part of the Hillary herd, the local Arizona newspaper marched in jack-booted lockstep with other far-left national publications endorsing Hillary Clinton. It was forced to acknowledge that subscriptions were cancelled at breakneck speed. They have never returned,* and the anorexic newspaper, now mainly staffed by unedited ASU Cronkite School student interns will never recover.

* H/T Phoenix Business Journal

8 Responses to Final debate a resounding victory for Pres. Trump

  1. Trump Supporter says:

    President Trump was the clear winner in last night’s debate. He was controlled and stayed the course by getting his major points across despite the biased “moderator,” and having to deal with the lies gushing out of Biden’s mouth. I was a reluctant Trump supporter in 2015. Today I consider him the best president in my lifetime. He’s been a businessman and until the virus disabled our nation, we were on an unmatched economic roll. Joe Biden’s been at the public trough for nearly 50 years and is symptomatic of all that’s wrong in DC.

    • Maggie says:

      How could Kristen Welker have been selected as a “moderator,” when she’s clearly not moderate? That’s been the case with all of the clearly anti-Trump network people who have shown leftwing favoritism during debates and town halls.

      Conservatives like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham or Sean Hannity are never selected. It’s always a person with an anti-Trump agenda.

  2. jake sez says:

    What gives me great pleasure is when the media, the democrats and all others that hate us can’t put together an ambush interview that works. The people, that’s us, have finally figured it out. They are all liars

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Newspapers making endorsements has never made sense to me. The rightful function of news reporting is to deliver news not to influence it. That’s obviously not the case, which is a shame since the media are full of liberals. Our only refuge is Fox News, which is not local

    The AZ Repukelick always printed endorsement pages, (and ran them at least twice each cycle) but stopped that blatant attempt at mind control a few elections ago. (I no longer read it, so am fuzzy on when it made the switch in an effort to hang on to its dwindling reader base. By the time we cancelled, it was clear there was a new tactic. The disguised news reports and slanted editorials stories, along with the two compliant extremist columnists fulfilled the deed negating the need for the lists.

    Current news is free and readily available on many platforms. Having astronomically priced, day-old radically left news flung onto your driveway is a relic. That’s why the newspapers that still remain are known as newsosaurs.

    The newspaper industry has continued its relentless downward spiral, which started with the advent of the internet but was accelerated by its disregard of the fact that we are not liberal sponges eager to absorb their deceitful propaganda. We overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump though the media pushed Hillary Clinton.

    This is the list of newspapers that have gone out of business:

  4. Sam says:

    They were complaining that President Trump did not arrive at the venue until minutes before the start.

    Did you notice two things that Joe Biden (AKA: Peter Henderson??)

    He called President Trump “Abraham Lincoln” and later looked at the device on his wrist. (do you think it was simply a Timex?)

    Earlier this week, the wretched governor of MI, Gretchen Witmer, graced us with an appearance via video. In the background, over her right shoulder was this: 86 45

    Communication takes many forms.
    The man known as Obama is a master at sending message through words; phrases, physical setting, and/or body language.

    We know what happened to Abraham Lincoln.

    86 means, in some circles, to do away with; to get rid of
    45 is referring to President Trump.

    Very dangerous times, folks.

    President Trump is adding many more rallies to his schedule.
    Please pray for his safety and protection.

  5. VINOAZ says:

    Disagree with: “the corrupt, lucrative influence peddling scheme perpetrated by Biden’s son Hunter, and from which Joe Biden, “the big guy,” personally benefited”. I believe Joe perpetrated the influence peddling scheme and user Hunter and brother James to collect the cash. Joe is a crook and was smarter years ago when he set this up making them the bagmen. He never took money from a foreign government, he took it from Hunter and James. Have to admire how easily Joe lies with a straight face.
    I wonder what is the shortest time for a honest person to become dishonest and corrupt after arriving in Washington. Also what is the longest one can be in Washington before becoming corrupt. Certainly not 47 years.

  6. Sam says:

    President Trump has added more appearances for next week:

    Monday, Oct 26
    Beautiful Lititz, PA at 1:30 PM (Amish and Mennonite country)
    Martinsburg, PA at 4:30 PM (halfway between Philly and Pittsburgh, near Altoona)

    Tuesday, Oct 27
    Lansing, MI 2PM
    West Salem, WI 4 PM
    Omaha, NE 7:30PM (note that deeply compromised Ben Sasse (R)(NE) was activated by his owners about 2 weeks ago, disparaging the President. Sasse was a CONgressional Page. Remember the scandal?)

    It’s fun to monitor Dan Scavino’s Twittr page for great photos pre and post rally that you would otherwise not see.

    Today, Marine One touching down at the rally in FL, so close to the crowd that hats went flying. Two in FL today. Pensacola and The Villages.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      President Trump is a patriot and my personal hero. May God bless him, his family….and the rest of us, by allowing him to be reelected.