Tiny Sonoita, AZ rocked by crime committed by illegals

Law abiding Arizona residents victimized by criminal illegal aliens

Boldly using the correct terminology to headline its report on the hordes of invaders breaching our southern border, Judicial Watch details the calamity that is occurring in Sonoita, Arizona.

Sonoita, in Santa Cruz County, the smallest of Arizona’s 15 counties, has, as of the last census, approximately 800 residents. Serene Sonoita has recently had the dubious distinction of having an extraordinary spike in crime with home invasion robberies and store burglaries, thanks to the illegal aliens who we are told are fleeing crime and poverty in their Central American homelands. These “good folks” who need our compassion, are being released by the overwhelmed Border Patrol under the direction of the Biden/Harris administration, without court dates for hearings. Not only are they spreading crime, they are unvaccinated against COVID virus. High numbers of spreaders are already infected with the frequently deadly contagion.

Feeble Joe Biden has put VP Kamala Harris in charge of the border, but when a reporter recently asked her if she had plans to go to the border, Harris cackled as she dismissively said, “Not today.” Her clear implication was…not tomorrow either.

8 Responses to Tiny Sonoita, AZ rocked by crime committed by illegals

  1. Proud Trump Voter says:

    This criminality in Sonoita and elsewhere is the direct result of the far left policies put into effect by the barely cognizant Joe Biden and his radically left advisors.

    We had the opportunity to continue building the effective wall that Pres. Trump promised and was fulfilling, but what we are now witnessing is thanks to the democrats who brought this atrocity to our nation with their ill-informed votes. I regard these fools as traitorcrats, and am curtailing my associations with them regardless of who they are.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    There is no need for Biden or Harris to go to the border. They know what is happening. It is Obama’s plan to change the demographics of America and maintain a permanent underclass. Some blacks are voting Republican. The black population is stagnant as abortions outnumber live births. More crime and destroying police departments may just lead to Obama’s national police force “as large and as well funded as the military”. I am amazed at the number of conservatives who don’t see Biden/Harris as Obama’s pawns or who are afraid to speak up. I wonder how many politicians are on the payroll of the cartels.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Your thought regarding politicians being paid off by cartels had not occurred to me. It makes sense in view of the fact that so many democrats have become exceedingly wealthy on $174,000 yearly salary. Multimillionaire Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a prime example, since she’s been in congress for decades. Others like Pelosi came from money and/or married money, but Waters got rich in congress.

      It’s been reported that Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, made more money in 2017 than in the previous 19 years combined. That might have had something to do with his cocaine addict son, Hunter, who made $50,000 a month sitting on the board of an energy company in the Ukraine and giving them access to the “big guy.” Hunter didn’t speak the language and had no experience in gas and oil industries. He was also working with the ChiComs who he bragged would pay him $10 million annually “for introductions alone,” as reported by the New York Post.


  3. jojo says:

    Don’t forget Ducey is bought and paid for by CCP & Cartels. Why isn’t our Natl Guard on the border? Why aren’t we yelling at our state legislators? This is the feds plan. Overwhelm our country with poor aliens who don’t speak English. Cheap labor for Republicans and votes for democrats. How about we all go to the border and close the gaps ourselves? No one else is going to stand up.

    • Seen It All says:

      Let’s not confuse the issue. It’s not “Republicans” who are benefiting from illegals. Some individual businesses are, such as the construction trades that would rather train and underpay illegal Juan than give a living wage and benefits to American John.

      • PV PC says:

        How right you are!! Although the pandemic has impacted all businesses, there are numerous construction projects in the works such as the site of the now vacant, former Paradise Valley Mall, which is being demolished to make room for high-end, high-density condos, specialty shops and restaurants. Let’s see which construction companies get those lucrative contracts and who they hire.

  4. Doc says:

    And so 1 way our “dear leader” (a.k.a slo~no~sho~joe & his trusty sidekick, caballa) is working to “fix this, is to use $86,000,000.00 -of OUR TAX DOLLARS- to house some of the “migrant” families who are “in danger” in hotels in Arizona & Texas. OH! I got it!

    …it took me a sec but…

    These ILLEGAL ALIEN “endangered” families get taken care of…aaaannnnd America’s Homeless Veterans, Many of them Disabled, get ta’ Stay Their Sorry @$$E$ on th’ STREET & in th’ woods where…God KNOWS, it’s SO SAFE! HEY!!! We’ve gotta’ take care of those who ignored Our laws and Our border, American Veterans be damned!!!

    …we’re so skrewed…

    …lastly…the Good citizens of Santa Cruz County need to be reminded that they live in Arizona…and that it’s ok to have Firearms…so that when th’ Home Invaders (oops…sorry…migrant workers…) bust in their doors…it’s OK to DROP their @$$E$ Right Where They STAND!

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