Word challenged AZ Republic reporter describes border

Re-recycles words describing crisis

A report meriting front page placement and a jump page of the seriously ailing purveyor of disinformation, the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic), is headlined, “Conditions worsen at Tijuana migrant camp.” Written by Rafael Carranza, it is a testament to overworking a limited vocabulary. He has moved on from the Spanish language La Voz and states he “bridges language barriers, speaking for those without a voice.” He also writes for those he seeks to indoctrinate through repetition.

Including the captions under the three accompanying photos, the word “migrant” or its plural was used nearly three dozen times. “Asylum or asylum-seekers” also got a work-out, appearing two dozen times. The accurate, legal term, “illegal alien,” was not used once in the entire article, which was sculpted to engender compassion for the massive influx of illegal invaders from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras flooding across America’s sovereign border. Among them are previously deported criminals and drug cartel operatives, also well paid to transport unaccompanied minors, who often suffer abuse or are recklessly abandoned, (video) as were two Ecuadorian sisters, ages 3 and 5 who were dropped over a towering border fence by smugglers and left in a remote section of New Mexico’s desert.

Just days ago, we wrote, “Tiny Sonoita, AZ rocked by crime committed by illegals.”

Feeble Joe Biden’s handlers view this incursion of unvaccinated and uneducated as future democrat voters, willfully ignoring the fact that not only will still unemployed Americans be on the hook for their numerous benefits, including food, housing, healthcare and educating their children, but will be competing with them for jobs in reopening hotels, bars and restaurants as well as in the construction trades, where they undercut wages.

The danger is real. Border Patrol agents have also apprehended invaders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Mexico disallows the U.S. to send citizens from other countries back through Mexico. Under U.S. law, they’re entitled to a formal deportation hearing. Due to their numbers, the immigration service lacks ample facilities to hold them, so the vast majority, many COVID positive, are now being released from custody without notices to appear in court and fanning out across the United States.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who partnered with President Trump on the border, blamed Joe Biden for the surge that has erupted into an uncontrolled border crisis, stating the “expectations” he set left illegal border crossers with the perception that they would be let in the U.S.  Lopez Obrador has called Biden the “Migrant President.”

The Biden administration’s undoing of former President Donald Trump’s border policies and halting wall construction has prompted this mass invasion of illegal aliens at our border, including a reported 18,000 unescorted children.

Jen Psaki, Biden’s mouthpiece, steadfastly refuses to call the calamity at the border “a crisis,” and as yet, neither Biden nor VP Kamala Harris, who he put in charge of border policy, have scheduled a visit. Harris mockingly laughed out loud when asked about her plans to visit.

And word challenged reporter Rafael Carranza? He can’t even find the words to report on this outrage accurately.

5 Responses to Word challenged AZ Republic reporter describes border

  1. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    Those who voted for this indefensible lunacy must be very proud of what they’ve inflicted on America. As to this word challenged “reporter,” he’s an insult to what was once the respected profession of journalism, which now exemplifies a credibility crisis so vast that few subscribe. The local newspaper lost us when it endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. We cancelled that same day.

  2. Villanova says:

    Joe Biden should be in a memory care facility, not in the White House. Behind the scenes overseer Barack Obama has pulled off the constitutionally prohibited feat of serving a third term, even advising the selection of Kamala Harris for vice president to bring in women and minority voters and blunt the clear signs of dementia Biden exhibits.
    Read the 22nd Amendment which was ratified in 1951 as a response to Franklin Roosevelt‘s third term.

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    We so miss Pres. Donald Trump. He is a true patriot and thought like the businessman he is which benefited Americans immensely. We had the best economy in decades and record high employment…until the Wuhan lab created pandemic hit.
    Biden was entrenched in congress for decades, honed his lying and slippery skills and is now less than mentally cognizant and barely able to speak. I picture him wearing Depends and being spoon fed.

  4. Matt DeGennaro says:

    While millions of Americans are still unvaccinated, Biden wants to provide the illegals with taxpayer funded vaccinations. Whatever money we are currently spending to accommodate their lawlessness would better be spent booking them passage back to wherever they came from. America has a LEGAL system of immigration. Rewarding lawbreakers who show no respect for our country and its laws only encourages more of the same to ‘break and enter’ into our home(land). We jail those who break into homes and stores.These people are also engaging in criminality.

    My grandparents were all immigrants. They came legally, learned English, worked hard, demanded nothing and and were the proudest of citizens. They didn’t have the newspaper advocating for them. Their lawful and proud actions advocated for them.

  5. Realist says:

    Rafael Carranza is not a reporter. He’s a bought and paid for regurgitater. I don’t and won’t read the AZ Repukelick, but I trust SRAZ’s count of the repetitious misnomers in his article. This is what leftism has devolved to. Its proponents are ignorant and hope that we are, too.