Halloween scare worse than gremlins ringing doorbells

Masked marauders dressed in blue intend to fulfill Obama’s promise to “Fundamentally transform the United States of America”

Tonight is Halloween. Traditionally, hordes of neighbor kids dress up as ghosts, pirates and werewolves — with a few Cinderellas in the mix — and ring our doorbells. They wear masks in an attempt to scare candy out of residents opening their doors.

This year there’s an even bigger fright, as we are three days away from Election Day. They are wearing masks, but they don’t want candy. Their trick is to remake America. There is no treat. This is the third time the one dressed as a bumbling, incoherent senior citizen has been to the door. He is accompanied by a sly, ambitious partner who will wait until they are out of public view to knock him over and take his place.

If you haven’t already voted, find your polling place and vote to reelect President Donald Trump, who has kept his promises to the American people. There’s never been a more important election.

5 Responses to Halloween scare worse than gremlins ringing doorbells

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    Today’s democrats are actually socialists, supporting publicly funded college, and AOC’s $mulitrillion ‘Green New Deal’ that would cripple our country. Also on their agenda is Medicare for All (which robs us of health care choices), except for the babies they’re okay aborting at any point during pregnancy. Dems are for open borders and ultimately rewarding illegal invaders with citizenship…a ploy to increase the size of the democrat party. They pay for everything by waging class warfare with “tax the rich” schemes. The rich already pay astronomical taxes, but more to the point, they are not the enemy. They have often struggled to work their way up, and provide jobs that enable other Americans to own homes, buy cars and put their kids through college. Poor people used to want to follow in their footsteps. Now they are taught to hate them for their accomplishments.

    • Willie Wayne says:

      And yet many of these rich people appear to be bankrolling these socialists! Why? What do they expect? How are they going to continue?

  2. Sam says:

    Yesterday, President Trump had a planned rally in Minnesota.
    At the last minute, Minne Gov Walz and Minne State AG Keith Ellison limited the outdoor rally to 250 participants.

    There were thousands of patriots who had registered for the event and had tickets.
    When President Trump arrived, he jumped in The Beast and went to see those who had been denied access by the Gov and AG of Minne.
    The folks, who had been waiting for hours in the cold, were the first to see the President. He spent time talking to them before going around to the rally setting.

    It was COLD. COLD ANGER.

    When he wrapped up, he did not hang around. Made a bee line for the plane.
    Always remember that the current AG of Minne is aMuslim& former member of the U.S. Congress.

    While a U.S. Congressman, Ellison, a married man, engaged in a relationship with another woman. This woman had a teenage son.
    Ellison was physically abusive to this woman, which has been verified by her son who made video of it.

    The woman fled to NYC where she took up residence. He tracked her down and showed up at her door. And tried to gain access to her home. She called the police. He identified himself as a U.S. Congressman, and got a pass.
    These people must have not taken the time to read books written by citizen Trump. If they had, they would know that their actions will NOT be forgotten.
    Stay out of New York State. Cuomo has changed the rules again, if you are entering the State. Tests and quarantines.
    How else can he keep those numbers elevated to serve his purpose.

    Cuomo’s name appears in RHB (Robert Hunter Biden) emails.
    China wanted Cuomo on their side. Looks like they got what they wanted.

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