Biden’s promised “transparency” evaporates

Within hours of Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, his recycled Obama administration spokeswoman, Jen Psaki vowed “to bring truth and transparency” back to the White House…deceptively insinuating such elements had vanished under President Trump. She also declared her “deep respect for the role of a free and independent press in our democracy.”

That respect for the press must be the reason for excluding Fox News reporter Peter Doocy from being called on during Biden’s first press conference, 65 days into his administration.

Among the first casualties of the promised transparency is the Homeland Security Advisory Council, which Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said he would “reconstitute” in the next few weeks as he switches to a new model for the committee…likely one less transparent. Cuban-born Mayorkas, another recycled Obama-era insider, was a key player of Obama’s presidential transition team and the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, implementing the controversial DACA program.

Mayorkas, in this letter sent Friday and obtained by Politico, high-handedly informed the committee that he is ending the terms of the 32 current members.

For all of the Biden administration’s blather about openness and transparency a far more illustrative image is its refusal to allow news cameras inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection facilities to see the massive influx of illegal invaders, many of whom are unaccompanied minors. That claim of transparency also evaporated.

On day one, during a virtual White House ceremony to swear in nearly 1,000 federal appointees and staff who do not require senate confirmation, feeble Biden donned his tough guy demeanor as he emphasized public service and respect, warning:

“If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treating another colleague with disrespect, talking down to someone, I will fire you on the spot,” he threatened the staff.

The same admonition obviously doesn’t apply when DHS Secretary Mayorkas indiscriminately fires 32 experienced members of the advisory council.

4 Responses to Biden’s promised “transparency” evaporates

  1. Realist says:

    There is a reason why both Biden’s mouthpiece, Jen Psaki and Homeland INsecurity chief Alejandro Mayorkas are recycled from the Obama administration: This IS the Obama administration bypassing the Constitutional term limits.

    Biden himself is a trained Obama toady from his days as VP. Current VP Kamala Harris has close ties to Obama, as do the members of Slo Joe’s cabinet. The words that come out of his barely moving lips are scripted for him, teleprompted, and backed up with notes. He campaigned for the most important position in the free world without emerging from his basement bunker, yet dems still voted for him. They deserve what they got, but the rest of us do not.

  2. Marianne says:

    None of these overreaches will subside. Leftists only gets more emboldened as they succeed in pushing through their radical agenda. We’re in for a roller coaster ride with no brakes.

  3. Jack says:

    Recently comments on SRAZ veered off into the topic of hosting friends or relatives who voted for Biden. Though I’m a lifelong conservative, I had a problem with no longer inviting people for Easter dinner, other holidays and family celebrations. I’m back today with a change of opinion. Since I not only have no respect for these fools, I also hold them responsible for is sure to be the collapse of our great nation. I also love my children more than I care about any of these folks. BTW, they never reciprocate.

    We received two calls this week asking what time dinner was. My wife very sweetly told them we decided to go out. One jerk (a democrat, of course) asked where are “we” going? She told him it was just our household!!

    • Kimball says:

      Proof democrats are not only fools, they are ill-mannered boors.

      Hope you and your wife have a delicious meal and a blessed Easter!