AZ Ed Supe Kathy Hoffman: The gift that keeps on giving

Putting democrats in charge of education is a fool’s errand

Ever on the cutting edge of Arizona’s remote learning education system, as she bows to the not-inclined-to-work teacher’s unions, Kathy Hoffman, the state’s far left Superintendent of Public Instruction has a novel plan to ensure students are learning…how not to be racist. Training should begin in infancy. It promotes racial “equity and diversity” through an “anti-racist” program that advances the outrageous notion that white babies and toddlers are racist.

Caucasian self-flagellation has become expected. There is actually an article on HuffPost titled,How white parents can talk to their kids about race,” which includes an age-by-age guide for white parents to address “racism and privilege” with their children.  It states: “White parents can and should begin addressing issues of race and racism early, even before their children can speak.”

Race now takes precedent to learning. According to a bizarre study conducted by the Children‘s Community School in Pittsburgh, a preschool dedicated to “economic and racial justice,” by the age of five, white children are strongly biased in favor of whiteness, while black and Hispanic children showed no preference toward their own groups.  Seriously.

Provided for Arizona teachers is an “equity and diversity” tool kit.

And though American students fall far behind other nations in basic skills, Kathy Hoffman has incorporated the exclusively inclusive Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. A focus on ethnicity rather than education is preposterous, in addition to ill-preparing our children to succeed in a global economy. All the more so after having lost a year of schooling due to the COVID virus and teacher’s refusals to teach, despite medical studies pointing to the fact that children are not virus transmitters.

This shocking televised news report on the abysmal failure of public education is definitely worth your time.

Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction is the lowest salaried state education administrator in the United States, paid $85,000 compared to the national average of $174,000.

In democrat Kathy Hoffman’s case, she’s overpaid.

9 Responses to AZ Ed Supe Kathy Hoffman: The gift that keeps on giving

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    There are excellent alternatives to the failing public schools, which are run by educrats. Arizona is the leader in excellent Charter Schools. Get your kids out of the cesspool.

    US News and World Reports consistently places Basis Charter schools at the top of the list.

  2. Trevor says:

    I’m sure the RINO Common Core lover Lisa Graham Keegan loves Kathy Hoffman. Wouldn’t shock me because Lisa loves McCain.

    • Observer says:

      There’s a reason Arizona’s parents most often vote for Republicans for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Remember democrat furniture store owner Carolyn Warner, who had never attended college and took a mail-in crash course when the news got out? That was in the 1970’s before computers were available.

      C. Diane Bishop was the other democrat. Projecting a prim image with a scarf tied around her neck, she got into a brawl with her husband that ended up outside of their downtown townhouse. She was boozed up and in her underwear outside when the police were called.

      Tom Horne, a Republican, who was elected to two terms in the early 2000’s before he was elected AZ Attorney General, implemented programs that put the emphasis on education, not on trendy social revisionism. He was widely acclaimed.

  3. Sally Forth says:

    Those poor “underpaid” teachers somehow have enough money to give tens of millions to their leftwing unions! What a farce!! Teaching is the only job I’ve ever heard of that the employee get prolonged holidays and the entire summer off. I have teachers in my immediate family who are all radical liberals and 3 of them are able to afford their own cabins in Pinetop or Prescott. No sympathy here!

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    The BLM goons who are violent arsonists, thieves, destroyers of other people’s property and throw bricks at police are enough to make formerly unprejudiced people bigoted. They have no respect for themselves so they definitely have no respect for others.

    As to “Kathy” Hoffman…she, he, it has got to be replaced. What a disgrace!

  5. JCF says:

    1.9 trillion$$$ Our 2 senators must be replaced!!!

  6. jojo says:

    Instead of saving $$ for my grandson’s college I sent him to private grade school. The best investment I ever made. He’s a great kid with an educational foundation that has served him well. Kids would be better off at home listening to talk radio and home-made curriculum.

  7. Teller Of Truth says:

    All of this focus on race has come about as the result of the death of a repeatedly incarcerated violent felon named George Floyd, who has been elevated to sainthood following his death after resisting arrest for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill in a convenience store. He was high on drugs. His autopsy report is here:

    Click to access full.pdf