RINOcrat Cindy McCain prays for Republicans

Arizona just can’t shake the McCain cabal. The RINO senator is gone after spending his career colluding with democrats. His last official act was voting to keep Obamacare alive. (19-sec. video.) His daughter, Mega, known for a big mouth and absence of brain cells, finds her comfort zone canoodling with leftists on ABC‘s ‘The View.’ 

But it’s vacuous beer heiress Cindy Hensley McCain, who has hired a Hollywood talent agency and endorsed Joe Biden, who is carrying her late husband’s legacy to the max. Appearing on ‘The View’ as a stand-in for daughter Mega, currently on maternity leave, grandma Cindy answers co-host Joy Behar’s question: “So far, we have not heard any hint of concession from Trump. What do you hope happens in the next few days? Do you think he’ll concede?”

This rehearsed pretense of concern, elicited anther rehearsed response from Cindy, who declared she is “proud and honored” to be on the Harris/Biden transition team, after endorsing Joe Biden. She then shifts into her out-of-the-GOP-closet mode and lectures Republicans on the need to embrace dementia afflicted Biden who has been holed up in his basement throughout the campaign and has been exposed in the New York Post as colluding with his cocaine-addicted son, Hunter, on lucrative deals with China and Ukraine. The rest of the Biden supporting press, including the Arizona Republic, ignored the longstanding criminal activity, which didn’t play into their Biden presidency agenda.

“You know, that’s probably the $64,000 question,” Cindy McCain answered Behar. “I would hope that our president will do exactly what is right for this country and concede in a gracious, polite manner. That’s what’s good for the country. I’m also asking Republicans to do the same, to help support this president in a new administration, and do what’s right for the country, not what’s right for our party, and I’m hoping, I’m hopeful and I pray quite a bit about this.”

12 Responses to RINOcrat Cindy McCain prays for Republicans

  1. Seen It All says:

    John McCain’s legacy was leaving Arizona with 2 Democrat US Senators. He’d be proud. Many of his associates supported Mark Kelly who heads the firearms restrictionist GIFFORDS PAC.

    When Hillary ran, McCain called her a “rock star.” He also aided Obama when he was supposedly running against him. I’ve been around the political bend a long time and never saw anything that matched McCain’s collusion.

    • Trevor says:

      Even if Ducey ran for Senate I would expect the McCain mafia to back Kelly despite Ducey having big ties to the Hensley Brewing Company. They turn on their own like snakes.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Cindy was outed as a thief (taking prescription drugs from her own African charity) and drug addict whose marriage to a US Senator and being a well connected multimillionaire saved her from the dire fate others would have met under similar circumstances.

    Read “Opiate for the Mrs.”

    McCain put his team to work on getting ahead of the damaging news, massaging the truth, sympathetically reporting they had a family intervention with her and got her in rehab, before the reports harmed him.

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    How would Cindy know about being “gracious and polite?” She certainly didn’t learn those traits from her boorish husband who called her every disreputable word a woman can be called…in front of his staff and reporters.


  4. MAGA Hat Man says:

    I can pray for myself, Cindy.

    My prayers always include President Donald Trump and his family. You and your husband have never gotten over the fact that businessman Donald Trump, with no prior political experience, was able to achieve the presidency that always eluded your husband who wanted it more than the air he breathed.

  5. Trevor says:

    I’m sure the McCain machine wanted crooked RINO Don Stapley in congress. Cindy must have voted for Mark Kelly same with Daniel McCarthy and his followers.

    • GOP PC says:

      The few McCarthy followers I knew did not vote for McSally. They’d rather have a democrap and they got their wish….in spades. If I had my druthers, they’d be drummed out of the Republican Party.

  6. Kathy says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the McCain cabal is knee deep in the voter fraud! My suspicion is they are! Heed the words of Sidney Powell. Many R and D are involved and have been for years. As she said, it’s going to be “biblical”, the amount of fraud. Lin Wood also had some interesting stmts re: pedo and satanic rituals. Cindy admitted “they all knew what Epstein was doing”. The TRUTH will come out.

  7. Realist says:

    Cindy McCain is a moron who happens to have inherited great wealth. The only people who care anything about what she has to say are other brain addled leftists.

  8. Braveheart says:

    Miss commenter Sam. He often adds depth to the discussion.

  9. jojo says:

    I became a Republican so I could vote against McCain in the primary when he was running against JD. I credit McCain for single-handedly ruining the Goldwater AZGOP. He’s a sell out and has always been a closet Dem. Can we please Kick Cindy & Flake OUT OF THE PARTY? I’m hoping for a MAGA party and to HELL with both of the others.