Frail Biden officially abdicates power to Harris

Biden declares Harris “Speaks for me.” Who speaks for Americans?

There’s no point in tiptoeing around the unprecedented presidential calamity. It’s there for all the world, and certainly Americans, to see. The frail geriatric in the White House, scheduled to give his first press conference today, 64 days after his inauguration, is clearly unfit for the job. Elected after hiding out in his basement bunker, he has frequently stumbled, fallen and forgotten the names of his own defense secretary and other administration officials. On the campaign trail, he mistook his wife for his sister, and when trying to recite the Declaration of Independence, forgot the words, and said, “Go…oh, you know the thing.” Exhibiting signs of dementia, Biden has repeatedly referred to VP Kamala Harris as ’President Harris.”

Now the bumbling Biden who previously told the border invaders, “You should come,” is abdicating his responsibilities to contain the colossal surge of illegal aliens breaching our border, announcing he will put Kamala Harris in charge, saying, “When she speaks, she speaks for me.” Between Harris and recycled Obama administration lackey, spokesperson Jen Psaki, Biden has gotten away with being obscure and unavailable.

This announcement followed his laying blame for the current crisis at the feet of President Trump, who actually authorized the construction of a border wall and instituted policies to quell the flood of Central Americans and Mexican nationals, many of whom are unaccompanied minors traveling with dangerous members of drug cartels, during a devastatingly deadly global pandemic. Once they cross into the U.S., the holding facilities are so packed, they are given bus tickets and allowed to proceed and fan out across the United States. 

No matter what the Biden-Harris administration claims, it was the policies of President Trump that negatively impacted the invasion.

During Kamala Harris’ term as California‘s junior senator, GovTrack ranked her “Most politically left compared to All Senators” and “least likely to join bi-partisan bills.” That placed her to the left of acknowledged Socialist Bernie Sanders.

4 Responses to Frail Biden officially abdicates power to Harris

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    The time has come to place the blame for this destruction of our country exactly where it belongs, with those who voted the demoncrat ticket… and avoid any contact with them. Their traitorous votes are responsible for untold damage in countless areas of our government and way of life. We are deeply in debt and the Harris/Biden administration keeps spending more $Trillions as if there is a bottomless cache of money. Rising taxes are sure to follow. America will soon become a third world county thanks to our “friends” who sold us all down the river.

  2. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    We’ve already instituted that policy. We wouldn’t have maintained a friendship with Benedict Arnold. This is no different.

    • MAGA Hat Man says:

      A couple who are close relatives recently bragged about voting for Biden and Harris. They will have to find another place for Thanksgiving this year. They will not get an invitation. Two votes are two too many for us and to laughingly boast about it after knowing we had a Trump sign in our yard was the final straw.

      • Clementine says:

        The old saying, “You can’t choose your relatives,” is all too true. But, you can choose who you associate with. I commend you and your wife. There is nothing humorous about selling out our country and our children’s futures.