AZ Republic suppresses facts in pedophilia case

Hatred, deceit, and now cover-up of unspeakable crimes against boys drive leftist AZ Republic closer to last breath

It’s no secret the anorexic, GOP-hating Arizona Republic is in serious trouble, losing subscribers faster than other newspapers in the Gannett stable and in a desperate cost-cutting measure, had to vacate its own building. To fill the decreasing pages with editor-less student reporters leftist drivel, half, three-quarter or even full page photos are increasingly used. A recent edition detailing the deaths of illegal aliens trying to breach our sovereign border, blames “Trump’s wall,” for forcing them further into desert areas. It’s actually America’s wall — which was a promise he made as a candidate in 2015, and brought him supporters who agreed that we have a right to secure our nation’s border.

Vacuous columnist Karina Bland, who specializes in being middle-aged, is often replaced by recycled columns from Clay Thompson who died in 2018.  In an effort to preserve their job security, reporters who have survived the mass firings and cutbacks at the increasingly feeble, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic have voted in favor of unionizing.

Now even Gilbert-based City News and Talk reports that a lawsuit has been filed claiming newspaper circulation managers did not act when they were told paperboys in the 1970s were being sexually abused by their advisors at The Arizona Republic and its defunct afternoon edition newspaper, The Phoenix Gazette.

The civil suit listing six defendants (Case Number: CV2020-016042) was filed Dec. 9, 2020 by attorney John Charland in Maricopa County Superior Court. 

Those seeking information on the cover-up of the pedophilia, won’t find it in the pages of the Arizona Republic. The Phoenix New Times provides an excellent, in-depth report. Even the New Jersey Globe, 3,000 miles away, has covered the story.

Always politically correct, the Arizona Republic gives days of coverage to the fabricated holiday known as Kwanzaa celebrated mostly by white liberals and by 2.3% of American blacks. It was created in 1966 by convicted rapist and violent criminal Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga (born Ronald McKinley Everett), a Marxist, anti-Christian, who was active in the formation of the radical leftist and revolutionary Black Power movement in the 1960s.

Covering the sexual abuse of paperboys lawsuit is not on the newspaper’s agenda.  It takes courage for accuser Gregory Brown to come forward and admit how he and other young boys were exploited by perverts in the employ of the Arizona Republic. The vile acts perpetrated were life altering as detailed by the Phoenix New Times. We wish his attorney John Charland success in this important case.

It should be the final nail in the failing newspaper’s coffin.


6 Responses to AZ Republic suppresses facts in pedophilia case

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    The AZ Repukelick knew about these predators and did nothing! How disgusting! The newspaper must accept the blame for these horrible crimes against these vulnerable children. I was sickened reading the New Times article.

  2. Casper says:

    These boys were described as often being lower income kids trying to help out their single mothers by taking on a paper route.

    The sense of responsibility was welcomed by their moms who didn’t realize they were sending their kids out to be molested and subjected to blackmailing photos to keep them quiet.

    I’d love to be a juror if this case goes to trial!

  3. Clementine says:

    The fact the newspaper did nothing to protect these kids when those in charge were alerted to the crimes is beyond reprehensible. This should push whatever subscribers they still have to finally pull the plug.

    This is not just a torrent of liberal spew and hatred aimed at President Trump and all of us who voted for him in 2016 and 2020. This is being an accomplice to sexual abuse of children.

    Make it a New Year’s resolution. Ring out the Arizona Repugnant!

  4. Sam says:

    If you knew what really happened (not Above ground), on Epstein’s island, you would puke your guts out.

    Let’s ask Hillary. And Huma. Huma, who transferred the electronic proof to Anthony Weiner’s laptop, and labeled it “insurance file”.

    Too bad that Weiner got caught sexting a teenager and his electronic devices were seized by NYPD.

    “Crime against children” was how it was labeled when an NYPD analyst found it.

    The photos, and realizing the “final disposition” of these children, made grown men (seasoned detectives in the NYPD) have to seek professional help.

    Unfortunately, the NYPD called the FBI. The Fibbers who cannot ever again be trusted. The laptop was handed over to the FBI, and it has disappeared.
    Comey, being the narcissist that he is, blackmailed the very ill psychopath HRC.

    Next, we need to talk about THE VATICAN.

    • Marianne says:

      This is not about Jeffery Epstein, the Clinton’s or Huma. This is about a massive coverup by the Arizona Republic newspaper about young paperboys in the 1970’s being molested, photographed and then blackmailed into being prostituted to other perverted men while the brass at the Republic kept the district managers in place. The boys were mostly poor kids with single mothers and were working delivering newspapers to help out financially.

  5. Sam Fox says:

    This pedo stuff is disgusting! Sick people in the world. Very sick!!

    On a brighter note of hope & possibility…

    Anyone heard of the Open Letter To President Trump from Oath Keepers?

    The Prez also has Election Nullification at his disposal.


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