Sundowner’s Syndrome consumes AZ newspaper

Failing Arizona Republic contrives to divert attention from Biden’s missteps

Occurring at end of life, Sundowner’s Syndrome is a disease often accompanying dementia where patients reject nourishment and hasten their own demise. 

The seriously declining, Trump-hating, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic, consumed by blatant loathing of Republicans, exhibits signs of the debilitating disease.  A recent weekend edition was a tribute to vacuous nothingness, though featuring a multi-page, pre-written report, stretching over several days, focusing on a fugitive killer who brutally murdered his wife and children and then blew up their Scottsdale home in 2001. This tragic but ancient news took precedent over covering the radical Joe Biden administration’s previously unimaginable political overreaches, gaffes and missteps on the world stage.

The far leftist newspaper which routinely eviscerates Arizona’s Republican members of congress, and other GOP elected officials, as it slobbers praise on the democrats, still runs regurgitated columns by Clay Thompson who died in 2018, no longer requiring a salary or benefits.

A front page report covers the Tucson police chief being selected by the Biden administration to head U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The two-page report uses the second sentence to describe Chris Magnus as a “critic of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.” That single fact makes Magnus worthy of praise. On ICE’s webpage, it used the correct term “illegal aliens,” which will no doubt disappear when Magnus is sworn-in.

Magnus’ nomination is placed beside an article declaring the black community’s distrust of COVID vaccine is based on Tuskegee memories dating back to 1932. Inexplicably, the word black always rates being capitalized, while white remains lowercase.

 Ethnicity is the driving force behind every report and hiring decision at the “inclusive” Arizona Republic newspaper, surpassing accuracy and content. The dying and homeless daily is committed to its own demise.

4 Responses to Sundowner’s Syndrome consumes AZ newspaper

  1. Tucson GOP says:

    Here’s a photo of Chris Manos, when he was the Richmond, Virginia chief holding up a BLM sign. He is quoted as saying he “opposes Arizona’s strict immigration policies.” His far left views make him the ideal person for the open borders Biden /Harris administration!

    • Sally Forth says:

      I would hope ALL LIVES MATTER to a police chief. This guy should have been fired on the spot!

      • Jack says:

        Magnus is married to another man. In today’s skewed world, that puts him in a protected class.

  2. Paying Attention says:

    Memories of Tuskegee? Since that was 89 years ago, if you were 20 at the time (in order to have specific memories), that would make those with “memories” 109 years old! In AZ Republic-speak that must make sense. To the rest of us, it doesn’t qualify as a “memory.”
    History? Yes. Memory? No!