2020: Sending joyous Christmas wishes to our readers

May the peace and goodwill of this season be with us all. We express our gratitude to our service personnel, many stationed far from their own families, who ensure our countless freedoms and ask for blessings on President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania, and their entire family.

There’s no denying this has been an unprecedented year, dealing with a deadly global virus that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and negatively impacting the historically best economy our nation has seen. For the first time ever, we have witnessed an election many consider fraudulent, based on numerous questionable practices brilliantly enumerated here by Patrick Basham.

We pray that 2021 will not continue to challenge us, and God shines his blessings on America.

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3 Responses to 2020: Sending joyous Christmas wishes to our readers

  1. Clementine says:

    What a marvelous couple to have made their mark on the United States. I will always be proud of my Trump votes.

  2. Realist says:

    Having businessman Donald Trump with no previous political experience was a far cry from Obama who began his “career” as a “community organizer” and did all he could to destroy this country. He was raised by his far left grandparents in Hawaii and taken underwing and mentored by their best friend who was an open member of the Communist Party.
    Read this for more background:

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    There is no way I can believe the 2020 presidential election results were legitimate. My preferred candidate has lost before but I’ve never questioned the authenticity of the results until now.

    Waiting in the wings is Kamala Harris, who is hoping for dementia sufferer Joe Biden to be taken out on a stretcher not long after the inauguration. During her brief stint in the US Senate, she repeatedly voted to the left of registered Socialist Bernie Sanders.

    We’re in for turbulent times. I fear for our children and pray that we survive this apocalypse. To quote Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, “May God bless us, every one.”