Time magazine names two “person” of the year

Ethnicity and gender trample achievements

If you ever thought the media wasn’t in the tank for the left, think again. So enthralled with the Harris/Biden ticket the editors of Time magazine, narrowed the field of Person of the Year down to a short list that included, “Movement for Racial Justice,” to ultimately name the democrat duo the 2020 “Person.”

Kamala Harris’ interview is titled, “Restoring the Soul of the Nation “ Not a word is said about her radical views and the fact that during her time in the U.S. Senate, her voting record was to the left of registered socialist Bernie Sanders. Harris was ranked by non-partisan GovTrack asthe most politically left compared to All Senators,” and joined bipartisan bills less often compared to other Senate Democrats.

In 2019, TIME’s Person of the Year was Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenage environmental militant, who took a “sabbatical” from school to take on the issue of climate change. She haughtily insulted world leaders, notably President Trump, zealously imparting her dogma. Once given a forum at the United Nations, she has mercifully become a flash in the pan.

Of it,s 2020 choice, Time struggling to maintain print editions, writes:

“The selection of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris marks the first time a President-elect and Vice President-elect have appeared together on a Person of the Year cover. Harris is the first Vice President-elect to be named a Person of the Year. Harris is also the first Black person, first woman and first Asian-American to hold the office of Vice President.”

Race and gender, two things over which Harris has no control, make her a standout.  Her extremist views, radical voting record and pro-abortion stance are inconsequentially brushed aside like lint on a pinstripe suit sleeve.

These are the deceitful words the magazine uses to describe President Donald Trump: “Similar to every year he’s been in office, Trump’s had an immense influence on 2020. His Administration has been highly criticized for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since losing the election, he’s baselessly claimed that there was fraud and falsely said that he’s the winner.”

President Trump, a businessman who knows how to get things done, is not given accolades for the historically best economy he oversaw, prior to the advent of the Chinese lab engineered pandemic. He is not given credit for expediting a vaccine to combat the coronavirus — coming into use in record time — known as “Operation Warp Speed.” His Middle East peace deals are unrivaled. There is nothing he can do that would please the leftists. The rest of us, who know he has kept his campaign promises,  consider him the best and most effective president in our lifetimes.


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  1. hoi polloi boy says:

    I know my beef with today’s common use of the word “gender” is petty, but here is a link to an article clearly illustrating how the left is successfully playing it’s hand by changing it’s definition. No offense is intended.


    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Thanks for this excellent and revealing expose of the word “gender” and its negative influence on our society. Many of the points were not those I considered, but will from now on!

      In today’s world “partner” has transmogrified from someone with whom you share a business to someone with whom you engage in perverted monkey business. It’s now a braggable commodity.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      The fact that these two extremists are readying to take over our government is a testament to members of the left wing teacher’s unions propagandizing our kids in public schools. It intensifies in college, but the brainwashing begins in kindergarten, with drag queen reading hour and teaching not only that everything is acceptable, but the newly detestable “rich” need to pay for it

  2. toughterry says:

    The ‘Left’ can’t play its hand UNLESS the Right cooperates. And, they are cooperating, sad to say.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    Elderly Joe Biden, who exhibits memory losses, and is currently wearing a walking boot due to a recent fall, won’t last through the first year. Hard left Kamala will be sitting in the oval office before we know it.

    I agree that Pres. Trump is the best and most effective president. His achievements rival any others in modern history.

  4. Sam says:

    This entire mess that we’ve been experiencing (worldwide) is about
    AGENDA 21.

    Agenda 21 is not a “conspiracy theory” (which is a term, by the way, fabricated by the CIA after JFK was assassinated by people within our government). When you get too close to the truth, the enemy screams “conspiracy theory”.

    Poppy Bush told us about it in a speech when he was prez.
    He used the words “one world government” and only those iwho are in on it paid attention.

    The “European Union” was the experiment before launch.
    Thus, the reason why Britain is having a difficult time extricating itself, despite repeated votes by the citizens.

    Cryptocurrency is part of it. Cash, especially U.S. dollars, will be no more in the one world government system.
    Children are a big part of this. They want your children. State schools.

    Private property will be no more.
    It’s very comprehensive and well-planned.

    While we were sleeping.
    It’s Very Far Along Now.

    Take a look at this website. Please Read and perhaps you will become inspired by those who came before you.


    If you have never visited Washington Crossing (either the PA side of the Delaware River, or the NJ side, equally beautiful), this website will paint the picture for you, literally and figuratively.

    Please do Not allow the great deeds of these patriots to be forgotten.

    The Prophet Jonah. We know when Jonah walked through Nineveh asking the people to repent or face dire consequences, they did put on sack cloth and ashes (Jonah 3: 1-10). They also fasted. Nineveh was saved due to repentance. Sodom did not repent from sin and was destroyed.

    This is our choice today. It is that serious. It is one or the other – Now. SODOM OR NINEVEH.
    The plan is simple. Pray the 51st Psalm on December 12, which is tomorrow..Saturday.
    It is a Psalm of repentance to allow Restoration.

    Do one hour of silence wherever you are. Location is not important, nor is the time of the day.
    If you can find a Tabernacle for Adoration, bring your Bible.

    If you do not have a Bible, you can read Jonah Chapter 3, verses 1-10 online with a simple search.
    You can also read about Lot being told by God to leave Sodom before it was destroyed by doing a simple search.
    WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT THE SOUL OF THE NATION, they are telling you that they are trying to STEAL YOUR VERY SOUL.

    As stated here previously, in our government (Feds, on down) and Hollywood and the music industry, there are those who practice the dark arts. Many are now practicing openly. Satanism.

    JZ and his wife B. Check out her jewelry. And they are good friends with . . . .And, Hey, good times when HRC actually took her entourage along when she visited a witches’ coven in NYC. Took photos and had laughs.

  5. Kathy says:

    Tomorrow in Washington DC and various capitals around the Country are holding the Jericho March Prayer rally at Noon ET. Lt. Gen Michael Flynn and others will be speaking and praying. We the People must lift up this great Nation in prayer.