It’s not too soon to be focusing on AZ’s U.S. Senate seats

While being interviewed by Newsmax’ Greg Kelly following former President Donald Trump’s exhilarating speech to CPAC on Sunday, son Eric Trump made this intriguing statement:

“What my father did for our nation again was so transformational. I’ve never been so proud of someone in my entire life. The backbone he has. The spine he has. The fight, the conviction. There’s never been anyone like him in American politics and there probably will never be another one like him. We’re honored to do it. So, it’s really the honor of our lifetime. I think there’s a good chance we’ll all be there on stage again. I don’t think you’ve seen the last of this family.”

We can only hope. 

Arizona’s two U.S. Senate seats are both currently held by democrats for the first time since 1953. Senate terms are six years, three times as long as those for members of the U.S. House of Representatives who run every two years.

What a western welcome Eric or Donald Trump, Jr. would receive if either moved to our beautiful state and established residency in preparation for a challenge to radical leftists Mark Kelly or Kyrsten Sinema, who both specialize in deceit. This New York Times exposé is from 2018, but provides an in-depth retrospective of the extent of Sinema’s deviousness when seeking to recreate herself as a compelling candidate.

Mark Kelly, an anti-Second Amendment hardliner, for others,* not himself, has also profited greatly from his longstanding ties to Communist China.

The hard-core anti-Trump donor listStop Republicans PAC,” currently displays 23,957 records of high dollar individual donors, obviously terrified of conservatives and readying the resources to stop us in advance of the next election cycle. The information was retrieved from the Center for Responsive Politics and is based on data received by the Federal Election Commission as of Feb. 1, 2021.

In 2018 following the CPAC meeting, SRAZ posted, “McCain crony rips Trump’s CPAC speech,” exposing the arrogance and vicious tweets of Steve Schmidt, the top adviser, message developer and strategy wizard behind McCain’s 2008 failed presidential campaign, as he appeared Oct. 2017 on far-left MSNBC where he was employed as a political analyst.

*GIFFORDS PAC, named for his wife Gabby Giffords, specifically donates to democrat gun control candidates.

9 Responses to It’s not too soon to be focusing on AZ’s U.S. Senate seats

  1. Trevor says:

    Andy Biggs is considering running against Mark Kelly. He did a poll and he got 36.1 percent over other names like Kirk Adams (Ducey probably wants him to run) who had 1.5 percent and other candidates. Andy would make a great US Senator should he run and win.

    • Realist says:

      That’s obviously the reason the AZ Repulsive newspaper is trashing Congressman Andy Biggs on a nearly daily basis. I’d vote for Biggs in a heartbeat over either of our poor excuses for US Senators.

      Sinema’s seat will be open next. Imagine swapping out Sinema and Kelly for either Eric or Don Jr.
      Trump and Biggs! Arizona would be the envy of the nation!

      • Not Fooled says:

        Mark Kelly was the recipient of funding from Socialist billionaire George Soros, whose ACT Blue PAC hosted DC fundraisers for Kelly.

        Politico headlined its report, “ActBlue’s stunning third quarter: $1.5 billion in donations.” It included the news that Democratic online donors are pouring cash into 2020 campaigns, from Joe Biden down to state legislative candidates.

        It’s only a part of the truth. The mega money is coming from multibillionaire Socialist George Soros who wants to decimate the United States as we know it. He funded many of the rioters and arsonists, beginning in Ferguson Missouri, where he was easily able to mobilize hordes on their cell phones after they had signed up for freebies his lackeys were handing out.

  2. jojo says:

    Go Andy. Get to work and kick the phony gun grabber out of there

  3. hoi polloi boy says:

    Maybe McSally should have zeroed in on that Uncle Fester was a Democrat running as a centrist. I hope his next opponent does in 2022

    • Patriot Mom says:

      Although I voted for McSally she did not engender enthusiasm. I imagine it’s an inborn trait, but she is stiff and unapproachable. The only time I saw warmth from her was in her concession video as she was petting her dog who sat beside her on the couch. She needed to take a course on exuding sincerity, charm and selling herself, Her credentials were excellent, her demeanor left a lot to be desired. In today’s world where image matters. Abraham Lincoln probably wouldn’t have passed muster.

  4. toughterry says:

    Bottom line – McSally should NOT run for public office; she doesn’t have charisma or proper manners. Yesterday, while preparing taxes, I came across my donation to McSally’s failed 2020 campaign; no acknowledgement ever received, but the check was cashed.

    • Tucson GOP says:

      I read she was relying on political novice Steve Shadegg to run her campaign. She needed better than she got. If he hadn’t had a once-well-known name, he never would have had such a position.

  5. jakesez says:

    We need to get moving. In less than two years we have a chance to select a new senator and possibly some representatives for Arizona. Senator Kelly will be out to fill the full six year term available to him. Why worry about it now? Because, we don’t want another candidate selection process like the last one. The establishment delayed the selection of a candidate long enough so that the only candidate we were able to put forth was Governor Ducey’s choice of Senator McSally. That ended well with a candidate fight that left us with pissed off people all over the place. That was the idea, delay, delay and soon no one will be willing to step forward and challenge the establishment’s choice for these positions. What needs to be done at this time is for all republicans to begin gathering in conservative candidates whom we can trust to have good judgement and righteous principles that will allow them to make good choices when we are not there whispering in their ear. Once we find these marvelous people we can have confidence that they will use their good judgement rather that saying what their advisers tell them to say. Since we can’t see into the future we need to look to the past to find out what this person will most likely do when things get dicey. For example, take Senator McSally, she had a record of voting for immigration reform and also voting against immigration reform. She is on record supporting red flag issues and on record opposing red flag issues. She took the support of President Trump and refused to support him during the debate. Is this the type of person who has the principals to gain the trust we needed to gather around and support? No. We need to bring all candidates into open debates by next fall. These debates will be open to all who want to be involved and not just a back room establishment conference. Then, after the debates and the primary, we can hopefully rally around one candidate. While we will always still have some difference of opinion about the person selected, maybe for the benefit of Arizona, we can support and feel confidence that we have someone we can trust to use their good judgement and principals to make good choices when needed. We can overlook the little things for the benefit of all.
    Unified we stand a chance, separate we lose.