AZ fraudulent ballot news unworthy of local reporting

Gov. Ducey claims, “We do elections well here in Arizona!” Does that include this form of “interstate commerce?”

Gateway Pundit has done it again…capturing photographic evidence of corrupt practices and questionable connections reported in a post titled,Arizona Firm that Allegedly Sent Fake Ballots to Georgia, Runbeck Election Services, Is Closely Tied to Democrat Party.

SRAZ takes you straight to the source which also reports on the direct connections between Brian Runbeck and the democrat party:

Brian Runbeck identifies himself as the Client Services Manager/Project Manager and Production Coordinator at Runbeck Election Services, saying he manages the production of election ballots and related official election material. He claims he handles high pressure deadlines and high volume production.

Runbeck, hardly a disinterested party, also made 50 separate donations to Act Blue, Biden for President and the democrat senatorial campaign committee between August 15 and October 30, 2020.

Kevin Runbeck, CEO of Runbeck Election Services is the only Arizona printing company to donate. He was in for $1,000 to Printing Industries of America PAC in 2018, as reported by Follow the Money, which obtains its information from the Federal Election Commission.

In 2020, the local newspaper’s online version featured an insipid 20 photo pictorial each captioned, “Runbeck Election Services in Phoenix. The facility prints Maricopa County’s ballots as well as ballots for many other states and counties.” Included in the display were two photos of a broadly smiling Kevin Runbeck, identified as CEO of Runbeck Election Services as he “sits for a portrait on Sept. 22, 2020, at his office in Phoenix.”

On the firm’s listing of itsExecutive Team,” Brian, apparently now deemed a liability, is nowhere to be seen.

6 Responses to AZ fraudulent ballot news unworthy of local reporting

  1. Peg Lynch says:

    On January 6th the Pinal County BOS is voting to approve Runbeck as the ballot printing vendor of choice as recommended by the Department procuring the service. See Board of Supervisors meeting agenda for 1/06/21.

  2. Peg Lynch says:

    If you REALLY want to feel sick, note that nearly all Election Night Reporting aka ENR aka ClarityElections aka Scytl, is headed by a one Jonathan Brill, the great AP/Reuters Trump and Gohmert “debunker”. Unfortunately, Mr. Brill is actually a career DNC operative in Florida, last running the FL Democrat gubernatorial race as Campaign Manager. As receiver of Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s formal endorsement, his is as the Gatekeeper of all the data received by Dominion and uploaded to the SOS databases for State’s “official” counts.Scyl is the aggregator of all County data and would have been the traffic cop to alert the ground teams for actions documented in Georgia and elsewhere (feeding, backing out votes, etc) Google him for Rollcalls piece on him from 2005 and Scytl’s “About Us”. This is bad, folks. Really bad.

  3. jojo says:

    I wish someone would look into Pima County. I know we got cheated out of Brandon Martin’s congressional seat and probably a Sheriff. What a pathetic PimaGop we had during the elections. Hopefully our new “leaders” (used lightly) will have a backbone.

  4. Clementine says:

    I am becoming suspicious of our entire election system, which is a completely new attitude for me. I worked in my neighborhood polling place for years when my kids were young and was a firm believer in the integrity of the process.

    The trend to mail-in ballots make many aspects of voting easily manipulated, causing me to distrust the results. Ballot harvesting is a reality, not a suspicion. It goes on in assisted living facilities and minority neighborhoods, where mail-in ballots are routinely picked up for the residents. My mother-in-law wanted us to assist her with her ballot. When we arrived to do so, the ballot was gone. She told us one of the “care givers” told her she would help her vote it. Mom said the woman read her the names while marking the ballot. She then had Mom sign the envelope and told her she would mail it for her at the end of her shift.
    How many times does that take place? BTW, we visit her most evenings after work. When we complained to the administrator, we were blown off and Mom was blamed.

    • Casper says:

      This is criminal exploitation and needs to be reported outside of the assisted care facility. Of course they will blame the resident rather than the staffer. They’re counting on the fact that your relative will not be able to make a firm identification or that you will be reluctant to move her from her familiar setting.

    • Doc says:

      May I respectfully suggest that moving her (if that’s possible) to another “Well Vetted” facility may be in order. The fact that the administrator ignored your concerns regarding a member of Your Family needs to be met with injury to their WALLET/POCKETBOOK…
      …just a thought, & my Prayers are with you & Yours.