Far left AZ Republic manufactures news to fit its agenda

Today’s edition of the Republican loathing local newspaper headlines a Page One story with an intended to be incendiary account of campaign donations to two GOP members of the Arizona Congressional delegation by U.S. Rep. Matt Goetz, in what is an absurd attempt to smear them with guilt by association. The newspaper accuses them of “remaining silent” regarding the non-issue.

Florida Congressman Matt Goetz is a Republican, which is the first strike against him as coverage in the hard left media goes. This survey of reporters, reported in Politico, was taken prior to the sweeping election of President Donald Trump, so the 7% who identified as Republicans has no doubt dropped since then.

Goetz has been accused of crimes involving underage girls, which he vociferously denies. The double standard is clear as it relates to democrats such as New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, who survived despite a DOJ investigation alleging he used underage prostitutes on numerous trips to the Dominican Republic which were “specific and corroborated.” He remains in the U.S. Senate.

A hard-core leftist originally appointed to the senate seat, Menendez also survived an ethics complaint and then voted to permit legal status to illegal aliens convicted of domestic violence, crimes against children and crimes relating to the illegal purchase or sale of firearms.

As president, democrat Bill Clinton engaged in a sexual relationship with a 22-year-old White House intern, survived a cursory impeachment for suborning perjury and remained in office. The newspaper lavished him with praise and endorsed his wife, Hillary, for president in 2016.

Recently freshman California Congressman Eric Swalwell was exposed for engaging in a romantic relationship with a Chinese spy. But the democrat cemented his valuable asset status as he joined the unified democrats in passing the disastrous overreach H.R. 1, the nearly 800-page bill deceptively titled, For the People Act,  that received not a single Republican vote according to the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Freshman Arizona U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly, a democrat who has $multi-million business connections in China, and received campaign funding from Socialist billionaire George Soros, which was never a problem for the radically left Arizona Republic, that worked double time to see this charlatan elected.

6 Responses to Far left AZ Republic manufactures news to fit its agenda

  1. Observer says:

    The AZ Repukelick is dead, but doesn’t have sense enough to lay down tho its toes have curled. Do your own survey and ask those you know if they subscribe to this agendized garbage. It’s a certainty few do since it has the lowest subscription rate of all Gannett newspapers nationwide. The reason? It’s become an unconcealed arm of the democrap party.

  2. MacBeth says:

    I saw the article referred to here at my favorite breakfast spot which has a couple of issues circulating in sections. (I used to look for the sports section, but now it oddly includes obituaries.) The two Republican members of congress the newspaper was trying (but failing) to destroy are US Reps David Schweikert and Debbie Lesko, who are both doing a great job for us.

    It knows its days are numbered and is trying to switch to far less costly all digital as a last ditch hope of staying afloat, but in the end, nothing will help this relic. Most of its staff are Cronkite students and the oldsters are hanging on till they collect their SS and retirement. It’s been a sinking ship for years, but they don’t have enough bailing pails now.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    Mark Kelly was even denounced by his fellow mission astronauts. Living with him that close gives them a better perspective than most.

  4. Marianne says:

    This press release from Florida US Rep. Gaetz addresses the allegations against him and exposes the attempts to extort money from him:

    He also has written an op-ed in the Washington Examiner.

    I have no doubt he is being hounded because he’s a conservative, the partisan split in congress is tight and the dems want to replace him with one of their stooges.

  5. jakesez says:

    Makes you wonder if Senator Mark Kelly is pat of the Biden/China consortium

  6. Patriot Farmer 1 says: