Intentionally deceptive coverage of Capitol Police officer’s murderer

Unreliable news coverage fosters false narrative of killer

The headlines tell a sly story, leaving out pertinent information. Following the murder of Capitol Police Officer William Evans, an 18-year-veteran of the force, who died Friday after a motorist rammed a barricade and lunged at him with a knife, and was finally killed, there was a unified pall over the coverage. Another officer was injured in the attack.

Once again, the facts didn’t fit the narrative the leftist media has nimbly honed into an art-form. White guys are gun crazed maniacs and “people of color” are victims of “systemic racism,” the latest in trendy marginalizing terms. Typical of the headlines broadcast by major news outlets was the bland, “Capitol threat suspect identified as 25-year-old Indiana man.” A former neighbor in an apartment complex where he previously lived described the killer as, “a nice, young, friendly guy.”

In fact the “nice Indiana man” was Noah Green, a member of the Nation of Islam and devotee of notorious hatemonger Louis Farrakhan and its anti-white theology.  He posted on his website as Noah X (replicating Malcolm X, another Nation of Islam zealot who advocated separatism rather than integration in the 1960s).  In January, Green applied to legally change his name to Noah Zaeem Muhammad. Such significant information took second stage to informing us that Green graduated from Christopher Newport University with a degree in finance and was a defensive back from Covington, Virginia, where he attended Alleghany High School.

In March, ten people were killed, including a police officer, when a gunman opened fire at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. Though the mass murderer was Syrian born Muslim Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, VP Kamala Harris’ niece tweeted: “The Atlanta shooting was not even a week ago. Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country,” which she was forced to delete.

Just days ago, four people were killed, including a 9-year-old boy who died in his mother‘s arms as she tried to save him, when Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez opened fire in an office building courtyard in Los Angeles. Law enforcement officials said Gonzalez used a bike lock to hold the gates closed, requiring officers to bring bolt cutters to the scene to gain entry.

Until we respond to this intentionally skewed reporting by speaking up and not supporting it, it will continue and proliferate. Call the editors and station managers and let them know that you will watch, read or listen to other news sources and why.  Silence is acquiescence.

6 Responses to Intentionally deceptive coverage of Capitol Police officer’s murderer

  1. Observer says:

    Thanks for this! Regardless of what Kamala Harris’ racist niece tries to portray, none of the recent murders have been committed by “white” killers. The appalling deadly violence in the Texas Wal-Mart, Los Angeles office building and in the Colorado supermarket were all perpetrated by either black or brown killers At least she didn’t refer to them as Christian, but omitted the fact that one was Muslim.

  2. Anthem Al says:

    As broadcaster Paul Harvey used to say, “And now….the rest of the story.”

  3. Fed Up says:

    Skewed news is a reality, which is why the Arizona Republic is dying. Intelligent Arizonans have had their fill of being fed distorted editorialized slop as news and will no longer pay to be indoctrinated or insulted.

    Save your money for something useful and read the columns of intellectuals Victor Davis Hanson and Mark Levin or tune in to Tucker Carlson on Fox cable news. Levin also has his own enlightening program and often features Hanson, among other guests.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    This so-called news coverage exemplifies what what biased news is all about. The leftist media jumps to conclusions rather than investigate anything that doesn’t fit its agenda.

    Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena, is aptly named.

    • Realnewz says:

      They are NOT jumping to conclusions. They are publishing pre-written narratives for coordinated operations that were planned in advance. Sometimes the operation goes awry so they can’t get the story out that they had planned and need to punt. Funny how every single recent incident like that, the perp was previously “known” to the 3 letter agency handling the investigation. Think that’s a coincidence?

  5. Doc says:

    Ok so, several points on SRAZ’s Usual Excellence in Reporting:
    (The E.I.R. network???)

    ~1: Well ‘cuz the Radical Muslim Extremist…used A CAR…to murder people, should “pres.” biden use an EXO to outlaw CARS???

    ~2: Is FOXNEWS going down th’ same roads that “see-inn-BOOLSHEET”, & MSLSD with the following post:

    ~Remember…Former “speaker of legislative BOOLSHEET” paul (bohner II) ryan sits on their Board…this murdering “awll-UN-American-Basturd” has been called what th’ FOXNEWS post sed~

    ~3: NOT ONLY should we call “editors & Station Managers” & let ’em know how we feel, we should STOP any viewing/reading of these skewed outlets because, as i said in a note I sent to the Offices of MLB yesterday over their removal of the AWFUL-STAR GAME from Atlanta…the ONLY WAY to convince these MORONS that we mean business is to hit ’em in their wallets…sending notes to them…AND our elected officials…is the same thing as a “Restraining Order” filed by an abused spouse in court…it DOES EXACTLY…dick…as has been PROVEN by the countless thousands of DEAD abused spouses killed by their abusers…who HAD restraining orders against their murderers….

    ~4: The RADICAL MUSLIM EXTREMIST, after ramming the fence with a car, got out of sed car & charged the Cops WITH A KNIFE! Just a tip-Never…& I mean NEVER…bring a knife to a Gun Fight…

    ~5: cabale harris’s niece…just like her auntie…worthless…just as worthless as used toilet paper…but we here already KNOW this…

    …just sayin’…