Dems trying to oust Judge Christopher Coury

Rational Maricopa County voters should vote to retain Superior Court Judge Coury

Although all 33 of the commissioners on the independent Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review were unanimous in giving 100% scores to Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Christopher A. Coury, he is facing opposition on the judicial retention ballot…from Democrats.

Judge Coury, whose extensive bio can be viewed here was appointed by Gov. Jan Brewer on January 28, 2010, and has served with distinction with rotations on the criminal, civil, family and juvenile courts. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame in 1991 and Cum Laude from University of Notre Dame Law School in 1994, credentials that parallel newly appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

So what has the Democrats in a frenzy over an exemplary judge this time?

The Arizona Supreme Court unanimously ruled it would allow the Invest in Education initiative to appear on the November 2020 ballot after it was previously removed by Judge Coury, who ruled its 100-word petition summary was “fraudulent or substantially confusing to Arizona voters,” since it omitted key components of what the initiative would actually enable.

It is now on the ballot as Proposition 208. Coury was correct. The Proposition is a deceptively worded education funding farce, that is a permanent and massive tax increase — estimated at $100 million annually — unmatched in Arizona history. The measure places Arizona in the top 10 states for highest income tax along with California and New York. It will negatively affect small businesses, harming our already struggling economy in a COVID-19 era.

Arizonans for Great Schools and a Strong Economy opposes Prop. 208. Pro-family, Center for Arizona Policy provides the facts on Prop. 208 and urges a NO vote.

This is the extensive list of Arizona Chambers of Commerce, elected leaders and small business associations that oppose this oppressive taxing authorization. Find out the truth about who’s financing this unending and costly tax hike effort and how they’re leveraging federal tax dollars to mount the campaign to permanently separate Arizona taxpayers from incalculable sums of their money.

Seeing Red AZ includes this April 27, 2018 post. The last two paragraphs detail the $multi-millions teachers unions contribute to Democrat politicians and the permanent school funding sources, in addition to their recent 20% pay increase and the continual school budget overrides.

SRAZ recently posted Ballot Propositions 207 and 208 deserve NO votes, referring to them as social and economic disasters.

Even the far-left Arizona Republic newspaper recognizes the permanent negative effects of Prop. 208, calling it an “extreme proposal with more pitfalls than promise, that deepens the divisions in our society and puts the state’s economy at risk,” editorially urging a vote against it.

Judge Christopher A. Coury was correct in his original assessment of the duplicitous wording of the petition summary and is deserving of your vote to retain him.

6 Responses to Dems trying to oust Judge Christopher Coury

  1. hoi polloi boy says:

    I’m am so sick of Democrats going to the wall if they don’t get their way 100% of the time. Trying to oust Judge Coury and expand (pack) the SCOTUS are just two recent examples. It just never stops with them.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Thanks for this excellent background on Prop. 208 and Judge Christopher Coury. I’m sending this post to my list of Republican voters. Most conservatives are going to the polls on Election Day, so this will reach them in time.

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    We will definitely vote for Judge Christopher Coury…because of this post. SRAZ is a reliable source for information we don’t see elsewhere. That’s why I rarely miss a day checking in.

  4. Sam says:

    Thanks SRAZ.

    BE PART OF HISTORY. Wednesday, Oct 28, President Trump will be making two (as of now) stops in AZ.

    Bullhead City and the airport in Goodyear.

    check out info from the locals here, it includes ticket info and maps:

    Meanwhile, photographic evidence of Hunter Biden and the Russians cavorting in WeHo, naked.
    He’s so high that he doesn’t notice the big-ass CCTV cams all over that property.

    National Security risk. Like its never been defined previously.

    (thegatewaypundit has some of it today)

    Tucker Carlson, (FOX) has Tony Bobulinski scheduled for an extended interview on-air this evening. He’s a former Biden business partner who turned over 3 cell phones to the FIBbers last week. (bad move). He says that he personally discussed business deals with Uncle Joe when Joe was V.P.
    Tucker’s show airs twice each evening in PHX on FOX News channel.

  5. Villanova says:

    Far too many otherwise intelligent people I know suspiciously vote against all of the judges on the retention ballot. I hope this teaches them a valuable lesson.

  6. Annie O. says:

    I know J.T. Harris, talk show morning host on 550 AM radio, says
    SRAZ is his favorite AZ blog. Hope he sees this one, one of your best!!