Chaos descends on DC as Antifa goons infiltrate Trump supporters

Shocking violence rocked the U.S. Capitol as mobs broke windows and pushed their way through Congress, disrupting the certification of Arizona’s electoral votes.  Capitol police, unprepared for the thug-caused pandemonium made 52 arrests as the district imposed a curfew.

A death occurred as the Capitol building was locked down, Vice President Mike Pence was ushered to safety, members of Congress were hurried off the floor and the debate over certifying the election was stopped. There were reports of smashed glass, gunfire and ruffians running around the Senate floor. Capitol police officers were injured.

These were the 6 GOP senators who voted to object to the Electoral College vote: Sen. Josh Hawley (MO), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Sen. Tommy Tuberville (AL) Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), Sen. John Kennedy (LA) and Sen. Roger Marshall (KS). Ninety-three other voted to affirm.

Republicans traveled to D.C. in a show of gratitude for President Trump’s efforts on behalf of the nation we revere. When mobs infiltrated his appreciative supporters, President Trump urged his supporters to “Go home…go home in peace.”  His words were mocked by one of the Antifa mobsters invading the building who was quoted as saying, “He said go home? This is our home!”

An unidentified man said, “Riot police came in and started ushering us out with their sticks and stuff.” Asked how they got in the Capitol, he boasted, “We tore through the scaffolding, through flashbangs and tear gas, and blitzed our way in through all of the chambers.”

Rapidly losing subscribers, the radically left-wing local newspaper, headlines its coverage: PRO-TRUMP MOB INVADES CAPITOL. Every letter to the editor suspiciously denounces President Trump.

As we’ve come to expect, Cindy Hensley McCain, a former drug addict who stole prescription opiates from her own charity, supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She blamed Donald Trump who easily achieved the presidency that repeatedly eluded her Republicrat husband, who was censured by Arizona elected state delegates. Still stung by his rejections, the never-accused-of-being-intelligent beer heiress’ surrogate tweeted, “It exposes for all to see the reckless selfishness of President Trump and the cynicism of elected Republicans, who defended his unconstitutional effort to cling to power. They have shamed our country, and delighted our enemies.”

For a more cogent view of the events read this Gateway Pundit account by a former FBI agent who was on the scene.

14 Responses to Chaos descends on DC as Antifa goons infiltrate Trump supporters

  1. Attila The Hunny says:

    We need to take a deep breath and acknowledge in analytical fashion what has transpired.

    Since we are always cautioned that we need to understand the “root causes” prompting BLM and Antifa to take to the streets, perhaps we need to do that right now with regard to those who came to Washington yesterday.

    The overworked, America loving, tax paying, SILENT MAJORITY found its voice…albeit in admittedly imperfect fashion. Enraged with election fraud and the constant hectoring

    And…since the President himself invited his supporters to DC in well-publicized fashion, guess who easily infiltrated those Trumpists? You got it…ANTIFA!!

  2. Seen It All says:

    It sounds like bitter Cindy had a hired flack describing her fake Republican husband who usually voted with his pal, Ted Kennedy, and other demoncrats. He posed with the murderous Taliban, who he erroneously described as resistance fighters. She’s as ignorant as he was.

  3. Maggie says:

    McCain lived well off his mega-wealthy wife, But he still called her a “c**t” and a “trollop” in front of his aides and reporters. Classy guy.

  4. Trevor says:

    Cindy can kindly shut up. Would love to see her throw a temper tantrum when Dr. Ward wins a second term as State GOP chair. That will be awesome, Dr. Ward is a huge reason we kept the legislature and other critical down ballot races. I’m no State Committeeman but she has my backing, please vote for her if you are one.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      I hope you’re a precinct committeeman and that there were too many candidates for state committeemen in your district. In order to win we must be fully engaged.

  5. Sam says:

    Yes, it was Auntie Fah yesterday.
    The whole thing was one huge psy op.

    Aunties arrived with police escort on Tuesday. There were bundles of bricks; propane tanks and 2x4s placed strategically. In fact, you can see a male using a 2×4 in still photos taken inside the Cap.

    The guy in the Viking horns with red,white, and blue painted on his face, and all tatted up is the same guy who was in Tempe last summer at a B&L&M event.

    Of interest, the twitr accounts of
    SilasSivant (footage)


    bgonthescene (footage)

    There are more than one set of photos, video regarding the supposed shooting and reported death of a female. Each show a slightly different scenario.

    You may also find the Perfect video footage of a single uniformed man (Black and stocky) who seems to be waiting for slovenly-dressed men to assemble and then he waves them onward, then as the Perfect filming continues, the uniformed man seems to begin to quicken his step as the horde follows him. It does not appear that they are a threat to him. How did this Perfect footage, which was filmed with a very steady hand, just happen to be captured in what appears to be a quiet area in the Cap?

    AND then we have ABC (Oops) catching a known Leftist radical carrying a T flag inside the Cap. His face is in the camera, no doubt as to his identity.

    Insurgence USA group, a group which is linked to Solidarity for Justice, Salt Lake Equal Rights Movement and the Salt Lake Antifascist Coalition.

