Dying Arizona Republic vomits anti-GOP hatred

If you grew up in Arizona, chances are good your parents subscribed to the Arizona Republic newspaper. If they were keen newshounds, they might have even had the Phoenix Gazette, the now defunct evening edition delivered, as well. In those days, the newspapers were owned by Eugene and Nina Pulliam and delivered news, not hate-filled spews against Republicans. Op-ed pages were an essential part of the editorial section, with pro and con nationally syndicated columnists opining on the politics of the day.

Today’s version of the newspaper is an anorexic, viciously left-wing, anti-Trump tirade delivered by the skeleton crew and ASU Cronkite School student interns. Following the newspaper’s passionate endorsement of scandal plagued Hillary Clinton in 2016, the editors were forced to admit subscriptions plummeted. They have never returned. The newspaper even pledged to permanently do away with its pre-election endorsement pages, a hallmark of its attempt to influence voters.

During this 2020 election cycle, the influence peddling is no longer on multi-page lists. Now it is interjected in biased spews masquerading as news reports, contemptible anti-Trump editorials, via in-house columnists and editorial cartoons. Not a word has been printed about the cash for influence scandal surrounding Democrat presidential candidate, mentally failing, Joe Biden and his cocaine addict son, Hunter.

Any attempt at impartiality vanished as surely as the newspaper’s office building. After repeatedly being on the auction block with no takers, it was finally purchased by Gatehouse, as part of a Gannett acquisition deal.

On a daily basis the Arizona Repulsive savages Republicans, regardless of the offices they hold, as they promote flawed Democrats. No one with an “R” following their name is immune. This morning’s editorial advocates for the removal of Republican Allister Adel, the first female Maricopa County Attorney, appointed in October 2019 after then-County Attorney Bill Montgomery was named to the Arizona Supreme Court. The headline in this morning’s edition is, “Adel is status quo, so she must go.” That absurdity translates to not giving sweetheart deals to minority criminals and what editorialist Elvia Diaz describes as being “cozy with cops.“ Diaz’ gripe is that there are too many “people of color behind bars.” The fact that they disproportionately commit crimes is irrelevant.

Tired of having your intelligence insulted? If you still subscribe, cancel. Call 1-800-332-6733.

Not only is it liberating, you’ll save a bundle of money that can be put to better use.

8 Responses to Dying Arizona Republic vomits anti-GOP hatred

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    The NO-NEWSpaper’s days are numbered. It pushes its digital version, which is much cheaper to produce and distribute than the hard copy, but few are jumping onboard. In the electronic age when news is available free of charge from countless sources, the extreme left newspaper is a relic that doesn’t reflect the state that gave all 11 of its electoral votes to Donald J. Trump, who we now proudly call our president.

    BTW, as a boy, I delivered the morning newspaper to earn spending money. That’s long before it morphed into the current rag.

  2. MAGA Hat Man says:

    The truth is impossible for the newspaper to swallow. Donald Trump generates enormous crowds of supporters wherever he appears, and his pre-election pace has been astonishing. All the while demented Joe hangs out in his basement bunker, appearing infrequently to add to his gaffes. The other day, Biden called President Donald Trump “George.” Whether he was confusing him with one of the George Bushes or George Washington is anyone’s guess.

    • Braveheart says:

      I saw the tape of that and was shocked that this guy could be the Democrat’s nominee. His wife, Jill, was sitting beside him and the look on her face was priceless as she appeared to mouth “Trump.”

      Know this. There will be no Biden presidency. If this senile fool somehow gets elected,there will quickly be a Kamala Harris transition to the top job. Since she’s been in the US Senate, she’s voted with or to the left of registered Socialist Bernie Sanders.

      This Harris takeover scheme is part of the Dem’s strategy. They can extol her not only as the first female president, but also as the first “woman of color,” as she refers to herself.

  3. Sam says:


    (perhaps the “news” can cover this)

    More than 400 groups (strange bedfellows, some) have joined together to cause problems next week.


    Their website shows all of the “events” planned for next week (and beyond, if they deem necessary).

    PHOENIX; PRESCOTT; SEDONA, AND YUMA are on the list.
    As are VEGAS AND RENO.
    Countless other areas, with new ones being added.

    You must RSVP to their website before they will give you details.

    Please be careful, especially if you are travelling.

    PANDEMIC is just a DEM surrounded by PANIC

    They are totally unhinged now.


    Yesterday. Bullhead City Trump rally. Unknown aircraft entered the restricted airspace and was intercepted by F-16s.


    President Trump FL and NC today; MN (2) and WI on Friday.
    3 new stops in PA on Sat.

    VP Pence will be in Flagstaff tomorrow at Pulliam airport

    Everyone is mobile, including Mrs. Pence, who will be in PA.

    Operation Autumn Hope, led by U.S. Marshals Service, has recovered dozens of missing children and sex trafficked victims this week in Ohio. And now another Operation in West Virginia has rescued several missing children.

    Good vs. Evil
    Spiritual warfare
    As I’ve stated previously, there are MANY in DC and in government positions throughout this country who practice satanism.
    And what they have done to children is something that cannot be written here.

    Please pray to God and ask Him to place His protection over President Trump; his entire family; his loyal team, our U.S. military, and all freedom-loving U.S. patriots.

    Pray without ceasing.

    • Sam says:

      You can go to RSBN.com to watch all the rallies.

      RSBN also has a youtube channel (for how long?)

      Right Side Broadcasting Network


    • Roger says:

      All I have to say, they do not know what is in ARIZONA. A run on any 1 or more election sites, will cause them more harm than they realize.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    I wonder what the ASU Cronkite School student interns know. Do they know that Walter Cronkite’s lies about Viet Nam led to many deaths and much suffering. The “most trusted man in America” lied and many died. Liberalism was a moral disorder even back then. His name must be removed from ASU.

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