Farcical RINOcrats demand recount…of AZ GOP chair

Destructive actions embolden democrat party apparatus

Arizona State Republican Chairman Dr. Kelly Ward was reelected to the post at the statutory meeting on Jan. 23. Elected state committeemen, many traveling long distances to participate in the meeting, heard from members of our congressional delegation, other elected officials and then voted on intra-party officers and resolutions.

Now many of the very people who bristle at the democrats’ denigration of former President Donald Trump as they wage a vengeful second impeachment against him, are witnessing the same vicious assault of the newly re-elected state chair, saying the election was a farce and demanding a recount, or even a new election, claiming the numbers were too close to be reliable.

The object of their adoration is Sergio Arellano, a Tucson resident unknown to most committeemen. Most ludicrous is the fact that a widely read Republican newsletter linked to an anti-Ward column in the local left-wing newspaper headlined, “Kelli Ward: Those calling audit of her reelection can pound sand,” as well as to a piece in the radically left biased Mediaite, proving the adage that there‘s no adversary as determined to inflict harm as your own kin. Top of the column coverage linked to six anti-Ward articles. Dominating the comment section are two newspaper reporters who never saw a Republican they thought worthy of drawing a breath.

Prior to the statutory meeting, state committeemen received unsigned letters and slick mailers with no indication of the sender, smearing Dr. Ward and extolling the challenger, Arellano. The absence of the wrecking ball owners’ signatures did little to demonstrate pride in their choice.

After Dr. Ward, a family practice physician and former two-term state senator, was announced as the victor in the party chairmanship race, Arellano came onstage and congratulated her, the proper and unifying thing to do. It was only following aggrieved agitators got to him, he disappointingly decided to challenge the results, effectively destroying his chances of unifying the party around him in future elections.

Elections have consequences. Challenging the results of those that didn’t provide the desired results of a small, dissatisfied internecine claque is a dangerous path to embark upon. Dr. Kelli Ward has provided conservative leadership which is why she was reelected.


11 Responses to Farcical RINOcrats demand recount…of AZ GOP chair

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    I received the unsigned hit pieces. A great show of pride in Sergio Arellano!

  2. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    Replicating the script laid out by the demoncrats, is not a winning strategy for Republicans. This pettiness serves no one well, dishing up only hostilities that will long be remembered.

  3. Trevor says:

    Sergio Arellano’s biggest backers are Gordon C. James and his wife Lisa James who are no surprise McCain lovers and also backed Jeb Bush in 2016.

  4. Trevor says:

    These RINOS who are demanding a recount are no better than the generals of Myanmar who launched a coup because of a “stolen election”

    • GreenValleyGal says:

      The 2020 AZ election was rigged. 150,000 mail in ballots were received from voters registered after the legal registration deadline, 36,473 non-citizens voted and 5,726 out of state voters voted in our election according to Dr. Navarro. We need a forensic audit of paper ballots to restore trust.

  5. jojo says:

    24 PC’s in LD2 were vying for 22 seats to go to the AZGOP state convention. Sergio & Damien were the 2 losers. They can’t even win in their own LD. Wish they’d spend their time requesting a forensic audit in Pima County since we pretty much know they cheated. Check out the ballots before they are destroyed. Sergio seems to be bought & paid for by the McCain machine. Don’t trust him an inch. The Arizona Daily Independent hates Kelli and Sergio works for ADI. Bad on Lori Hunnicut.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      You’re correct in identifying the McCain cabal as behind Sergio Arellano. Unfortunately I know several who fit that category who supported Arellano.

      Didn’t know about the bent of the Arizona Daily Independent, since I never read it or that Arellano works there. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.
      Thanks for the info!

      • toughterry says:

        ADI used to be my go-to Pima news source – no more of late. Also, it’s news to me that Arellano works there; could explain a lot about their content.

  6. State Committeeman says:

    Attempting to blame Chairman Ward for the loss of the two senate seats is beyond ludicrous. The blame lies squarely with George Soros who has funded far left national candidates for years, including Mark Kelly.

    Mark Kelly’s lucrative and underhanded well documented business dealings in Communist China, never saw the light of day in the praiseful press. Good thing we have the Internet, giving us the ability to access a wide range of sources. Here are two:



  7. Longtime GOP PC says:

    Dr. Kelli Ward and her surgeon husband, Mike, have given up their medical practices in Lake Havasu City and moved to Phoenix to dedicate full time to the AZ Republican Party! We are fortunate to have such loyal people working on our behalf. The reason she’s denigrated is because she’s effective.

    I’m a state committeeman who proudly voted for Kelli Ward.

  8. Lisa the Infidel says:

    They will fight harder for this than they did my vote in the Presidential election