AZ Republic: Extra, extra!! Get your skewed news here!

Dying newspaper deserves its fate

In a bygone heyday, before the advent of free news available from countless sources, those aspiring to be well informed subscribed to newspapers. Many Americans had a hard copy hit their driveway in the early morning and another, more updated edition, was delivered in the afternoon. In Arizona The Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette fulfilled those roles. Owned by the publishing titan Pulliam family, the newspapers provided objective information to readers including a daily op-ed page and bore no resemblance to the arm of the democrat party that exists today. The Gazette, delivered six days a week, excluding Sunday, folded in 1997, after 116 years. The Trump-hating, Hillary and Biden-endorsing Arizona Republic, whose remaining employees voted to unionize following massive staff cutbacks including dumping longtime, Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist Steve Benson, is hanging by a thread, after losing its building and finally being sold after repeatedly being on the auction block.

The seriously ailing, purveyor of conservative loathing and disinformation, the uni-opinion newspaper, which is bonded to promoting the illegal invasion at our southern border, even went so far as to threaten 75 million Trump voters, absurdly demanding theyrepentfor their transgression, underscoring why its circulation continues to plummet. The newspaper’s only hope for survival is to discontinue the hard copy editions and go all digital, which is a gamble that won’t play well with the mostly senior citizen readers. A headline pleads: “5 digital benefits of a subscription,” with the desperate hate-mongers in charge pledging, “You can play a vital role in supporting local journalism that you and your community can trust.”

The Phoenix Business Journal reported steep declines. Between 2017-2019, the Republic lost 30.3% of its circulation. Those abysmal numbers could only have increased in the intervening years.

A sampling of recent headlined reports we’re supposed to “trust”:

– “GOP’s ‘open borders’ frenzy is a distraction”

– “Ducey must stop anti-voting bills”

– “Has state’s GOP ever before been this crazy?”

– “Want to help the economy? Let more people out of jail”

– “Biden has one job: Fix the mess that Trump left us”

…and this classic example of hypocrisy, “We must call out hate everywhere.”

9 Responses to AZ Republic: Extra, extra!! Get your skewed news here!

  1. Mike says:

    The kamikaze drivers continue to constitute an ever-increasing hazard on my early-morning runs as they zip through the neighborhood, their speeds increasing in direct proportion to the expanded distance between the one-in-a-hundred homes at which Republic-reading luddites still dwell. A day in which the democrat rag ceases publication entirely will be a happy (and safer) one indeed.

    • Realist says:

      Ditto. When I go for my early morning jog, it’s become an increasing rarity to see a newspaper in a driveway. I prejudge the homeowners without ever having met them, knowing they are low information dolts. That might seem unfair, but what other conclusion can I draw, knowing they are paying to be propagandized.

  2. hoi polloi boy says:

    I glance at the AZ Repulsive e-edition from time to time, as I do with the CBiaS evening news, to try to understand why the lefties are so misinformed.

  3. Trevor says:

    I wonder did Burton Barr have a hand in Don Boles’s murder?

    • WHAT?? says:

      What an absurd comment! Don Bolles’ murder was thoroughly investigated locally and a national group of journalists came to Phoenix to do even more investigative reporting. People were arrested, tried and incarcerated. Burton Barr was never a suspect, but he was a retired Army Colonel and the Republican House Majority leader at the Arizona Legislature, where he served for years. He even ran for governor, losing to Evan Mecham. Barr knew Bolles because Bolles was a reporter who was often at the legislature. And who, commenting on this site, do you think would have more inside information than the teams of investigators? How would you like to have someone publicly throw your name around as a possible murderer? What were you doing in 1976?

  4. toughterry says:

    Coupon clippers must be keeping this rag in business.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    If the ailing Arizona Republic was a horse, it would have been compassionately shot and put out of its misery before now. Instead, it’s a sow still reveling in its roll in the mud. We dumped our subscription years ago after returning from a trip and realizing we didn’t miss being insulted.

  6. StetsonXXX says:

    The advent of modern technology allows us to carry any and all news sources in our pockets. It’s surprising anyone subscribes to a newspaper in today’s world.

    • Mike says:

      StetsonXXX – as toughterry said – it’s likely the coupon clippers. You know, the Blue-Wigged Walking Q-tips that hold up the grocery line painstakingly counting out the nickels and pennies from their change purses for 20 minutes while the cashier sorts through their 500 coupons. They’ve got nothing to do and all day to do it, so why not read a useless hardcopy paper if and when they ever finally get back home?