Radical leftists: Trump supporters unworthy of life

Tim Graham, writing for NewsBusters exposes what the leftist self-proclaimed elites actually think of Republicans. Their visceral loathing far surpasses policy differences, though they detest our views with a vengeance. Trump supporters, they opine, need to be “isolated and snuffed out.” In a comparison, we emerge “lower than fecal matter.”

The third full paragraph links to the words, “self-confessed ‘liberal bedwetter,’” which provides an unadulterated vantage point into not only the far left’s group psychosis but their white-knuckled terror at the thought of a Trump 2020 victory. The article was written pre-primary election.

This is important reading. If you have delusions that party affiliation don’t have to intrude on relationships, think again. Leftists don’t simply hold different views from those of Republicans; they consider us unworthy of life on planet Earth. There is no room for co-existence.

Additionally, reading the second article by Jerry Saltz, though mind-boggling in its panic-obsessed lunacy, is critical to providing an insight into the fractured justifications extremists employ to proffer their political agenda and spew hatred…not against actions, but against conservative views.

Consider reading these reports an imperative to gain the vital insight necessary to win the battle against radical leftists who prefer Marxism to liberty. Our very way of life is imperiled.

4 Responses to Radical leftists: Trump supporters unworthy of life

  1. Mr. and Mrs. America says:

    The Federalist reports that Barack Obama recently insulted Hispanics who voted for Pres. Trump, actually accusing them of bigotry. They have traditionally aligned with the dems, and have repeatedly been abandoned by the party. They saw their concerns were being acknowledged by Pres. Trump.

    The Federalist report, “Without Evidence, Former President Obama Accuses Hispanic Trump Voters Of Bigotry.” is filled with derisive and deceptive quotes from BHO:


  2. MAGA Hat Man says:

    As much as the Thanksgiving travel restrictions negatively impacted families who traditionally get together, there might also have been a sigh of relief in some households knowing that the boorish brother-in-law wouldn’t be starting a political fight that put a sour ending on the holiday. Most families have at least one leftwing goon, who gets worse as the day wears on.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    We’re still “recovering” for the verbal assaults at Thanksgiving. Interesting that conservatives get together with family to celebrate the holiday. Demoncraps attend to drink too much (free) and bluster, insulting those of us who just want to get together. When we don’t take their hateful bait, they fume and then rage.

    Next year we’re hosting and will pare down the list of attendees to those who have manners. It’s never the demoncraps!

  4. Sam says:

    If you missed the Stop-the-Steal rally at the AZ Cap today, please try to show up on Sunday.

    Also need people to show up on Monday, downtown, for the public hearing.

    Follow Rudy and Jenna Ellis on twitr.

    Important: Matt Braynard is presenting at the public hearing.

    Check out his twitr account (the @ in front of his name Matt Braynard). Take his account back to election day and read forward.
    Brilliant guy.