The wacko party’s aberrant priorities

The Heritage Foundation explains theEquality Act,” otherwise known as H.R. 5. The article is subtitled, “How Could Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws Affect You?”

In view of the Biden administration’s thrust to prioritize sexual orientation and gender identity issues in an era of massive unemployment as the result of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s of utmost importance that you acquaint yourself with this disastrous and far-reaching legislation that undermines reason, constitutional protections and religious values. The democrat sponsor is Rhode Island U.S. Rep. David Cicilline, featured in the Advocate’s article, “Meet the 10 Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Members of the 116th Congress, lauded by the LGBTQ Victory Institute, as a “turning point in the history of federal lawmaking.”

Democrats are no longer simply the “other” political party. They have veered off into trendy aberrant arenas that most of us never heard of before the advent of Bruce Jenner morphing into Caitlyn, and which are not the purview of government. Glamour magazine named the former three time husband and father of six biological children and four stepchildren, ‘Woman of the Year,’ in 2015 as a tribute to his/her work in “transgender awareness and advocacy.” Jenner’s acceptance speech was described as “powerful and moving.”

California’s legislative assembly has recently put forth Assembly Bill 1084 requiring “gender neutral” departments in retail stores, banishing specific areas for boys and girl‘s clothing and even toys. Violators would be subject to $1,000 fines.

This is the state that welcomes unvetted illegal aliens during a global pandemic, while American citizens are unemployed and as elitist California Gov. Gavin Newsom has selectively enforced business lockdowns, unilaterally deciding whose jobs are essential. California citizens, who are waging a recall against Newsom, will ultimately have the last word. We wish them well.

Although they continue to be paid, unionized public school teachers still refuse to return to the classroom. In the 2020 election cycle,* the country’s most influential  educrat dominated teachers unions endorsed and supported Biden and democrat senate candidates over their Republican counterparts. The American Federation of Teachers donated $2 million to Priorities USA Action, a democrat super PAC that spent $44.2 million supporting Biden. The National Education Association gave $500,000 to Take Back 2020, another democrat super PAC that spent $6.4 million to run ads supporting Biden. The AFT also gave $175,000 to Take Back 2020. Teachers unions spent a total of $43.7 million in 2020. Remember that the next time you hear teachers are underpaid for their part-time jobs, with long holiday and full summer vacations not accorded any other workers.

*Center for Responsive Politics

5 Responses to The wacko party’s aberrant priorities

  1. Casper says:

    Another fact filled post this morning! Thanks for keeping me in the political loop. I often forward SRAZ posts to others on my mailing list. This one is heading to some buddies who still live in under the Newsom regime in California.

  2. Kimball says:

    Notice teachers are not included as “essential workers” on Newsom’s list. I’ll bet he’s hired private tutors for his kids even before COVID. He’s got four with his second wife and a son with Kimberly Guilfoyle.

    • Doc says:

      …just goes to show the intelligence SHE’S got leavin’ his sorry @$$…Now She’s with President Trump’s son, Don Jr.! GOOD FOR HER!!!

      • Frankly Speaking says:

        California has became the first state in the nation to pass 50,000 deaths related to the coronavirus which has killed nearly 51,000 people there. The state has documented more than 3.5 million infections, a statistic that also leads the nation. Yet clueless elitist Gov. Gavin Newsom hosted a maskless party for 20 in a private room at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant in Napa, where the prix fixe meals start at $310, not including drinks, tax and tip.

        I agree with Doc. Kimberly Guilfoyle is in much better company! Who knows, she might one day be the First Lady…not of California, but the United States!

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    Three Republicans: Reps. Tom Reed, (N.Y.), John Katko, (N.Y.), and Brian Fitzpatrick, (PA.), joined the more than 200 Democrats supporting this disastrous bill that impinges on our freedoms while passing a bill crafted to normalize the perverse homosexual agenda.

    The bill passed the House on a 224-206 vote, but should encounter push back in the Senate.