    John Sullivan. Utah.

    Check out Life Site News site

    Understand that the U.S. Constitution has no solution for what the elites have done to U.S. (us), but the Declaration of Independence is worth a read. T.J. understood.

    Please pray for President Trump and his family and his loyal inner circle.
    You are going to have to be strong. Talk to your family.
    Most importantly, Talk to GOD.
    Always standing by, waiting, and listening for His Name to be called.
    Pax Vobiscum

    • Kathy says:

      Sam, this is Kathy. Yes ANTIFA! We were there. They were guided in by capitol police before majority of us were there. You could tell who were trouble makers and agitators. We had absolutely no problems with all the PATRIOTS.

  6. Sam says:

    quick note:
    President Trump was placed in Jack’s Twitr jail yesterday, for they say 12 hours. We’ll see.

    Also, the boy known as Zuckerberg has deplatformed our President from FB. (Just don’t go there ever)

    Follow Dan Scavino on T, as he is relaying info now. For how long? Unknown.

    Possible transition to Parler site, as it is partially owned by Bongino.

  7. Longtime GOP PC says:

    Increasing reliance on mail-in ballots undermines voter confidence and needs to be addressed by Republicans. Allowances can be made in special circumstances as was done in the past, but in- person votes secured and / or tabulated on site aren’t open to manipulation. Citizens are losing confidence in the system, where nefarious ballot harvesting is escalating.

  8. jake sez says:

    I find it interesting that the FBI is going to go all out to find, arrest and prosecute any individual who was involved in the “attack” on the congress. Is this the same FBI that couldn’t find one individual who was involved with the President Trump attempted coup? Seems the FBI is no longer the secret army of the liberal demo-rats. They are now out front marching proudly under the leftist flag.

    • Realist says:

      DemoRat Rep. Adam Schiff called the GOP opposition to accepting the election results “remarkable, tragic and all too predictable.” He might have been describing the Hollywood home of his friend Ed Buck, where meth and a living room floor covered with mattresses for sex parties resulted in the deaths of young, down on their luck black men Buck procured for sex. Buck, who waged the recall against former AZ Gov. Ev Mecham…a Republican, of course…is now in jail awaiting trial in Los Angeles. Schiff was a known visitor to Buck’s place. I hope he’s called as a material witness. What he saw may be the reason his eyes appear to be bulging.

  9. Not A McCainiac says:

    Demented Biden has dangled the possibility of making his campaign donor Cindy Hensley McCain the ambassador to London. That would stifle and get rid of her. It would be a welcomed appointment. The very former Phoenix junior rodeo princess would be a wart on an elephant’s ass where real regals reside.

  10. Doc says:

    So, the following MAY be a bit “radical” to some here, & I TRULY Don’t mean to offend. That said, I was listening to Russell & Hunter yesterday afternoon. Since the nearly famous barry R.I.N.O. young & broomhead are gone, I’ve gone back to KFYI. But yesterday, Mike Russell stated, “Now is not the time” for what happened. I realize that ANTIFA instigated this, & I Believe that. But many who followed in were “Our” people…who’ve seen not ONE, but T W O elections stolen. S T O L E N !!! We are now under control (or at least “they think” we’ are…& they’re not paid to think, so KNOCK IT TH’ HELL OFF!!! When I want their opinion, I’ll give it to ’em…) of lunatic socialists, hell-bent on DESTROYING Our Great Nation. So…

    …..if not now…when?

    When do WE, as FREEDOM & LIBERTY Loving Americans, STAND TH’ EFF UP & SAY E N U F F ??? Frankly, in my never humble opinion, I’m disappointed that a few of these “lawmakers” (as if we “need” more laws…) weren’t on th’ receiving end of a Good, Ol’ Fashioned, South Jersey style “Tune-Up”. Am I condoning “Violence”? Well, Honestly, my Heart is broken, I’m Scared for my Young kids…and as a Single, Full Time father…with a checkered past & previous experience in this sort of thing, ( and that’s like riding a bicycle…once you’ve done it, you never forget…) maybe it IS Time for some of these political elites to get an education in Civics…Street style. Please THINK about cabal-a harris, nutty nancy, & chucky schmuck-er RUNNING America…what’s left of it anyway. Because THAT’S our New Reality, & it’s being SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS. AND the “alphabet agency’s” are HELPING. I TRULY HATE the way my mind is working right now. But again…

    …when IS the time???

    P.S. – NO…I’m NOT suggesting that myself, or anyone else, go off, half-cocked, & do something stupid. I AM NOT suggesting anarchy, or anything of the sort. I AM suggesting that NOW is probably a Good time to step-up the effort…to Stand-Up for what’s REAL, Accurate, & Correct about OUR Nation. How do we, as a Nation, do that in a Peaceful fashion? I don’t know. What I DO Know is that…if not now…when?

  11. jake sez says:

    The new Commander in Cheat would love for us to do something stupid at this time. Just hold on and let things simmer. Our time will come when we can get the elections in order and our people can gather in all those people who are still in a daze organized into an effective political party.