CA police chief magically morphs into judge and jury

 Intending to intimidate, criminals send bloody message to wrong house. Santa Rosa, Calif. police chief throws officers under bus as he claims to know “values and beliefs” of city’s police

It appears intimidating thugs are trying to replicate the bloody severed horse’s head in the bed warning scene in the classic movie, ‘The Godfather.’

The latest version, also meant to intimidate, was a gory, dripping decapitated pig’s head. It was thrown on the front porch of a Santa Rosa, California home previously owned by Barry Brodd who moved from the state two decades ago. Brodd, a retired Santa Rosa police officer, recently testified as a consultant on police practices and use of force expert for the defense in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derrick Chauvin.

Brodd’s credentials are impressive as his resume indicates. In 1995, he opened BVB & Associates, providing consulting and expert witness services.

Police Chief Rainer Navarro, promoted as the first Hispanic chief in July 2019, is obviously worried he might be targeted in the same gruesome manner. Navarro takes the low road by issuing this blatantly biased statement* making it clear he has, without spending a moment at the trial, hearing all of the facts presented in the case, or reading this incriminating autopsy report, has thrown both Barry Brodd and Derek Chauvin under the politically correct bus. He definitely doesn’t want the city of Santa Rosa looted and burned as numerous other American cities have been by those with no respect for the law. In the big picture, former officers are an expendable commodity, as calls to “defund the police” have become pervasive.

 Chief Navarro ought to focus on his own community where violent crime remains high.

* “We are aware of former Santa Rosa Police Officer, Barry Brodd, providing testimony in the Derek Chauvin trial. Mr. Brodd has not been employed by the department since 2004. His comments do not reflect the values and beliefs of the Santa Rosa Police Department.”

6 Responses to CA police chief magically morphs into judge and jury

  1. Realist says:

    It’s shameful that a police chief 2,000 miles from where George Floyd was arrested for trying to pass an counterfeit $20 bill, would involve himself in this trial. Floyd served multiple prison sentences over the past years. He had recently been released after serving five years in prison in Houston,Texas and moved to Minneapolis when he resumed his criminal career while high on illegal drugs. He was restrained because he was resisting arrest.

  2. Clementine says:

    It should be embarrassing to be described as being placed in a job due to ethnicity rather ability. I have a feeling Rainer Navarro doesn’t care.

  3. Ellsworth says:

    Interesting that a police chief would claim to know the private thoughts of the officers on the city’s force. He must be the reincarnation of Harry Houdini.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Here’s a disgraceful insight into Santa Rosa Police Chief Rainer Navarro printed in the Police Tribune:

    Santa Rosa PD Chief Apologizes For Thin Blue Line Photo, Issues Ban On Pro-Police Symbol

  5. Doc says:

    Apparadently, Drug dealers, Human sex-slave traffickers, Murderers, Rioters, & Arsonists reflect the values and beliefs of the Santa Rosa Police chief rainer navarro…

    …just sayin’…