Bank of America spies on customers, gives info to FBI

Searches data for “extremists” purchases

If you have accounts with Bank of America, you’re likely aware of the company’s slogan, “We’re here to help.” The question is, “Who?”

The latest news regarding Bank of America qualifies as chilling. During his Feb. 4, 2021 program, Tucker Carlson reported that Bank of America has been secretly turning over customer data to the FBI. SRAZ has included intact portions of Carlson’s commentary. Read it in its entirety here.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” has exclusively obtained evidence that Bank of America, the second-largest bank in the country with more than 60 million customers, is actively but secretly engaged in the hunt for extremists in cooperation with the government. Bank of America is, without the knowledge or the consent of its customers, sharing private information with federal law enforcement agencies. Bank of America effectively is acting as an intelligence agency, but they’re not telling you about it.

In the days after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, Bank of America went through its own customers’ financial and transaction records. These were the private records of Americans who had committed no crime; people who, as far as we know, had absolutely nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6. But at the request of federal investigators, Bank of America searched its databases looking for people who fit a specific profile.

Here’s what that profile was:

1. Customers confirmed as transacting, either through bank account debit card or credit card purchases in Washington, D.C. between 1/5 and 1/6.

2. Purchases made for Hotel/Airbnb RSVPs in DC, VA, and MD after 1/6.

3. Any purchase of weapons or at a weapons-related merchant between 1/7 and their upcoming suspected stay in D.C. area around Inauguration Day.

4. Airline related purchases since 1/6.

The first thing you should notice about that profile is that it’s remarkably broad. Any purchases of anything in Washington, D.C.; any overnight stay anywhere in an area spanning three jurisdictions and hundreds of miles; any purchase not just of legal firearms, but anything bought from a “weapons related merchant,” T-shirts included; and any airline-related purchases — not just flights to Washington, but flights to anywhere, from Omaha, to Thailand.

That is a very, very wide net, an absurdly wide net. Bank of America identified a total of 211 customers who met these “thresholds of interest.” At that point, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” learned, Bank of America turned over the results of its internal scan to federal authorities, apparently without notifying the customers who were being spied upon. Federal investigators then interviewed at least one of these unsuspecting people. That person, we’ve learned, hadn’t done anything wrong and was cleared.

SRAZ notes on this page, BofA features a woman named Janet Murguia, blandly identified as a “Civil Rights Activist.” Her topic? “In Unity There Is Strength — the fight to end systemic inequality.” If her name doesn’t ring a bell, this information will help.

Janet Murguia, was the longtime President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza* — “the Race,” a group whose two-sentence motto is alarming to everyone who values equal rights for all: “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.” When its radical name became too toxic, it rebranded itself as UnidosUS, embracing the deceptive term “undocumented immigrants.” Actual immigrants arrive legally and have identifying documents. The others are illegal aliens.

In 2020 Bank of America announced it was donating a $1 billion (obtained from overcharging their own customers) to “minority communities and minority owned businesses.” This was in the wake of the violently destructive BLM anarchists looting and then torching businesses and police departments, destroying national monuments, overturning police vehicles and throwing cinder blocks, pre-delivered on pallets, at officers. 

Is this the banking conglomerate, more concerned with globalism and climate change than the security of their customers, you want to trust with your money?


10 Responses to Bank of America spies on customers, gives info to FBI

  1. StetsonXXX says:

    This is an outrageous intrusion against its own customers who trust BofA with their money. They won’t have access to my account activity after Monday. I‘m moving to Wells Fargo which is nearby and doesn’t consider me a terrorist, or insult my intelligence.

    This is lengthy but includes good information on Savings accounts.

    • jake sez says:

      Be aware the Wells Fargo Bank has cooperated with Obama and the democrats in many of their campaigns. They also were accused with overcharging their customer while at the same time giving monies to the leftist organizations.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I don’t bank with the FBI and I won’t be banking much longer with BofA!! Moving my money to Schwab next week. Schwab has banking services and even their easily accessed Money Market accounts pay better than BofA. I checked them out recently and this is the action by BofA has prodded me to act.

    • no one says:

      Schwab is where my/our IRAS’s etc are parked – but they have supported liberal institutions and stopped giving money to the GOP… I’m looking for another place to place my $…..hope my financial advisor has an answer for this….

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    We watch Tucker Carlson most evenings. His show is filled with information that often isn’t reported on elsewhere, until it can’t be avoided and is old news.

    This report which aired last night left us speechless. Bank of America is nothing more than an arm of the democrat party. Good to know.

  4. Villanova says:

    Shame on Bank of America for spotlighting Janet Murguia.
    LaRaza was the Hispanic equivalent of the racist KKK. Janet Murguia is the equivalent of David Duke.

  5. Jack says:

    Many Bank of America branches have permanently closed. This infringement on customer’s liberty by alerting the feds to guiltless individual’s banking activities should close even more. As soon as I alert my automatic payroll deposit at work, I’m switching away from BofA.

  6. Trevor says:

    FYI Janet Murguia’s twin sister Mary was appointed as a federal judge by President Obama and John McCain and Jon Kyl confirmed her. La Raza is one of the most anti american groups ever!

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