Fox news early call of AZ for Biden has a leftist backstory

Many of us — Trump supporting, Fox News viewing, Conservative Republicans — were seething on election night.  Too early for prudence to enter into his calculation, Arnon Mishkin, director of the Fox News decision desk called Arizona for Biden, as numbers continue to be tallied. Though we turn to Fox’ conservative commentators, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the network’s ownership is in the liberal hands of Australian media mogul 89-year-old Rupert Murdoch and his son, Lochlan.

Miskin, a registered Democrat, who acknowledged voting for Hillary, has donated to Obama and George Soros connected Act Blue, was acting on his own wishful thinking rather than facts, frequently the hallmark of his party. Joe Biden said it best, when he garbled, “We choose truth over facts.” (18-second video). The truth, of course, has to be their own, facts be damned.

The toxic combined efforts of media, big tech and corporate titans have worked in concert to undermine President Trump since he and Melania rode down the escalator in the Trump Tower. Their efforts to suppress positive polling was designed to dispirit Americans voters, causing them to believe the cause was lost.

Though Arizona lost a senate seat to Soros-supported globalist and gun restrictionist Mark Kelly, Trump loyalists have done a commendable job overall in increasing GOP U.S. House and Senate numbers. Votes are still being counted but the momentum is on our side.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released data showing the U.S. economy added 638,000 jobs in October, far more than the 530,000 that analysts predicted. Even with COVID-19 impacting the economy, the unemployment rate fell to 6.9 percent, from 7.9 percent with businessman Donald Trump at the helm.

Election Night delivered a jarring outcome for Democrats who had concocted an expanded political map, hoping to counter Trump and the GOP’s grip on the Senate.

Republicans held their own in numerous races in South Carolina, Iowa, Texas, Kansas, Montana and Maine, dramatically limiting Democrats’ hopes to make inroads. Democrats took a major drubbing in Alabama

Never disappointing with his cogent analyses, Victor Davis Hanson’sThe Disinformationists,” is an applicable column you’ll want to read.

11 Responses to Fox news early call of AZ for Biden has a leftist backstory

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      God gave Flake the name he carries for a reason.

      When he ran for U.S. House it was an easy win for him in the LDS heavy East Valley. By the time he was shoehorned into the senate by Kyl and McCain, statewide voters were on to his flakey deception and he only won by 3 percentage points, though McCain and retiring Kyl busted their butts to get him elected. After a single senate term during which he worked closely with Barack Obama, his statewide level of support had dwindled to 18% and he wisely decided against running for reelection. Kyrsten Sinema seized on the vacancy after softening her image and reinventing herself. You’ll notice she’s been relatively quiet while towing the party line.

      • Trevor says:

        Jeff ran a horrific campaign and Romney out performed him in Arizona by a large margin. Had Gabby Giffords not been shot she would’ve beaten Flake, I bet on that. I remember when Sinema jumped into the race when Flake was still running which was obvious why.

  1. Patriot Mom says:

    Last month, former White House physician Ronny Jackson said he was ‘convinced’ Biden was not mentally fit to be president, pointing to his cognitive difficulties. The Dems don‘t care. He is only a placeholder for radical leftist Kamala Harris. They will acclaim her as a double first: Not only a woman, but a “woman of color.” Missing will be the fact that she’s a radical leftist who first got her political start having an affair with married San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown whose support boosted her into being elected SF District Attorney.

  2. D.B. Cooper says:

    How could any Pennsylvania or Texas voters support Biden, who has promised to gut their major industry? It proves to me that far too many Americans take our country for granted and are pathetically ill informed. Democrats are generationally inbred, which explains their low IQs.

    • toughterry says:

      This is not a legitimate election – it should be declared null and void and a new election held.
      It was clear that the Dems were planning exactly what we’re seeing insofaras ballot dumping, dead voters, mismatched signatures, postmark finageling, etc. This orchestrated election fiasco is a coup on Trump’s administration, and if the USA were Turkey, it would have already been handled.

    • Observer says:

      Biden also promised to raise taxes! Dumocrats don’t pay attention to anything other than a “D” next to a candidate’s name.

  3. Sam says:

    Anyone hear about this?

    Click to access CV200253APEL.pdf

    It’s regarding the shady actions of one Adrian Fontes, County Recorder. Strange how the Dem(on)s ignore anything that interferes with the task of destroying our Constitution.

    it’s being noted that many (most) of the Congressional GOP and Governors stayed in the shadows as this tearing down of our country commenced. It wasn’t until Don Jr. tweeted about it that heads started popping up.

    Note that Cocaine Mitch McConnell, who almost never gives an interview, and certainly not a spontaneous interview, was asked by a reporter a couple weeks ago if he (Mitch) thought that mail-in ballots were going to be a problem. He said NO. This wasn’t an interview, it was a planned message to the President.
    Mitch has much to lose. And his wife, who is Sec. of Transportation, . . . . .look her up.

    Maybe the governors and SOS’s and other bureaucrats involved in the election steal should learn about block chain and printers.
    And DOTS. . . . . . . . . . . .

    Every laser printer leaves an invisible mark on everything they print.
    So with a printed sheet of paper the police is able to find which printer it comes from.
    Bear this in mind if you decide to print controversial things

    Vice President Pence said this to the crowd at the last rally in Michigan on Monday, November 2:
    We found the plug and were gunna pull it tomorrow”

    President Trump tweeted this on June 22, 2020
    4:16 AM · Jun 22, 2020

    It’s not a coincidence that, this week, a BILLION dollars was extracted by our government from a cryptocurrency account which had been inactive since 2015.
    Again, Block Chain.

    What if a whole bunch of phony ballots (just the forms) were printed in—–oh, let’s just pick CHINA?

    We already know that the Biden family is heavily invested in foreign energy companies, so that when Uncle Joe cuts off our domestic sources of energy, we’ll be forced to buy from his companies overseas.
    Maybe RHunterBiden is also in on the printing business.

    Hey, and how about those awesome emails between RHunterB and pollster Frank Luntz? Hunter wants JEEP pushed, in this email from several years ago.
    And NOW, what shows up at Uncle Joe’s rallies? JEEPS, AND LOTS OF THEM.

    President Trump needs to hear from you.

    You’ll have to fill in all your identifiers. Don’t be shy.
    The rogue alphabet agencies of Fibbers and Dojgers already know all about you.

  4. Sam says:

    We have help from patriots around the globe:

    Evidence of election fraud on Thursday, as images of a polling station in Atlanta, GA, showed poll workers opening envelopes from China’s SF Express, which does not pick up in the U.S.
    This info from the Chinese dissident news site GNEWS.
    GNEWS reviewed images of polling site.

    GNEWS said the screw up was evidence that the Biden team was frazzled and did not take the proper care to switch its fraudulent ballots out of the Chinese envelope before submitting them to be counted.

  5. jojo says:

    When all this is done do you think we can kick Cindy & Jeff out of our party and return it to the Goldwater GOP? Ducey will be right behind them when his term is over.