AZ Sens. Sinema, Kelly suddenly want Biden to fund border troops

The democrat senatorial duo of Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly have become proficient tealeaf readers as elections near. Not only are alarmed Americans riled over the massive surges of illegal aliens from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras breaching our border, thousands of them are unaccompanied minors, dangerously being transported by drug cartel members who are reportedly paid $3,000 per person. Though many are COVID positive they are being put on buses and sent out across our nation. Among the uneducated population are criminals, whose home countries willingly released them from prisons, cutting their own costs. The dire situation has become intolerable as the Biden administration has dismantled the border wall construction that President Trump was effectively erecting, fulfilling a campaign promise.  Mexican President Lopez Obrador, who developed a warm relationship with President Trump,  has referred to Biden as the “migrant president,” due to his lax asylum policies. Mexico views Biden’s policies as an incentive for criminals who arrive at our border after entering Mexico from Central America.

On April 20, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who obviously has political aspirations issued this Emergency Declaration, announcing his deployment of Arizona National Guard troops to the border. Making certain his actions receive full coverage, he also made this video available.

As if on cue, Sinema, up for reelection in 2024, and Kelly have requested that Biden pay for the troops. Anti-Second Amendment Kelly won a special election to finish the rest of Sen. Martha McSally’s term following the former congresswoman’s appointment to complete the remainder of John McCain’s term. Kelly will be up for reelection in 2022. Both Sinema and Kelly have close ties to Barack Obama, which explains why they each deceptively waged campaigns without ever mentioning their party affiliation.

Keep your eye on these untrustworthy, far-left characters. They are back to their established charade of presenting themselves in the political neutral mode. They are both extreme partisans engaging in trickery.

12 Responses to AZ Sens. Sinema, Kelly suddenly want Biden to fund border troops

  1. Mike says:

    They’re just following the lead of their chameleon republicrat role model, Juan McAnus. (Remember “Build the dang fence?”)

  2. Villanova says:

    Mark Kelly and Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock are both considered essential for the demonrats to keep control of the senate and robotically ram through Biden and Harris’ extremist policies, such as statehood for Puerto Rico and DC (which is most probably Constitutionally illegal) and increasing the size of the Supreme Court, and then packing it with dems. Even Pres. Franklin Roosevelt couldn’t get away with that fraud.

  3. Realist says:

    Both Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer, (each Bill Clinton appointees) the two most leftist justices until Ginsberg’s death this past year, opposed court packing. Now the dems are trying to pressure Breyer to resign so Biden can appoint a young justice! I’ll bet that comes as a shock to him.

  4. Patriot Mom says:

    We were warned. Biden was Obama’s Vice President, remember?

    • Kimball says:

      We can’t ever make the mistake of thinking dems have America’s best interests at heart. They are only driven by perpetually advancing themselves and their own radical agenda. I’m finding it more difficult to maintain friendships with those who voted for Biden. They joke about him but are strong in their defense of their votes. I see nothing funny about turning our great nation into a disaster and expecting our children and their great-grandchildren to fund the $100’s of trillions the dems are spending to “transform America.” This was clearly stated by Barack Obama, but complacent Americans must have had the mute button on.

  5. Doc says:

    So, I’m doing my homework on a letter I’m currently drafting to ?senator? mckelly. And I’m having some success with my research. For example, on 09/17/2008, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords voted to to repeal portions of the D.C. gun ban. Also, on 07/28/2010, she voted in favor of Exempting Guns from an Estate for Bankruptcy Purposes. The link is:

    …and there’s LOTS More! I’m going to search out EVERY “In Favor of…” piece of gun legislation she worked on, & send the info to him. Then, there’s other stats that I intend on sharing with the esteemed gun-grabbing senator. In fact, her shooting happened IN AZ…which at the time, it was legal to “Open Carry”. Now, her shooting was Truly TRAGIC. But it is my contention that she was a “Blue-Dog” democrat. (they are now extinct…) And also, maybe if she had been properly trained & had been ARMED at the time jared loughner approached her, the one with the hole in their head might be different.

    I’m also going to remind mr. giffords that while he has every right to his opinion regarding Arizonan’s & American’s 2A rights, he currently REPRESENTS the state of Arizona, & needs to act accordingly. WE don’t want any of his silly gun-grabbing antics. I will be reminding him that he’s basically an EMPLOYEE of OURS. Here’s another l’il piece of info that I’ll be sharing with him:

    Also, I’ve contacted a lawyer friend of mine who’s gonna’ do me a small favor & find out the statute title & number regarding lying on a BATFE Form 4473. THAT is a FELONY, but I want the statute Name & Number. Now the name of the store in Tucson where he attempted to buy an AR-15, & a Glock is:

    Diamondback Shooting Sports & Police Supply
    7030 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710
    (520) 886-8338

    I’m planning on calling this store to get the rundown on exactly what happened on that day, straight from the horse’s mouth!

    …now, I realize that my letter to him will fall on deaf ears. May I respectfully suggest that You All join me in sending a similar letter to OUR senator? If enough of US do this, he’s gonna’ HAFFTA’ LISTEN….well…maybe…but it can’t hurt to try.

  6. Trevor says:

    I’m gonna say it again. Andy Biggs needs to run against Kelly. I want Kelly gone but I don’t what a Jeff Flake clone replacing him. Frankly that is worse than Kelly. You know what your getting with Kelly but not with a RINO.

  7. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Joseph Bickley, Sr.

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    Your friends at SRAZ

  8. jojo says:

    McSally could always run again. I’m sure the establishment would love it.