Former Tucson officer condemns left’s lies about police: “It’s hurting black people”

Retired Tucson police officer Brandon Tatum, who is black, joined “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday evening and slammed Benjamin Crump, LeBron James and liberal politicians who he said are pushing a dangerous and false narrative that law enforcement is racist.  (LeBron James has removed an incendiary tweet targeting the officer who shot and killed a teenage girl who was attempting to stab another teen girl.)

TATUM: “They should be ashamed of themselves coming out lying on this police officer and lying on that girl (Ma’Khia Bryant). That girl had a knife in her hand and she was getting ready to stab another young black girl in the face. She wasn’t just swinging a knife. She was going to stab the girl in the face and she was fatally shot. Officers have every right to use deadly force against another person to protect the life of another individual.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: “These people want there to be hatred and evilness in our country and they want police officers to be demonized. They want police officers and the public to have conflicts [so] they can continue to get better ratings. They can continue to get reelected, keep promising the public [policies] they can never deliver on.

TATUM: “They seem almost disappointed, do they not, when the facts don’t exactly match up with an easier narrative to perhaps vilify the police, whether it’s skin color of the people involved or whether there was a weapon involved.

They usually have a meltdown or they completely lie about it because it makes them look like hypocrites.

I really am sick and tired of listening to these people get on TV with no accountability. They are flat-out lying and stoking violence in our communities.

This is not hurting white people. It’s making other black people become more violent and feel like their life is endangered by police. They’re going to end up getting hurt and end up dying and not having patrols in their communities, which makes their communities more violent. It’s hurting black people and is perpetuated by a lot of black leaders.

LeBron James is living on a high horse in a multimillion dollar house, living near nothing but white people. At the drop of a dime, he will have white officers at his house doing investigations on false claims, if there are some. LeBron James and the people like the BLM cofounder living in million-dollar houses, they don’t care … I really wish they would be held accountable and at least be ashamed of what they’re doing to our country.”.

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Deadly criminality has become routine in big cites around the country. As the New York Post reported in early February, “These black lives didn’t seem to matter in 2020.” Take time to read it, become aware of the shocking statistics and follow the informative links. You’ll know a lot more when you finish reading than when you began.

5 Responses to Former Tucson officer condemns left’s lies about police: “It’s hurting black people”

  1. no one says:

    THANK YOU Officer Tatum!

    • Frankly Speaking says:


      We should not confuse LeBron James with an American patriot, though he’s made a fortune off of mainly white sports fans, many who have served in the military defending our great nation. We now know he views us with contempt.

  2. jakesez says:

    There is a movement in this country to rid us of police departments. Many feel that if we remove the “racist” police we can all live in peace. All will be right in the world. Be careful what you wish for. If the police are removed and there is no longer a stabilizing force, then those with the biggest guns will rule. Right now many still hope the police will prevail but are preparing for the time when they will collapse. If that happens, the next time a riot breaks out they may be met with armed citizens who will have gathered together to save their jobs, homes and lives. I am also sure that these people will not be so gentle with the rioters. Once this happens, those groups of good citizens will then need to gather together to stand against the leftist who will have made gangs of their own. Both sides will form quasi governments and a true civil war can be the result. Both sides will justify the gathering together in order to defend what they feel is their way of life. Unfortunately, both ways of life will have disappeared.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Jake, You paint a dismal picture, though not an unrealistic one if the current trend continues.
      The fact that LeBron James is number 4 on the list of the NBA’s wealthiest players worth over $500 million doesn’t make the Akron Ohio St. Vincent–St. Mary High School dropout a genius. He runs, dribbles, passes balls and shoots them into hoops. If our society deteriorates, as appears to be his goal, even his immense wealth won’t help him. When the mobs he’s encouraging come to his home, he’ll call law endorsement and there will be no one to respond.

  3. Realist says:

    LeBron James is under contract with the Los Angeles Lakers through the 2022-23 season. Yet all of those millions turn out to be chump change, He’s signed a mega shoe deal estimated at over $1 billion with Nike.

    That translates to doing big business with Communist China, Vietnam and Indonesia in these tough economic times, according to the March 2021 edition of All American Reviews. American workers, including blacks, will play second fiddle to his amassing more wealth than he and his family could spend in their lifetimes.