Biden’s handlers pick politically correct Fed. Judges

Gender, ethnicity, religion, advance as top qualifiers for the federal bench

Frail Joe Biden’s handlers have announced the administration’s first slate of 11 federal judicial nominations to fill federal circuit and district court vacancies. Legal qualifications are incidental, though the list referred to in a statement as “groundbreaking“ and “trailblazing,” focused on their “broad diversity of background experience and perspective.”

 Nine of the nominees are women. Three are identified as black, others as a “Muslim American and an Asian American and Pacific Islander.”

The black women nominated for federal circuit court vacancies include Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Tiffany Cunningham for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Regina Rodriguez has been nominated for the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.

Firsts matter.  Zahid N. Quraishi, a New Jersey magistrate judge, would be the nation’s first Muslim American of Pakistani heritage to serve on a federal district court. Judge Florence Pan would be the first Asian-American judge to serve on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Judge Rupa Ranga Puttagunta, an East Indian-American, appointed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser as an Administrative Judge for the D.C. Rental Housing Commission is also on the PC list. 

6 Responses to Biden’s handlers pick politically correct Fed. Judges

  1. Villanova says:

    These qualifiers highlighted by Team Biden should be insulting to anyone with outstanding legal credentials. Identifying judicial nominees by inborn characteristics over which they have no control is demeaning.

    • Clementine says:

      My thoughts exactly. These judicial nominees might as well be described by their height, shoe size and shape of their ears.

      All Biden’s handlers (Ideal description!) focus on is gender, race and ethnicity. Where are his specified homosexual picks? He needs to announce the “LBGTQ+++” nominees, as well, since “pride” is another word they’ve appropriated, as they did with “gay.”

  2. mad as he!! pc says:

    When are we the people gonna rise up and fight the socialist tyranny and corruption. I’m ready, but to fight in the streets is what they want so they can kill or jail us. Do we march on Washington? NO the ANTIFA would infiltrate, so please someone with a pair (politicians) do your damn jobs as only a handful of the Repubs are doing anything, To all you ‘Republicans for Biden’ are you happy now you traitorous ^)()*&&*^)_ .There is one in my district if I see him he is gonna be in a lot of pain in the crotch area by a well aimed kick,

    • jake sez says:

      You hear a lot of the Sun Shine Patriots who talk about revolution but never seem to actually do anything. Probably because they don’t want to loose everything they have. In this age of computers and algorithms the AI people can find anyone anywhere they hide. The only place to hide in in plain sight. Keep a low profile and wait until we can unite and do something to actually change things.

      • mad as he!! pc says:

        Yeah I guess just a few of us wouldn’t get too far but I’ve got kids, grand kids and great grand kids and I don’t want to wait too long, I have never seen so much malfeasance go unpunished, so much fraud ignored, so much harassment and even deaths of thousands goes unpunished in NY. When do we fight? We have suffered way tooo long, Hillary even got away with four dead in Benghazi and email disasters. Justice is non-existent for Dems. It doesn’t matter what they do, they are all free and doing more of the same,

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    A Muslim American?? Since a Baptist, Catholic or Presbyterian (or person of any religion) can convert to Islam, why is that listed as an identifier? The others aren’t distinguished by their faiths.