Career criminal worth more dead than alive

George Floyd’s family has been awarded a $27 million settlement declaring it “a necessary step for all of us to begin to get some closure,” while extolling his “legacy”

The death of violent career criminal and repeatedly incarcerated*George Floyd, has become a rallying cry for defunding the police. We all saw Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin restraining 6′ 4″ 223 lb. Floyd with a knee to his neck. He is jailed and awaiting trial with jury selection underway. Three other officers who witnessed the incident will be tried together in a separate trial scheduled for Aug. 23, 2021. Following Floyd’s death the city council, in a unanimous vote, quickly withdrew $8 million dollars from the police budget, over the mayor’s objections, which resulted in an escalated crime wave…with violent uprisings throughout the city.

Unemployed George Floyd, aka Floyd Perry, was resisting arrest as he was apprehended for attempting to pass a counterfeit $20 dollar bill in a store. As his autopsy report verifies, he was high on drugs. Yet he became the rallying cry for violent BLM looters and arsonists who mounted destructive demonstrations in numerous American cities. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, a committed leftist, was met with loud boos and jeers after telling demonstrators he did not support abolishing the city police department. They later assembled on the lawn of his home chanting derogatory slogans.

Now George Floyd’s family has been awarded a $27 million settlement, unanimously approved by Minneapolis’ City Council. Frey is a member of the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL) and the city council which has 13 members, is also dominated by the far left-wing party, with a total of 12 members. The Green Party of Minnesota has one council member. There is not a single Republican city representative.

George Floyd’s brother, Rodney Floyd, preposterously called the $multi-million settlement “a necessary step for all of us to begin to get some closure.”

Doling out money is not an impediment for the radical council. As of 2021, Minneapolis council members have a base salary of $106,101, excluding numerous benefits. In a cozy deal, salary increases for council members and the mayor are based on “averaging out the increases included in the union contracts they approved the previous year.”

*Scroll down through the Daily Mail news article to view numerous police reports.

4 Responses to Career criminal worth more dead than alive

  1. Disgusted says:

    The left finds its “heroes” under piles of garbage. This $27 million payout to the family of a repeatedly jailed criminal is an affront to every taxpayer in Minneapolis.

  2. Marianne says:

    Floyd left some “legacy” to celebrate!
    The woman whose home George Floyd broke into using the guise that he was a city worker and conning her into opening her door, was pregnant. But that didn’t keep this lowlife scum from pointing his gun at her stomach as he robbed her.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    The Minneapolis City Council sounds as corrupt as Floyd. Other people’s money means nothing to any of them. They all consider it theirs for the taking. George Floyd’s family deserved nothing. He was a burden on society during all of his imprisonments.

  4. Kimball says:

    Mayor Frey is a political con-man, with his eye toward his next election.
    Here is a report that must be seen to be believed:

    He is described as breaking down in tears, his body heaving, as he knelt with one hand on the casket of George Floyd whose death at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer last week has sparked widespread protests. How fair can these trials be?